Just an Update +

We talked about Lady Antebellum changing their name to Lady A. Well there are days you just can’t win and this update proves you can’t please every black person.

#1. Blues artist Lady A blasts Lady Antebellum for stealing her name: ‘For them to not even reach out is pure privilegehttps://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/blues-artist-lady-a-blasts-lady-antebellum-for-stealing-her-name-for-them-to-not-even-reach-out-is-pure-privilege-022627826.html

You just can’t make this stuff up. Lady Antebellum had to know this performer still existed as she just put out another album in 2018 and one is coming out this July:

While this gesture may have been well intentioned, unfortunately, it turns out that the band’s new moniker is also problematic. The stage name “Lady A” already belongs to a 61-year-old black woman who has released several albums over the past two decades. The Seattle blues singer’s most recent release is Doin’ Fine, from 2018, and she has a new record, Lady A: Live in New Orleans, set to come out on July 18.

When you try to please someone other than God, you just won’t win.

#2. Want an Oscar? Better be inclusive. Academy to make diversity requirements part of awards eligibility. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/academy-awards-oscars-motion-picture-academy-oscarssowhite-black-lives-matter-diversity-inclusion-eligibility-requirements-181258178.html

This is part of the + section of the title. Another shining example that liberals, leftists and democrats are not qualified to handle power no matter where they get it.

In order to get an Oscar, you now need to alter your film to included people not right for the role, people who may not have talent. and soon. This group of people keeps attacking conservative white movie makers for their lack of diversity yet fail to call out black movie and television shows for their lack of white actors and actresses in those shows.

They also forget that John Wayne, a very big conservative, cast people he disagreed with politically and ideologically simply because they were right for the part. These people were not cast for their ideological beliefs or color of skin but because they had talent and could pull the role off right.

Three of the biggest names he cast were Rock Hudson,. Kirk Douglas and Glen Campbell. If you want true inclusive attitudes, Jesus accepts everyone who repents of their sins but the key is to give up  your practice of sin and acceptance of it first.

#3.Harry Potter’ Screenwriter Steve Kloves Speaks Out on J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Views (EXCLUSIVE) https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/harry-potter-screenwriter-steve-kloves-220445314.html

We have read different articles about her comments and it seems she is standing alone, which is too bad. While we do not like Harry Potter books and movies Ms. Rowling did not say anything bad. Her words:

I want trans women to be safe,” Rowling said in a essay she posted to her website on June 10. “At the same time, I do not want to make natal [i.e. cisgender] girls and women less safe. When you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman … then you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside. That is the simple truth.”

Then the words of the man the article is about:

Our diversity is our strength,” Kloves says in an exclusive statement to Variety. “In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that transgender women and men, and people who are non-binary, feel safe and accepted for who they are. It seems very little to ask.”

Transgender, homosexuality, etc., are sin. They are not strengths but weaknesses.Jesus loves these people but his love does not mean they remain trapped in their sins and disobedience to God.

But as the Bible says there will be people who are willingly deceived and these pro transgender people are just the tip of the iceberg

#4.Amazon Might Pull ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ From IMDb TV Free Streaming Service Over Confederate Flag Imagery https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/amazon-might-pull-dukes-hazzard-154541221.html

The pulling down of confederate statues, changing the names of college buildings, proposed changing the name of Army bases and so on is wrong. All those actions prove is that people cannot forgive those who may have caused harm to others.

You do not rewrite history because you think you can’t deal with the reality of the past. You forgive those people and learn from Christ how to be better. There are so many different evil activities still taking place right now that those worried about an old flag should be doing something about.

There is a modern slave trade, there are pirates in different parts of the world, there is genocide taking place by Muslims in Africa, there is sex trafficking and so much more.

These people are not being anything but self righteous in their attacks on anything to do with the Civil War era South. They are also ignoring the problems they could do something about- illiteracy is still a problem in America, as is black on black crime, along with so many other issues that need their attention.

Yet they would rather attack long dead people who won’t feel a thing and cannot change their words or actions. These protesters and the corporations who make these entertainment moves are just embarrassing themselves and showing they have nothing to offer anyone.

The actions of the democrats, the BLM organization, the Oscar board of governors and other similar groups do not care about the people they are fighting. They just want their way to be implemented in the country but their way i snot of God and just brings more sin, evil, injustice and more.


We will say that we do watch some Hollywood shows. We have just recently discovered the McBride series which seems to be well done. We like certain shows but mostly prefer shows from the 80s on back to the 30s.

Mainly because modern politics is not involved, the actors had talent, the writers could write good shows and the plots were good. We rarely watch modern movies or television shows because with the exception of a few, the writing, acting, and plots are not there.

We also do not like how the different shows promote sinful and evil activities. We actually liked the Hays Rule which barred production companies from having evil win even though in real life it doesn’t happen that way.

What has furthered turned us off of movies, the Oscars, and other award shows, and so on, are all the celebrities thinking they can tell us how to vote, what to think, who to make friendships with, who we can hire or not fire and so on.

Their lives certainly do not contain the expertise needed to make those preachy announcements. Since they are not of God, we do not listen to celebrities when they make those announcements. They have as little to offer the world as the above mentioned groups.

It is best that the celebrities learn about God and Jesus first and then make better decisions about their own lives.  As Psalms 1:1 says Blessed are they who walk not in the council of the ungodly and so far very few celebrities, democrats, BLM members and so on are godly

When celebrities are sadly mistaken

Here is a prime example of a celebrity who failed biology and opting for lies and misinformation just to appease a minority


Radcliffe responded with a statement on the Trevor Project web site, which included the following:

Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either Jo or I

He is also mistaken as all health care professionals do not agree with that statement and transgender people have no dignity. They just embarrass themselves on a daily basis by trying to think they are something they can never be.


Archaeological Pet Peeves

#1.  https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/

One of the first pet peeves we have has to deal with the Biblical Archaeology Society. if you haven’t heard. Hershal Shanks has retired and enjoying his later years without the pressure of publishing the magazine or heading up the organization.

What bothers us is that he selected an atheist to take over. There have been a lot of changes made already to the structure of the magazine and the organization. So far, we have found none to be thrilling, good or even factual.

Robert Cargill took over the BAR magazine and it certainly is not a good change. He doe snot believe in God yet feels he can handle biblical issues objectively, even though everyone knows he can’t. The changes we have seen have caused us to stop support the organization as we liked the store they society had.

That is gone now and in our opinion that is a travesty, especially since we were about to buy the BAR update they had offered for years. Anyways, these changes makes us wonder if true biblical archaeologists will be published anymore.

We wished Mr. Shanks had selected a true Christian archaeologist to run both BAR and BAS. That way the truth would stand a chance in getting published.

#2. BAR Content- https://www.baslibrary.org/biblical-archaeology-review/46/2/21

Right now the current issue of BAR and different articles in their library are free. But the content is not as good as it should or could have been. The argument over when writing began in Israel does not do the topic justice and basically ignores the fact that writing was done prior to the 10th century BC.

With archaeology blind to the past and so many professional scholars and archaeologist missing a lot of manuscripts and other pertinent data, their claims to a late creation of writing is nonsensical. The information is not there to make that type of conclusion.

The author of that piece linked above, (and it may not be free for long) ignores the weaknesses of archaeology and that so much evidence has been lost due to wars, time and other factors.

This misinformation is a pet peeve of ours as it is basically lying to the people.

#3. Well meaning people- https://patternsofevidence.com/2020/04/10/discovery-of-12th-century-temple-at-lachish/?inf_contact_key=0711e8eaafcfcbf773e30797723ef6ef680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1

We know Timothy Mahoney only through brief discussions we had with him while he was preparing his first documentary. He is someone who wants to help prove the bible true and strengthen the faith of other believers but it is hard to do when the newsletter just sends out stories of archaeologists’ conclusion without questioning their validity.

That discovery is hard to accept by us as it is the same conclusions almost every other ancient building has when it is revealed to the world.Just because supposed cultic materials were found inside a room, doe snot make this building cultic or even used as a temple.

We would like to see these well meaning people use a bit more critical thinking when looking at or addressing these discoveries. The article even says that despite the lack of finding the right artifacts, they are going with the temple identification anyways. That is not good archaeology.

While we like the biblical perspective section included in the article, it is too easy to read things into the discovery when little can be taken out.

#4. ABR- https://biblearchaeology.org/

Generally we like ABR (Associates for Biblical Research) But sometimes they seem to side with the wrong people in their search for good biblical scholarship. One of those times was when they were writing about modern day abortion and child sacrifice in ancient Carthage.

Their siding with unverifiable accounts and condemning the people of Carthage without enough evidence does rub us the long way. Christian organizations have the responsibility to get to the truth and that objective can’t be done when one is agreeing with the words of the enemies of the subject people.

Sometimes Christian archaeologists and professionals tend to focus moor eon doing scholarship than it is on getting to the truth. That is what bothers us here as scholarship should be second to presenting the truth correctly.

Getting the truth out helps people build up their faith and see that God does not lie. Even when it means going against secular rules and opposing widely accepted theories and conclusions.

For the most part ABR does a good job but there are those times…Oh and the people at ABR do not like us as we have read some of their published works and had to correct some of the points they made. Those points mis-stated some facts and even though we were helping them we were told to leave them alone.

#5. Mis-stating ancient medical practices

We do not have a link for this as this is a late addition to the list. But we do get tired of archaeologists and scholars continuing to pass on misinformation about the past.

Most of the time, they read one or two incantations that may have come from an ancient version of the modern primitive witch doctor and assume or leap to the conclusion that all ancient people followed those incantations or used those possible medical doctors.

They do this in spite of the myriad of evidence for professional prescriptions, top notch surgeries that rival modern surgeons talents and abilities and other credible evidence.

The ancient world is not that much different from the modern one. Sure there may have been with doctors using their false religious beliefs to try and heal their fellow citizens but that does not mean they were in every society and every ancient civilization.

The modern world has the same type of people practicing their healing beliefs using their false religions as an aid. They are found where primitive societies exist and even in modernized nations.

Their presence does not mean that all people in a nation or society subscribe to those beliefs or even followed them. Nor does it mean that the ancient world was void of talented and capable doctors and surgeons.

This is the title of one good book to read about ancient medicine and its practices- Science & Secrets of Early Medicine by Jorgen Thorwald. There are others and inside you will see that the ancient world had world class doctors and surgeons handling their medical needs when they arose.


The thing is we need people willing to get to the truth even when it applies to biblical archaeology, physics, and other areas of science. Doing what the unbeliever does is not going to cast the light Jesus wants us to cast.


Some observations

#1. Confronting Old Testament Controversies by Tremper Longman

We did finish reading this book and to say the best about it, the work was very disappointing. After a very good first chapter, by that we mean he laid out is position quite clearly, the following three were not as good.

In those final 3 chapters, the author gave reviews of other people’s positions on sexuality, violence and history. He did not explore the issues as well as he did the first chapter on evolution and that was a big let down.

Needless to say we were not happy with the work. If people are going to deal with such issues, they need to lead their readers to the truth. This author fails to do that because he does not believe the truth

He believes in his own version of the Bible and not God’s. Also, if people are going to struggle with God’s word, it is best that they do not write about their struggle. Their words will confuse others and the author needs to get right with God before publishing his thoughts

Not publishing true answers means that the author is misleading people hiding the truth and making God look weak and a liar. If believers are going to make an impact for God, they need to stand with God, not with science or the LGBTQ community or other non believers.

#2. An Open Letter to the LGBTQ Community

There have been stories in the Christian Post recently where Muslims and LGBTQ members are trying to get Mr. Graham’s events cancelled. We are not going to address issues that have already been addressed like intolerance, bullying and hiding from the truth.

Instead all we are going to say to the LGBTQ community and others is that no matter how much you try, no matter how many churches you get to change their beliefs and no matter how many times you try to change scriptures, God and His word do not change.

You may make weak humans alter their translations, their churches and so on, but you can’t make God change. Nor can you change the Bible. Whether it remains in print or not, The Bible stands as God’s word and its revelations, instructions, history and stances will remain the same.

You cannot escape what God has said in the Bible. The only option you have to escape punishment is to truly repent of your sins, give up your sexual preferences and old religious beliefs and accept Christ as your Savior.

Hiding from the truth does not change the truth. Trying to force people to accept your ways as natural, right, good is not going to change the truth that the Bible has recorded.

As Jesus said to Paul, “Stop kicking against the pricks”. You will not win

#3. Judge allows Boston to ban the flying of Christian flag outside City Hall

This is another Christian Post story and it sends an interesting message. One is the world is going to be unfair. Christians will be discriminated against when they try to do things secular people get to do.

The second message is, stop trying to copy the world and use substitutes to get the Christian message out. Christ, the Bible and God did not teach us to fly flags, and do similar activities.

They said to let your light shine and to do that we need to imitate Christ more. He did not change laws, he did not bash the governments, he did not violate God’s instructions or try to change them nor did he fly flags at government buildings.

Instead, he showed a love that taught the truth, lived the truth, and led others to the truth. Love does not accept unrepentant sinners into the church. Nor does it leave people in their sins.

Love also does not hide the truth no matter how ugly it got and how much it defied the accepted ideology and definitions of the day. Love willingly gives up their sin for God.

Love also does not change the message of the Bible or who can be part of the church. Love also does not break those laws of the government that do not have a person violating God’s rules and instructions.

Love leads people to obey both God and the government, with God’s rules being given the priority. A Christian is to live Christianity not fly flags. Flying the flag is not letting your light shine before men unless it is on your own property  or in front of your own house.

If you want a city hall to fly a Christian flag, then live Christian lives that will impress the government officials showing that you correctly live what you believe.

Follow Jesus not your own thinking.