Of Inerrancy & Lessons Learned

I am in the mood to do another post today and this commentary will look at two different articles posted by 2 different bloggers. First up is Peter Enns. #1. Inerrancy-- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2014/07/inerrancy-doesnt-describe-what-the-bible-does-some-comments-from-my-ets-talk/ So, the 15 minute presentation I gave at ETS is my attempt to go a bit more into my view on inerrancy from … Continue reading Of Inerrancy & Lessons Learned


Are People Not Allowed To Change?

When do we let go of people's past actions and let them mature and grow in Christ?  Right now Mark Driscoll is being raked over the coals for things he has done in the distant past and though I am not a fan, this current episode of attacks against him provide an interesting situation to … Continue reading Are People Not Allowed To Change?

In The News

When unbelievers say something, Christians do not always have to respond. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/28/neil-degrasse-tyson-ken-ham-aliens_n_5627239.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592 Ham, the president and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., said in a July 20 blog post that humans should stop searching for extraterrestrial life because aliens likely don’t exist. Even if aliens do exist, he added, … Continue reading In The News


Yesterday I wrote about feminism and made some pretty strong statements about that ideology. One such statement Feminism is sourced in sin not God’s word. is very explicit in its meaning and this article is not about bashing women or feminists, it is more about demonstrating the truthfulness of that statement. You do not find … Continue reading Feminism

Much To Talk About-52

When you cannot be consistent in your posting, it becomes hard to decide where to begin. When you have to use a foreign computer, not your own personal one, and in a location that is not conducive to addressing the issues raised in the many different articles one can make mistakes. So please bear with … Continue reading Much To Talk About-52

Chronology: Issues and Problems

I have a 4 volume set of articles called Civilizations of the Ancient Near East edited by Jack M. Sasson. It is a great informative set of articles written by many different scholars on a variety of topics. On pg. 651 (the beginning of volume 2) is the article named in the title section above. … Continue reading Chronology: Issues and Problems

Civil Rights

I was watching a second or third run episode of Law & Order SVU the other day and its plot line depicted the story of a group of pedophiles who sought to have their preference to be recognized as a viable legal relationship option. They based their argument upon the premise that since the homosexual community … Continue reading Civil Rights

2 Things

#1. The 'a-ha moment' #9-- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2014/07/aha-moments-biblical-scholars-tell-their-stories-9-anthony-le-donne/ I’m not claiming that my 16-year-old exegesis was all that sophisticated. But any way you slice it, Ezra 9-10 is deeply troubling—especially so to folks with an owner’s manual view of the Bible. My salvation during this crisis came from a fellow evangelical who pointed me to Jeremiah 29. … Continue reading 2 Things