Be Careful What You Say

Trying to be cool in the 20th century was easy. There were no recording devices on phones and only spies had miniature recorders. The people with larger recorders were journalists and you always knew where they were. In today's world, you can be recorded very easily as just about everyone has a mini recorder on … Continue reading Be Careful What You Say


Is This Really Baptism

This article is more of a food for thought article than anything else, as our instructions on conducting baptism seem to be quite limited. Yet, the style of baptism as described in the following article has us a bit worried. Horse Troughs, Hot Tubs and Hashtags: Baptism Is Getting Wild. The first question we ask, … Continue reading Is This Really Baptism

Is The Death Penalty Wrong

That seems to be the opinion of the author of this viewpoint article- Viewpoint: Capitalizing on death? Why Oklahoma should abolish all forms of capital punishment- We must abolish capital punishment now because it is wrong. How the author came to that conclusion is a mystery as she does not spend any time supporting her … Continue reading Is The Death Penalty Wrong

Our Christmas Message

December is just over 2 days away. Once November ends, the Christmas season will be in full swing. In the Philippines, they start celebrating the Christmas season in September. You can imagine how tired Western foreigners are of Christmas music, etc., by the time December 1st rolls around. And there is still a month to … Continue reading Our Christmas Message

We Have Better Things To Do

No, this is not our annual Christmas message, but it is Christmas-themed. We saw an article at Christian Post that inspired this post-Target, Walgreens named to ‘naughty’ list of companies accused of ‘censoring’ Christmas Target, Gap and Walgreens are among 13 companies that have been placed on a Christian conservative legal nonprofit’s “Naughty List” for … Continue reading We Have Better Things To Do

Are Christians Bigots?

The word bigot was used in a comment under a Christian Post article today. The article doesn't matter nor will it be referred to here. It was the comment that got us thinking about how Christians view those who do not follow their religious path. To do this we have to look at the definition … Continue reading Are Christians Bigots?

It Is a Good Question

BG has taken it upon himself to discuss this question on his website, Is it Possible for an Unbeliever to Have Christian Family and Friends?, and we are not going to analyze what he is saying but bring an answer from the Christian perspective. We will take quotes from his post, not to criticize but … Continue reading It Is a Good Question

Artificial Intelligence

We came across an article at Christian Post titled "Artificial intelligence replacing God, ramifications for the Church is 'concerning': Wallace Henley" and the world has a fundamental misunderstanding of AI and what it can actually do. Also, the world has a fundamental misunderstanding of what men and women can do. There is no doubt that … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence