Our Comments on a Few Topics- 6

We would like to address a few more topics #1. Revoice revisited- https://www.christianpost.com/news/revoice-lgbt-christian-conference-speaker-rejects-idea-that-jesus-supports-gay-marriage-226503/ Revoice says its mission is to engage in "supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality." In light of our conversation yesterday on Revoice, we decided to … Continue reading Our Comments on a Few Topics- 6


The Church & LGBTQ

You are never going to get us to agree that one can be a LGBTQ community member and a Christian at the same time. Jesus' redemptive work at conversion takes care of that sin.  We have also argued that those claiming to be LGBTQ and Christian are being very selfish and refuse to give up … Continue reading The Church & LGBTQ

Our Comments on a Few Topics- 5

#1. Death- https://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-author-wynter-pitts-dies-suddenly-at-38-daughter-trusts-god-is-in-control-226444/ Wynter Pitts, a well-known Christian author, speaker and founder of For Girls Like You magazine, died "suddenly" on Tuesday. She was 38 and leaves behind her husband and four young girls One of the last things Christians should be surprised at is death. Doesn't matter the age. Why should it be one … Continue reading Our Comments on a Few Topics- 5

Rachel Held Evans & the Bible

One of the trends we see taking place today is government changing its laws because a group of people refuse to obey them. The marriage laws were changed, drug laws have been changed and the list goes on. Yet that is no way to run a government nor is it anyway to run a faith. … Continue reading Rachel Held Evans & the Bible

James Tabor & Jesus

To be more specific the title should read James Tabor & the Jesus Tomb.  There are times where scholars continue to beat a dead horse and continue to try to salvage some sort of credibility for a theory that has long been honestly and thoroughly proven wrong. The following article is one of those times … Continue reading James Tabor & Jesus

How NOT to Read The Bible 2

A lot of time when people see certain passages of scriptures they think that those words confirm their personal preferences. We are not talking about generic scriptures like love, etc. which help the LGBTQ community remain in their sin and disobedience. We are talking about specific topic verses like the ones that contain words like … Continue reading How NOT to Read The Bible 2

God Exists

The Bible tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God. When you click on the following link, you will see some of that Glory and declaration. God has provided us with the evidence we need to see that he exists. Just because some people deny that evidence does not mean that God does … Continue reading God Exists

Benjamin Corey & Sodom

Different people have different views about Sodom. We are not talking about the fight over the northern location or the southern location as to its geographical place on the earth, but the reasons why Sodom was destroyed in the first place. Dr. Corey is one of those people who thinks his view is the correct … Continue reading Benjamin Corey & Sodom

Peter Enns & the Bible

The Bible is under attack even more and what makes these attacks worse is that supposed Christians are leading the charge. The one group of people who should be defending the Bible and upholding its proper status have let some of their members tear the Bible down and undermine its teaching. Jesus said if you … Continue reading Peter Enns & the Bible