The Ignorance Of Bible Scholars

These men and women and many Christian professors and pastors tell people that they must 'interpret' the bible according to the culture of the time the bible was written. They do so knowing full well that there is absolutely NO biblical instruction from anyone including both God and Jesus to do so. They also say … Continue reading The Ignorance Of Bible Scholars


The Ignorance Of Archaeologists

This is seen in the many theories they propose about the past. One such theory is how the Egyptians constructed the Pyramids.  The archaeologist/Egyptologist/bible scholar find a few copper hand tools and make wild assumptions that those were all the tools and equipment the Egyptians had at their disposal. This group of scholars assume that … Continue reading The Ignorance Of Archaeologists

Distorted View Of The Church

When the church is off track, however, it's a massive discouragement to many who want to follow Jesus (Mere Churchianity by Mark Spencer pg. 153) There is so much wrong with the attitude expressed in that quote. It is far too subjective for one and such thinking comes from those people who  usually do not … Continue reading Distorted View Of The Church

A.W. Tozer On Science

Taken from Mysteries of the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer pg. 132-33 Next there is science. Science is called upon to prove Christianity. We just came through one of those long tunnels, when the evangelical church was running to science to get some sort of help, not knowing that everything that is divine in Christianity … Continue reading A.W. Tozer On Science