Much To Talk About- 40

#1. Who Is Responsible? -- This may be a touchy subject but I feel it needs to be discussed because some people are under erroneous ideas about who is responsible for the act of marriage. I realize that many people may disagree with me on this and that is fine. There was a time … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 40


Challenging Statements

Evolutionists make a lot of statements in their justification of their rejecting the Bible. The following statements are taken from Anarchy Evolution in a World Without God by Greg Graffin & Steve Olsen #1. I've often encountered authorities who rarely stray from worn-out dogma and overbearing expectations for allegiance (pg. 2) The 'worn-out dogmas' is … Continue reading Challenging Statements

Archaeological Discovery

This has just hit the news Here is a better link: Archaeologists have discovered the final resting place of at least 50 royal Egyptians — including princes, princesses and infants — while excavating a trashed tomb at the Valley of the Kings. Hieratic inscriptions (a cursive form of hieroglyphs) revealed that most of … Continue reading Archaeological Discovery

Two Quotes

#1. Science and Faith-- Now, it is true that, within the scientific community, there are more atheists and fewer "traditional" believers than in the population at large. But whose fault is that when the "traditional" believers drill into their children's heads that to accept the power of science to know the workings of the … Continue reading Two Quotes

A News Roundup

#1-- The Jesus Wife Fragment #2-- Archaeology #3-- Digs, Conferences and Tours Application Instructions for 2014 Dig Scholarships To apply, simply send a letter to BAS dig scholarships, 4710 41st St., NW, Washington, DC 20016, or … Continue reading A News Roundup

Much To Talk About-39

#1. The Jesus Wife Fragment...Again-- This fragment is hitting the news again and that link argues against the validity of the fragment. Here is another link to more details of the story Here are the keys to this issue: 1. Even if it is not a forgery this fragment does not shed any … Continue reading Much To Talk About-39

When People Want To Disobey-2

This is part 2 of a two-part series and this article will focus on the post made over at Formerly Fundie: When people want to disobey  they use words like On that same note however, with the Bible being so difficult to understand, it is also easy to completely misuse it. Such a misuse, … Continue reading When People Want To Disobey-2

When People Want To Disobey- 1

This will be a two-part series on the reasoning people use when they want to disobey God. The first part will deal with those who accuse believers of making the Bible an idol and the source for this post comes from the following link: I enjoyed Herring’s discussion of the shrine of Micah in … Continue reading When People Want To Disobey- 1