Caring In The Church

I have not been a fan of the redesign and focus on Christianity Today's website. I wrote them a letter some time back asking where were all the articles by older, more mature, wiser Christians who could build the faith of those younger. I am disappointed that the majority of articles I see are written … Continue reading Caring In The Church


Much To Talk About- 102

Time to play catch-up. #1. Sons of God-- Anticipating an issue which has come up in the current debate about monotheism and polytheism in ancient Israel and classical and later Greece and Rome, David Clines suggests that this split between human and divine options may not be so clear-cut, in particular with respect to … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 102

While I Am Away-2

Just some quotes from Manetho. He is the person so many Egyptologists base their Egyptian and biblical chronology upon even though his work only survives via quotes from other ancient authors. All quotes will be from the same book, whose information will be given after the first quote. #1. Tutimaeus.3 In his reign, for what … Continue reading While I Am Away-2

While I Am Away…

I would like to make these two recommendations: 1. During the upcoming political season, look for the candidate that represent biblical values instead of ‘family values’. Real biblical values will get you real family values. 2. For those of you who vote for a political party because they are the closest to what you believe, … Continue reading While I Am Away…

Two Things-6

I am not going to write at length on either of these two things as the previous article tired me out and these articles do not need much from me to make the right point. #1. I Agree-- In the wake of this revelation, Platt recalled, "I don't want to be guilty of selective … Continue reading Two Things-6

A Few Things

#1. Writing A Review Without Watching The Movie-- Whatever arguments there may or may not be for the historicity of the exodus, culture-war rhetoric seems armed and loaded here, yet it is the very thing evangelicals need to avoid, not encourage. It simply falls on deaf ears. That is my main concern with this documentary–that it … Continue reading A Few Things