Believers & Churches Are TOO Immature

This is the conclusion we have come to over the years. As we leave for our vacation, it seems that topics keep coming to mind so we will post this little tidbit to close things out. They are more bent on being part of a fad or some other distorted behavior than they are in … Continue reading Believers & Churches Are TOO Immature


Getting Definitions Correct

Of course, after writing the lat post we come across a topic that needs some attention so we will make one more post before our break. The topic is found at the following link: And the problem is not just found in reacting to how women dress or how women dress, both are the problem … Continue reading Getting Definitions Correct

Vacation Time

We will be taking our break from posting for the next 2-3 weeks. We will leave you with a link to our photo essay from our now defunked magazine Issue #2 2016 -- Photo Essay Just copy and past the address into your search browser if the link does not work. Thank you … Continue reading Vacation Time

The Old Is Found In The New

We are coming up to our annual anniversary break but we will leave you with a few thoughts. The first from psalms one. We recommend you read it carefully for the OT does apply to the Christian life, especially in this day and age. Jesus never overturned a word that God taught his people in … Continue reading The Old Is Found In The New

Believers 10

What was different she (Dorothy Chappell) explained is the broader context. We teach science from within a Christian worldview starting with the assumption that all truth is God's truth. We believe there is a biblical truth- what we call special revelation-- and there is natural truth or general revelation. Generally there is no conflict between … Continue reading Believers 10

Believers 8

He warned (Alan Wolfe), however, that as long as evangelical scholars insist on drawing statements of faith that shut them off from genuine intellectual exchange they will find it hard to become the kind of intellectually exciting institutions they hope to be-- pg. 148 This has become a problem for the church and its academic … Continue reading Believers 8

Believers 7

Our ad hoc caravan was on its way to Creation 2005, an outdoor rock festival that each summer draws tens of thousands of evangelical young people and their chaperones to the bucolic hills of south central Pennsylvania for what is often described as a Christian version of Woodstock-- pg. 196 About a month before the … Continue reading Believers 7

Believers 6

But if we're really going to maintain a moral basis in our society we need more candidates and more office holders who have biblically informed world view-- pg. 230This part of the book is talking about Christians and politics and we disagree with what is being said in that quote. A biblically informed world view … Continue reading Believers 6