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Combing through the Six Peaks dinosaur track site in British Columbia, Canada, paleontologists discovered a footprint which hasn’t been observed anywhere else in the world.

The print belongs to a four-toed meat-eating early Cretaceous-era dinosaur known as Therizinosaur, according to Richard McCrea of the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre. Based on the near 55 centimeter-long tracks, the dinosaur is estimated to have been around the height of a small Tyrannosaurus Rex or the average telephone pole


Really!?  You can tell all of that from a footprint, amazing. Evolutionists get weirder every day with their discoveries and how they lived. No evidence to support their thinking yet they talk like it is gospel fact.


There are many more discoveries yet to be made at this site which is one of the most diverse of its kind in the world. Currently, the 700 square meters of the site which have been uncovered have already yielded 1,200 tracks belonging to at least a dozen different creatures. McCrea and his team plan to triple the exposed area over the coming years in the hopes of finding more revelatory discoveries like this one.


Evolutionists and most scientists do not follow or have the spirit of truth guiding them, do not listen to them for they do not know the truth about our past.

A Follow Up


What I want from God I’ve already received it and that’s his forgiveness. What I am asking of our members is something I may or may not get and that is your prayers. And I’m asking for your forgiveness,” Simmons said as his congregation said “amen” and gave him a standing ovation.

“I’m hurting because I have hurt you. I’m talking to Jacob Chapel. Can’t speak for people on the outside because I’m not Tallahassee’s pastor. I’m not Florida’s pastor. I’m not the world’s pastor. I’m Jacob Chapel’s pastor. It hurts me that you have to defend my actions because when you love somebody you want to fight for ’em. You want to defend them, but let me be very clear, you cannot defend sin,” he said.

“And I preach to you each and every Sunday, you don’t get defensive or try to justify sin. This ain’t about nobody else but me. The world doesn’t operate like we operate and so you will be attacked for loving me. They may be some folk here today in this room, who came to see what was going to happen,” he continued while pointing out that “my baby brother is here … I have to keep him from shooting people. Cause he ain’t always saved yet. Gotta talk him down, ‘what you want me to do?’ … I don’t want you to do nothing.”

He said he will not be deterred from God’s work regardless of what the public or dissenting members of his congregation might think of his decision to remain at the helm of his church.

He says the right words but does he have the right attitude, that is the question.Since we do not have any audio it is hard to tell. But men, when you are called to be God’s steward you must take that call seriously and get your life in order so that it is far more difficult for you to fall than for others. Being leaders of the church means that a pastor must be the leader in fighting and overcoming temptation.
They cannot use temptation as an excuse to sin or to sweep aside their sinful actions. God’s stewards must be honest, ethical, have integrity and character for they have a huge responsibility in leading God’s people. They must also have honest feelings when caught committing sin. Their repentance must be real as must their humbling attitude. There is no badge of honor for Pastors who sin, or for anyone for that matter. God hates sin and while he forgives, his grace is not an excuse for us to ignore his instructions or not take temptation seriously.
Clearly that pastor’s mistake was ignoring the passage on avoiding those situations like others may assume evil has taken place. He should have met that woman in a public place or at his church where others where around so that he could keep his reputation clean. Taking the right precautions help us avoid making sinful mistakes. Think first and make sure you are not opening the door for evil to use a situation that will harm your spiritual life, reputation or the church.
Being Christian is not easy and we have restrictions on our behavior. We cannot act like an unbeliever nor do we have the ‘freedom’ to act like them. We must live our lives as God wants. If we don’t then we damage not our impact for Christ but the church’s as well.We must conquer temptation and sinful desires so do not be afraid to ask God for help if you think you are not strong enough in your faith to withstand the temptation that will come.

Technology Helps Archaeology


For over two millennia, scrolls from the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum eluded analysis. Left buried under the ashes when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the scrolls were preserved — but in a charred and illegible state.

But thanks to modern science, researchers are now able to read what’s on the scrolls without even opening them up.
They’ll do this with a new process that allows them to unroll the Herculaneum scrolls — virtually.
The process is called X-ray phase-contrast tomography. It virtually unwraps the scrolls and flattens out digital sheets of the physical carbonized document…
So what do the scrolls say? It’ll be a little while before the world knows.
The content from two of the scrolls — written by the ancient philosopher Philodemus on the subject of political rhetoric — is currently being translated from ancient Greek into English and will soon be published in a scientific journal.
There are a total of six Herculaneum scrolls, some unrolled and others in a fully rolled state. The volcanic eruption also devastated the city of Pompeii.

In Brief

#1. http://www.christianpost.com/news/singer-vicki-yohe-apologizes-for-pro-donald-trump-jesus-in-white-house-post-173357/

Popular Gospel singer Vicki Yohe has been receiving vicious online attacks after posting an Instagram photo of Jesus heading back to the White House. She is now apologizing to those who felt offended.
People who react viciously in response to behavior they do not like only prove that they are worse than the people they accuse.
I am close friends with President Obama’s chaplain. He was a praying man and a baptized Christian. I think you have confused your whiteness with your Christianity,” King wrote.
No we think you are ignoring many of the doctrinal errors made by Obama.
The Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons Sr., pastor of the popular Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, who recently authored a book focused on issues of godly manhood, was sent running for his life last Tuesday after one of his parishioners found him in bed with his wife.

Pastors, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! You are to be men of God and stewards of his congregations. Neither position exist for you to fill you sinful desires. Yes we are all tempted but Pastors need to be even more careful as evil knows if they bring down the leader or leaders of a church they bring down the church. You are men supposedly called by the most holy God act like it and become humble that that God would call you to serve him.

In its latest undercover video, Live Action called and went into 97 Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide to ask if they provide prenatal services to women who want to carry their unborn baby to term.

Ninety-two clinics responded by saying that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have an OB/GYN on staff and only use their ultrasound equipment on women seeking an abortion to find out if the abortionist will need to perform a first, second or third trimester abortion.

When a Live Action investigator went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Boise, Idaho, seeking prenatal care, a clinic worker admitted that the business’ name is “deceptive,” adding “if you are looking to terminate [your baby] we can do that.”


What did you expect from people who kill innocent humans– ice cream and candy?

One God

Taken from The Attributes of God by A W Tozer

pg. 64– The popular idea is a great error because the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New is one God. He did not change (bold ours)

People tend to think that there are two different Gods of the Bible or somewhere in the silent 400 years between testaments God changed. Neither idea is so. The God of the OT is the same God found in the NT. If you need an example just compare the flood of Genesis with the final judgment found in Revelation.

One Good, One Bad

The following quotes come from the late Dale Rumble’s book Prepared For His Glory. We have only done a cursory investigation into Mr. Rumble’s church and what we have found is not good. They seem to skip the overseer part of the church body and hold to having elders only lead the congregation. They are some other questionable things but right now we just do not have the time to investigate.

pg 47– revelation may be contrary to our interpretation of scripture but the Lord will never speak contrary to his word.

While this is true and we have said similar things like the Holy Spirit will not call people to sin against God or violate his instructions. God will be consistent and not violate his word. BUT what we are concerned with is the late Mr. Rumble’s idea of the word revelation. We haven’t found his definition yet so while these words are good we still have to be careful.

pg. 48– Finally there is an environment for revelation and it is not seminary or bible college…

This is not good for God uses many different seminaries and bible schools to teach the truth to his people. In reading his book, and we did not finish it or even get halfway through it,we found that it was the typical verbage of one who was not truly trained in scriptures and who had issues with traditional Christianity and academic institutions. {Which is probably why he started his own church}.

Then while there are bad professors and academic leaders in Christian institutions, their presence does not mean we toss out the idea of formally training our people in such environments. We weed out the bad teachers and leaders but we do not shut down the institutions. God uses those as well and there are plenty of good professors who teach the truth and contribute greatly to the body of Christ. They should not be stripped of their employment because one misguided soul doesn’t like those places of learning.

As we read Mr. Rumble’s book, we felt that he would have benefited greatly from even one or two years of spiritual training as he was often misguided in his use of scripture. The removal of his lack of coherence would have made his message far better but for some reason people like to shun seminaries and bible schools where they will get the help they need in properly understanding what scripture says and how to use the Bible correctly (obvious we are being very general here as not all of those institutions do that)

When attending a seminary or bible school one must really depend upon the leading of the Spirit in order to get the truth. Even my undergraduate school was not always on target with the truth even though it was one of the top schools in the country. We do not throw out an opportunity that God wants us to take advantage because everything is not perfect in those schools. One follows God first.

Compassion Needs Flexibility

The following quote comes from The Attributes of God by A. W. Tozer page 70.

After the first world war the United States with its big heart gave vast sums of money to the dislocated orphans of Europe, but they didn’t have enough to meet the need. In one of the places where they were taking in orphans, a man came in, very thin, with large unnaturally bright eyes, thin cheeks and thin arms, leading a little girl. She also showed signs of malnutrition– eyes too large and bright, her little abdomen distended and her thin little legs and arms too small and too thin for her age.

This man led her in and said to the person in charge, ‘I would like you to take in my little girl.’ And they asked him if she was his daughter. ‘Yes’ he said.

‘We;;’ they said, ‘ we are awfully sorry but our rule here is that only full orphans can receive any help. If one of the parents is living then we can’t take responsibility because we just do not have enough. There are too many full orphans for us to take a half orphan.

And he looked down at his little girl and she looked up at him questioningly with big, too bright eyes and then he turned and said, ‘Well you know I can’t work. I’m sick. I’ve been abused. I have been in prison. I’ve been half-starved and now I am old and I can’t work. I can barely stagger around. But I brought her down for you to take care of her’

And they said, ‘We’re sorry, but there is nothing we can do.’ He said, ‘You mean if I were dead, you’d take care of my little girl and feed her and she could live and have clothing and a home?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ Then he reached down and pulled her skinny little body up to himself and hugged her hard and kissed her. Then he put her hand in the hand of the man at the desk and said, ‘I’ll arrange that,’ and walked out of the room and committed suicide.’

How much of a difference in that man’s life if the man at the orphanage simply said, ‘we cannot help you but let me put you in touch with someone who can.’ We need to be ready to help those who do not meet the rules and one simple act can change people’s lives. The church needs to be flexible in giving its aid to those in need.

The church may need to change its priorities in order to better help those who need it. Or spend less on its buildings or programs in order to meet the challenge that comes with dealing with those who are destitute. There will always be those who take advantage of open arms but that comes with the territory and the church just needs to be wise in handling the problems that come their way