Do All to the Glory of God

Funerals and the loss of loved ones can be a difficult time. The sudden or even expected loss leaves a void that cannot be filled by a human. When they experience loss, most people cry, mourn, weep, and so on. At the age of 17, one of my best friends died due to a mountain … Continue reading Do All to the Glory of God


Our Project is Done

Our New Certificate Course Announcing our new certificate course called The Church & __. This program is a simple series of 7 lessons and lots of assignments. Its purpose is to help believers strengthen their faith without going to a lot of expense to do so. Plus, it helps believers see the role of the … Continue reading Our Project is Done

Do We Need Heroes of the Faith

The question has been 'inspired' by the article titled "John Stott is still a hero of the faith everyone should know about" found at the Christian Post the other day. The link to it is here. As we read that article, we were given that question to ask as the concept of the topic seems … Continue reading Do We Need Heroes of the Faith

Defending Ravi Zacharias

We posted links to Mr. Zacharias' wife and son's comments in a previous post. So far, we have been the only ones outside of Protestia to make mention of it. We haven't checked every site but there has not even been a whisper. We guess it stands to reason that no one is joining their … Continue reading Defending Ravi Zacharias

Mrs. Zacharias Speaks

We feel that this is important information and should be given as much air time as all the accusers have been given. We will not comment yet as we want to think about this statement some more. Without a doubt, she would be in a better position to know what happened than any of Mr. … Continue reading Mrs. Zacharias Speaks

In The News-300

We have not used this series in a long while and lost track of the number we were up to but we have a few things to say about different news articles we have read recently #1. Matt Chandler- or If the first link is correct, then it is best to ignore everything … Continue reading In The News-300

Please, Do Us a Favor

If you are going to be like this 'Church' then please do us the following favor: #1. do not all yourself  church #2. do not cll yourself a Christian #3. do not cll yourself a pastor, missionary, church leader and so on The reason we ask these favors is because: #1. you are not representing … Continue reading Please, Do Us a Favor

News Flash: The Man Has Been Dead For a year

It seems that people cannot stop kicking Mr. Zacharias even though he has been dead for almost a year. You can read the latest attack at this link. We will say right up front--- WE DO NOT BELIEVE HER. We are not going to go into more details on this story because it is something … Continue reading News Flash: The Man Has Been Dead For a year