Noah: The Movie

Now that the movie has come out some more scholars have weighed in with their perspective. This article will only deal with two of them as there are other subjects that need to be dealt with besides this movie. For believers we just need to release on be simple statement. It could go like this: … Continue reading Noah: The Movie


Something To Think About

Two posts at other websites demonstrate why those who believe science over God's word are not following God nor have the truth: #1. Mocking others doesn't lead to conversions  nor do they convince people that they are wrong.   #2. The problem for McGrath and others who hold to alternatives is that they … Continue reading Something To Think About

Is It Now A Soap Opera?

As much as I would like to avoid talking about Mars Hill church and Mark Driscoll it just doesn't seem possible. What I know about that church and its members is only what I read on other people's websites, which means I am getting a very distorted view of the events and people involved in … Continue reading Is It Now A Soap Opera?

Where Do I Begin- 3

Almost done. This should get me caught up for now. #1. Proverbs emphasizes that it is a fool who refuses to accept correction. Based on that, who are the fools when it comes to science? Yes Proverbs does say that but it does not refer to Christians accepting correction from those who do not … Continue reading Where Do I Begin- 3

Where Do I Begin-2

This weekend will be continuing to catch up on all the topics out there. Although I have written a post on the new Noah movie this topic isn't going away. #1. West actually has two posts on this movie but it is this one which contains the point I want to address. In the … Continue reading Where Do I Begin-2

Where Do I Begin

The websites I keep an eye on have been busy with many different topics so it is hard to determine which subject to focus upon. Tonight I think the one God wants addressed is the recantation by World Vision on its decision concerning homosexual couples. As you know last night's article was on how there … Continue reading Where Do I Begin

What Does God Say

Much is said about homosexuality and those who practice it do not see anything wrong with their preference. They dismiss what God says about their choice because that is what they want to practice. They do not want to abide by what God laid out for relationships and marriage. Just so everyone is clear, here … Continue reading What Does God Say

Things That Bother Me

There are topics that do get under my skin. One reason is that those who write about them never learn or ignore contrary arguments. Another reason is that they are rejoicing because people are leaving God's word for alternatives. The sad fact is those who are doing the rejoicing are those who claim to be Christian. Which … Continue reading Things That Bother Me

World Vision

If you haven't read it, here is the link to their explanation for their decision: I disagree with it and I have scriptural reasons for doing so. #1. Given that more churches and states are now permitting same-sex marriages (including World Vision's home state of Washington), the issue will join divorce/remarriage, baptism, and female … Continue reading World Vision

Much To Talk About-36B

Let's get right to it then #1. Jumping To False Conclusions-- This one is going to have to links as the ABR 'story' is just a preview and links to the actual story. First the actual story then I ill point something out on that video preview. #1. But when you pull together … Continue reading Much To Talk About-36B