The Ignorance Of Bible Scholars

These men and women and many Christian professors and pastors tell people that they must ‘interpret’ the bible according to the culture of the time the bible was written. They do so knowing full well that there is absolutely NO biblical instruction from anyone including both God and Jesus to do so. They also say this knowing that the bible was written during many different cultural influences. During the time of Moses the people of Israel were nomads; then Joshua and judges when they were conquering the promised and and living in disobedience to God; then we have the time of stability and the united monarchy and then the divided kingdoms and exile. We end up with the Greek and roman cultures.

So the idea of ‘the culture of that time’ is of no use and only is used as an excuse to disobey Gd and his instructions. There is only one culture that influences the Bible and that is the infallible, incorruptible, everlasting kingdom of God overseen by a Holy and just God who knows what he wants and what he wants his followers to do and has provided the right instructions for them to adhere to.

Those who use ‘the culture of that time’ ideology are misleading the people of God and helping them to sin against him. Time fr the church to stop listening t those who refuse to obey Gd and start back n the right path to obedience and holiness.If the church of God does not follow Gd’s instructions correctly, who will?”

The Ignorance Of Archaeologists

This is seen in the many theories they propose about the past. One such theory is how the Egyptians constructed the Pyramids.  The archaeologist/Egyptologist/bible scholar find a few copper hand tools and make wild assumptions that those were all the tools and equipment the Egyptians had at their disposal. This group of scholars assume that they will find building equipment at long completed structures/ What they do not realize is that once a building is completed, even in the ancient past, the construction companies take their equipment back to their warehouses to await the next contract or they move them to their next project.

We now that cranes were n existence in the ancient world so it stands to reason that if the Egyptians used them, they did not leave them on site for future generations to marvel at. They moved them to their next big job.  How intelligent people can think that a group of people moved and shaped multi-ton blocks with just ropes and copper tools is beyond belief..

Most archaeologists do not use the modern world to interpret the past, maybe they should for then they would not look so foolish.

Death & Dying

We got an early morning phone call today informing us one of our good friends had died suddenly. Most people do not know what to say  when a friend or relative suffers a loss, we are no different. We offer the following to help our friends and others in their time of mourning.

Corrie Ten Boom,,, wrote of her experiences in a now classic book The Hiding Place. In it she recalls a particular time in her childhood when she was nearly overcome by a fear of death and being separated from her loved ones. Her father comforted her with these loving and kind words:

Corrie, he began gently, when you and I go to Amsterdam when do I give you the ticket?…

Why just before we get on the train.

Exactly. And our wise father in heaven knows when we are going to need things. Don’t run ahead of him… When the time comes that some of us will have to die you will look in your heart and find the strength you need

There is an old saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed and James and Nerissa have been our friend when we have been in need many times over the past year. We are deeply grateful for their contribution to our lives. Yet when good people die, someone always asks where was Jesus so he could prevent the deaths of such good people?  There are two answers to that question

#1. Jesus cannot alter or change the rules that his father set up to govern this life. It is appointed unto man to die once and we cannot escape from that rule till the rapture happens. Lazarus, The Shumanite woman’s son, Dorca, and others raised from the dead, all died again. They were not given an exemption to God’s rules. WE all have to face death.

#2. When I was younger I counseled many times at bible camps and one particular camp at the fireside time I would stretch out my arms wide and would get about 6-7 children gathered under each arm.  They were comforted.  When we suffer loss, Jesus is there with his arms open wide waiting for those in mourning to come into them and be comforted. We cannot experience Jesus’ comfort if we do not suffer loss. So instead of blaming Jesus for a death, run into his arms and experience the comfort he brings that no human can do.

Jesus is there when we need him, take him up on his offer of open arms.

Our Situation

You may have noticed that we have not published our next issue of our magazine and that our posts here have been very brief for the most part. That is because we had to pawn our computer to meet personal needs.  The church where I preach does not pay a salary and has often left us without food or money to buy food yet expect us to preach as if nothing is wrong. They also expect us to pay certain utility bills even though we do not get a salary.

You may ask why don’t you leave? We hope to but any money we have been able to get has been drained for personal needs before we can save enough to depart. We are stuck. Sadly my wife’s family is part of the problem so we cannot get help from them and my own family does not respond to e-mails. My wife has become very discouraged and I am not in the greatest of moods either. I certainly would like to continue the magazine as I found out earlier this week that we have one bona fide reader which makes me feel good. BUT given our situation it is unlikely.

I have posted my bank account information on our special needs page and if you can send a gift you can go to your nearest Citibank and deposit it there. I am not sure if the branch is in Ilsan or Goyang but it originated in Eumsong all three are in Gyeonggi province of South Korea where my bank is. We only need $10,000 to cover one year here so hopefully that is a realistic goal.


Thank you for your help

Distorted View Of The Church

When the church is off track, however, it’s a massive discouragement to many who want to follow Jesus (Mere Churchianity by Mark Spencer pg. 153)

There is so much wrong with the attitude expressed in that quote. It is far too subjective for one and such thinking comes from those people who  usually do not like the fact that the church is not doing what they want to see done or that they have been rebuked for some sin or acceptance of sin and they do not like that. These people always demand that the church change even though their alternatives may not be biblical themselves.

Mark Spencer did mention a couple of things we liked in his book, particularly about meeting hurting people needs but even that is far more complicated than Mr. Spencer mentions in his book. Instead of rolling up their sleeves or getting properly trained in the truth and filling the void they see in the church ministry, the people like Mr. Spencer turn to criticizing and attacking the church.

They do this because they have a distorted view of the church, its purpose and a distorted view of Jesus and his ministry. They want the pastoral staff to do most if not all of the work failing to realize that God did not create the positions of pastor and elders so that they do all of the spiritual work in the church.The last line bothers us a lot because following Jesus does not mean we criticize and attack the church. Jesus never attacked the sacrificial system or the temple and its positions but only went after the sins of the religious leaders. He did not say that the temple had to change and be more contemporary either to attract new members.

We have a problem with people like Mr. Spencer simply because they ignore biblical teaching and then think they are ‘following Jesus’. They ignore sin and the need of repentance before acceptance into the kingdom of God and feel their ‘progressive’ ideology is of God when everyone else knows that neither God nor Jesus change nor does their word.

Granted the church is not perfect but people need to stop expecting perfect behavior from fallible people and this includes other Christians. The solution to this problem is for people like Mr. Spencer to learn the truth correctly first, apply it to their lives and be a shining light to even the church world. Attacking and criticizing the church in the manner that they do is not a gift of the Holy Spirit. Changing the biblical instructions is not a divine mandate given to a few people who are discontented with the way their church is run.

Putting correctly into practice what God taught in the Bible is and this may lead some people to leave their current congregations but it does not grant them permission to point a finger and attack the members of the church they just left or are members of. They still have to practice what Jesus taught and loving your neighbor does not exclude the supposedly error-filled church and its members. They still need to experience the love of God correctly but not with false teaching, which so many like Mr. Spencer adopt when they become dissatisfied with how their church operates.

A distorted view of the church leads people to sin and false teaching. It does not allow them to correctly follow Jesus. These people need to double-check their enlightenment first before accusing the church of being in error. For the errors they see may be their own.