Unearthing Atlantis 2

From time to time we will be taking quotes from that book and look at them here. Today's quote comes from near the end of the book. Clark is the man who invented the communication satellite...Long before anyone had gone to the moon, even before the first satellite had been orbited, he had written a … Continue reading Unearthing Atlantis 2

When They Get It Wrong

The following quote is taken from Charles Pellegrino's book Unearthing Atlantis, pg. 53-4: ...you'd see immediately that volcanoes are not merely bringers of tidal waves and fiery death. They were also bringers of life. Indeed, there is every indication from laboratory experiments, that hot volcanic rocks were needed about 4 billion years ago, to concentrate … Continue reading When They Get It Wrong

The Sea People Update

For us, the jury is still out concerning the Sea peoples and their involvement in the Middle East. But that doesn't stop the archaeological world. here is an update on the Sea People. We will quote large portions of it from this newsletter. http://patternsofevidence.com/blog/2017/10/20/ancient-sea-peoples-tablet-deciphered-are-they-the-biblical-philistines/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Thinker85SeaPeople&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=Thinker85SeaPeople&inf_contact_key=31e8a5f0febc0c9e649b5758ab28f0e36f7cc3af06dd4a063c9b689a4273c36f Archeologists believe they have found the key to unlocking a mystery … Continue reading The Sea People Update

An Explanation

We received a comment a few days ago which does bother us as it demonstrates a misunderstanding of what we do here. We will use that comment, NOT to discourage people from commenting or criticizing us, but to make sure people actually understand what we do on this website. In other words take the following … Continue reading An Explanation