Christians Aren’t to be Naive

The idea for this post came from reading the following article entitled 'Family pleas for pregnant, ailing American woman missing in Afghanistan with Canadian husband' you can access it at the following link: In the AP interview, he described his daughter as "naive" and "adventuresome" with a humanitarian bent. He said Josh did not … Continue reading Christians Aren’t to be Naive


A Body of Scientific Work

Here is a quote from the book 'Getting The Old Testament' by Steven L. Bridge, it is found in Chapter 1 on pages 11 & 12.: Given the tremendous disparity between these two-time tables {see previous paragraph} modern believers find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. Presumably, they must either side with Scripture and … Continue reading A Body of Scientific Work

Leading The Way

The recent story about a family being stopped in their quest to adopt a small handicapped Russian child caught my eye. {In case the yahoo link fails here is the title: 'Mom' Loses Russian Girl Weeks From Adoption} This is not an article about the fairness of justness on the part of the Russians … Continue reading Leading The Way

An Update

The news is that Emanuel has let Dr. Rollston go, This news is good not that a person has lost their job or that a heretic was removed from teaching young believers but that the Seminary has stood with God and removed a false teacher from their midst. What people like Cargill and West … Continue reading An Update

Scanning The Tabor Blog

James Tabor puts out a lot of information and there is just too much to go through effectively in pointing out the misconceptions unbelieving academics put out there. This article will go through several of his articles and discuss key points. Links won't be provided except for the main page but titles of each article … Continue reading Scanning The Tabor Blog

As Advertised

The following was sent to me via e-mail and I do not normally read them but this one caught my eye. It makes a humorous but appropriate point as it reminds believers to act like we advertise. “The Light”…  The light turned yellow, just in front of him.  He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, … Continue reading As Advertised

A Lesson From the Good Samaritan-2

Not everyone in the church is called to be a missionary, pastor or church leader but that lack of professional calling does not make them any less important than those who are.  One is not more spiritual because they are sent to other countries, or lead to lead a church congregation or take a post … Continue reading A Lesson From the Good Samaritan-2

Concerning Heretic Hunters and Trolls

A place I used to be able to post at has an article trying to define those wo terms for its readers. You can find their definitions here: But allow me to counter their ideas about these type of people they label in such harsh terms. First Heretic Hunters: These are slightly more than … Continue reading Concerning Heretic Hunters and Trolls

A Misconception by Science Supporters

Those that support secular science over creation have long-held to a misconception which distorts their view of the issue and makes them think that they alone are allowed to talk about science in relation to origins. In a post over at Unsettled Christianity we see this misconception demonstrated at its best The author of … Continue reading A Misconception by Science Supporters