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Red Letter Christians & The LGBTQ Community

While we are preparing our next discussion on what Bible Scholars write, we are taking a look at the Red Letter Christians’ or one of their members view on the homosexual community.

If you want to know more about the RLC organization, you can click the following link:

We are going to talk about the article found at the next link:

As you read that article, you may be saying to yourself that it sounds pretty good- someone is trying to love the members of the LGBTQ community. But as you read through the article, you should get the sense that something is missing. Actually there are several things that are missing. That missing feature or two is has to do with the word love.

The author does a fine job trying to illustrate how he loved his mother and how it relates to how he loves God. But if you think about it you will  see something that he does not do with his mother that he does do with God. First we will quote what he said about his mother:

My mother raised me better than that. My greatest debt to her is being taught to honor, respect, and love all people. Not in theory — but fully, relationally. As I get older, I appreciate her more and more for this. It is a great inheritance that she has gifted me with.

She loved me before I loved her. That’s why I love her.

As you can see he speaks highly of her. What the author does not mention is that he does not disobey his mother. His love for her means that he obeyed her as a child, as a teen and as an adult. He does not mention one word of doing anything against his mother’s teachings and instruction. But when he comes to describing  his love for God he says this

That same God, that very Jesus, not only commands me to love my LGBTQ siblings, but He compels me to do so

From what we can read in the article, it seems the author is saying that Jesus is telling him to love LGBTQ members more than he loves God. We get that idea from his earlier words, which read;

I have lots to lose by standing with the LGBTQ community.

The question of course, is how does he stand with the LGBTQ community? Knowing what RLC organization believes, we are sure that his standing andlove for that community is at odds with loving God and Jesus’ command to love one another. Is he supporting their sin? Is he calling it good? Is he helping the LGBTQ  be seen as normal, healthy, a good preference and so on?

We are not going to put words into his mouth that may not be there but from our research, we are certain that he is not taking a biblical stance nor standing with God concerning LGBTQ members. Part of the problem is how he and others understand the word ‘love’.  Yes Jesus said to love our neighbor as ourselves but he did not say love and support sin. This is a little detail that so many supposed believers leave out when they address this issue.

They also ignore the fact that Jesus called all people to repent of their sins. He did not alter what sin was because some minorities did not like being excluded from the kingdom of heaven. Jesus did not alter the rules of salvation because some minorities did not want love God enough to give up their sin. If people like RLC members want to appeal to Jesus to justify their beliefs and behavior, then it would be wise of them to study and learn about all of Jesus, not just those nice sounding terms like love.

Then Jesus told us to love God above all else. We must ask the RLC members how is it loving God when you allow people to remain in their sins, call their sin good, normal and so on? Jesus loved people so much that he did not want to keep them in their sins and he did not disobey his father and call the LGBTQ minority in his day good, normal, and so on. In fact, you do not see Jesus welcoming one LGBTQ member into his father’s kingdom.

God loved me before I loved God. That’s why I love God.

Yes God loved us before we loved him but that love does not allow us to sin either. We read on many occassions where God punished disobedience. We read on many occassions where God said you need to obey his commands and statutes if you want to live long and so on. We do not read where God says it is okay to tret evil and sin as good.

One thing that needs to be remembered is that God did not create homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexual preferences, transgender and so on. They are not a part of his image or the image we are made after. Those aspects of life are sin and come from evil. Which is why we can disagree with that authors perspective when he says:

So I will walk toward my LGBTQ siblings singing: “Though none go with me, still I will follow” because I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back.

If he was walking towards them to bind their wounds, feed them when they are hungry, give them water to drink and other obedient spiritual acts, then we could join him and help out. BUT if he is saying that unrepentant LGBTQ  members are members of God’s kingdom, that their preference is not sinful and evil, that they can enter the institution of marriage with their perverted preferences and so on, then he is using that song in another perverted way to justify violating his love for God.

Love doe snot encourage, support, or change sin.Especially if one loves God. Their love for God must be so great that a human will stand with Jesus and say Repent and be saved to the LGBTQ community. Their love must be so great for God that they will not bow to the selfish demands of spoiled minorities who do not love God enough to give up their sins. Thier love for God must be so great that they will not alter the truth but tell it with the love Christ told us to have, even to those who abuse the courts to hurt our fellow Christians and their businesses.

Standing with the LGBTQ community is standing against God. It is not showing the love that Christ told us to have for one another. This bring up another question. How much love of Christ are the RLC members showing their fellow Christians when they advocate that people refusing to give up their sin must be part of the church? Loving your neighbor as Jesus said includes loving your fellow Christian, whom you sit next to in a worship service. How much love are you showing them if you make them vulnerable to sin and evil?

It seems that author and other RLC members have turned a blind eye to what loving your neighbor means. They have placed the LGBTQ community above those who obey God’s instructions and that is not found anywhere in any red-letter edition of the Bible.

We are not going to be totally negative about the RLC organization. They do get some things correct but their bible application needs a lot of work.


Our Comments on a Few Topics 3

#1. Ham & Rainbow-

“Such a reading distorts the message of Genesis. To straddle the story with alleged scientific statements is a modern error, not an ancient one,” he added.

The pastor then goes on to explain how the Bible shows that God did not set His rainbow in the clouds for the very first time in history in Genesis 9….

“Didn’t God specially create the never-before-seen rainbow as a sign of His promise? Not necessarily,” Mitchell wrote at the time.

“In Genesis 9:13, God said, ‘I do set my bow in the cloud,’ and the fact that God does not imply that He had never set a rainbow in the clouds before but only that, from now on, the rainbow — appearing as it so often does as rain is ending — would henceforth have a special significance as a token (reminder 1) of God’s promise to never again send a worldwide Flood.”

When science rears its head about topics from the past, it is best not to act authoritatively. Why? because no variation of science can verify or prove their point. We can agree that the passage in scripture talking about the fact that rain had not fallen yet, does not mean it did not rain until the flood. But we cannot agree that the rainbow appeared prior to the flood.

We cannot agree because no one knows. Anyone who did know died a long time ago. Then science cannot go  by modern atmospheric conditions. Why? because once God made a change and instituted the rainbow, atmospheric conditions changed. Once atmospheric conditions changed it is impossible to track previous conditions. Especially when all the weather records were destroyed.

Science is wrong about the supposed historic ice ages. The scientists falsely leaps to a conclusion about the origin of the glaciers and the ice sheets. as they cannot prove their assumptions or verify their supposed sources for those objects. The same goes for the rainbow. It is foolhardy to think that people saw a rainbow prior to the flood. No one can verify that observation.

As the quoted words state that God does not imply that he never created the rainbow prior to the flood, God also does not imply that he did. We tend to side with the idea that God created the rainbow as a specific sign of his promise after the flood. There is no reason for it to exist prior to that event.

#2. Kim & Korea

First, it’s amazing to see much of the liberal coverage of the summit. It’s as if there’s an unwritten principle that says, “Whatever Trump does, he’s wrong and he gets no credit.”

As of this writing, headlines on the Huffington Post and CNN read: “South Korea Blindsided By Trump War Games Agreement” and “Trump’s new world order. From ripping up agreements with allies to his talks with North Korea, here are ways Trump is unsettling his predecessors’ work.”

Even though we have lived in the country for 14 years, we do not presume to be experts on either Korea. Our job was to teach English and focus on our students. It was also a violation of our E2 visa to be involved in Korean politics. We have been asked, though, in this country about our views on what is happening on that peninsula.

Basically, what we say is that we cannot trust Kim Jong-Un. He is a leopard who has not had Jesus change his spots and any attempts by him to appear differently from what he has shown to be in the past may be a disguised effort to take over the South. This is a man who has had his own uncle and half-brother killed, possibly his aunt as well. We have read that she has not made a pubic appearance nor has been seen since her husband’s death. She was Kim’s grandfather’s sister.

This is also a man who has had top officials killed for merely falling asleep at his speech. We are theorizing that Kim is using another earlier example of how to take power to further his personal agenda. Hitler found out that force does not necessarily gain power. His beer hall putsch failed miserably. So Hitler turned to democratic means to gain ultimate power over Germany.

It is not an example lost on many dictators, as they control their supposed democratic votes very ruthlessly. It is an example that seems lost on many western countries as London allowed a Muslim to be elected Mayor of that city. And as they do not control who runs for office very well. The New York and California governors have shown their rebellious nature by usurping the law of the land many times.

All we can say about Kim and his supposed kind efforts is be careful. Even a decapitated snake’s head can still bite and almost kill. The best thing we can say to do is pray. God allows governments to reign even when we do not understand why. But we can pray and protect the people of South Korea and hope God will free the prisoners in the North’s gulags.

#3. Beeching and her complaint

Christian Lesbian rock star Vicky Beeching has said ahead of the publication of her memoir that she has been wanting to join the priesthood of the Church of England, despite once being sexually assaulted by a male priest…

Often, male leadership is seen as unquestionable in churches, so women can feel unable to speak up for fear of not being believed. I kept silent about my experience, which happened at the age of 18, for that very reason,” she added.

This is an excuse that we have grown tired of hearing. We know one thing, we do not believe these accusations when they are made decades later and in the wake of popular metoo, etc movements. It is easy to gang up on someone and kick them when they are down. It is easy to make excuses for why someone stayed silent for too many years. BUT it is a different matter to make the accusations when the evidence could be gathered and a real crime could be determined.

It is not easy to stand alone and ask for justice. The excuse doesn’t fly because the police and other law enforcements’ policies have not changed. All any women had to do when the alleged crime took place was present real and credible evidence and they would have to investigate. Saying one would not be believed is an excuse to remain quiet and let the supposed offender continue offending.

Even male church evidence would respond correctly if the woman provided real and credibile evidence an assault took place. Male leadership are bound by God’s instructions and one woman’s complaint is not enough to establish that a crime took place. Do not blame male leadership for failing women when they must obey God in matters of justice.

We saw the recent article where the Southern Baptist Semiary’s Interim president declared no tolerance towards abuse. We do not support him because he is not calling people to obey God. He is trying to appease a group of people who do not care about God’s justice or his instructions. We cannot support his statements or him.

We do not like the fact that women get abused BUT the abuse they suffer is not reason enough to disobey God.

#4. God said-

Pastor J.D. Greear, the Southern Baptist Convention’s newly elected president, says God placed six priorities on his heart that he’ll focus on over the next two years as leader of the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.

Many people in church leadership and in the exercise of their spiritual gifts say these exact same words or similar words. It is a good way to cut down on resistance and opposition to one’s plans. We are not saying that God did not say those things to him but in our reading of Deut and other passages of scripture, we wonder why God did not place correct education on his heart?

We are not talking about the secular public school education but the sloppy spiritual education that takes place in most churches. Some of it is disguised as Sunday School classes, others are found in youth ministries, adult ministries and so on. If you read Deut. 4, 1 Cor 12 and James 3 you find that God puts a very high emphasise and importance on educating his people correctly, about his laws and commandments and so on

Do you realize that God puts a specific warning on the office of teachers to make sure his people who fills those roles understand what is being asked of them? This is just part of what God taught us when we asked him to help us be good teachers.He showed us how important teaching was to him and that even as English teachers we needed to tell the truth, teach well, know what we are talkng about and we had to learn many lessons to get to that point where we were actually a good teacher.

We have no problem with his first point,

we come together united by a common Gospel confession and also by a common Gospel mission, “Greear explained.

there is only one gospel, one truth and we should be united under those two points. We do have a problem with his second point,

he elevation of cultural diversity in leadership.

This may lead to electing many people whom God may not want as leaders of his church. Not that we are against people of color assuming leadership positions. But the fact that the color of their skin should play no role in their election. It should only be their spiritual qualities and God’s selection that elevates them to leading the church.

The discipes did not use personal to cultural criteria to fill their ranks. They left such appontments to God alone. We are not better than the disciples.

#5. We like the article

As a Christian man, I want to expose the world’s notion of manhood for the lie it is. I also want to encourage brothers in Christ everywhere to live out authentic manhood in the end times.2 Timothy 3:1-5

But as usual we do not feel the author goes far enough or into the detail we would like to see in these types of articles. We like the passages of scripture he  quoted but again, he should have extended the quote in 2 Timothy to verse 9

For among them are those who [c]enter into households and captivate [d]weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the [e]knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith. But they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, just as [f]Jannes’s and Jambres’s folly was also.

These verses are as important as the first 5. They send a sobering message to men and demonstrates to them what happens when they do not act according to God’s teaching.

Then we want to point out a very unique passage in Proverbs 31. This is usually known as a chapter for women but men there is a message for you as well:

23 Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.

Don’t expect your wives to do the other portions of this chapter if your life is not as excellent as the ones married to such a woman. being known in the gates and being able to sit with the elders in those times does not mean you are as corrupt or corrupting as many men are today. You had character, honesty, integrity, you led your family well, taught your children right and so on.

These are the times when we need those men who are described in that chapter. We have enough evildoers in the world today. We certainly do not need to add to their number. It is not unmanly to get help for sinful problems that hinder you from achieving to be the type of  man God wants you to be. It is manly to say you do need real help. It is not a fad or participation sport. Don’t do this just because another man does it. Do it honestly because you really want to be a real spiritual man.

Do it because you truly love Jesus and want to  change.


Our Comments on a Few Topics 2

This series is going to replace the In the News series. We weren’t that happy with the title and its limited scope. We hope this will allow us to address more of the issues we put up here.

#1. This is another issue that will never go away-

I am convinced the Burmese government is trying to ethnically cleanse the Kachin people,” said a mother of four by the name of Lashi Ókawn Ja.

“Whenever they see Kachin people they try to kill us and they rape the women, even the women who are pregnant.”

Christians will be targeted simply because their mere presence casts light on the evil deeds of unbelievers. This includes California’s attack on faith based adoption agencies. For some reason, the California government does not like Christians or their adoption preferences.  Then it also includes those secular scholars demanding that Christian education institutions open up to the secular ideology of academic freedom. Academic freedom means that anything and everything is taught by those professors who do not like the fundamentals of Christianity whether those subjects or theories are true or not.

Believers need to get used to the idea that they have a target on their backs simply because they do not walk or believe as the secular world believes. Hurting Christians is evils way of hurting God. Since evil cannot hurt God directly, they do so through his followers. Be prepared and not traumatized or shocked when it happens. it is part of the Christian life– Jesus told us it would be.

#2. Learn to toughen up

Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church and wife of Rick Warren, lashed out on Tuesday at media coverage surrounding the apparent suicide of Kate Spade, the top designer behind the signature handbags.

“The more I read some of the media coverage around Kate Spade’s death the angrier I become. We, the public, don’t have the right to know every graphic detail. She has a family — a vulnerable, shocked, traumatized child. Please think of her when you write,” Warren posted on Twitter.

We can say that Mrs. Warren does not understand the purpose of reporters and journalists. It is their job to report the news, although many of us wish they would do it correctly and objectively, regardless of the fact a family is involved. Unfortunately for the late Ms. Spade, her life was lived in the public eye and that means different rules apply

But our point here, and we are using Mrs. Warren as an example, is that believers need to toughen up. They need a thicker skin. They should not be traumatized by graphic details or if someone uses a swear word. We are not people who live in vacuums but the real world and we are supposed to be trained to handle the bad part of life as well as the good. We cannot be of service to anyone if we are overwhelmed too easily by bad words, sexual topics and so on.

Toughening up does not make those aforementioned items correct, it just means that we let them role off our backs and continue to act as Christ would want us to act. This includes handling people who disagree with us politically. We cannot be effective soldiers for Christ if we run at the first sign of a bad word or a little graphic detail. We need to have knowledge and sometimes that knowledge includes the rougher part of life. This is so we can minister effectively. Believers are not to be cowards or thin-skinned.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is isolating their children from the real world instead of teaching them how to handle it correctly.

#3. Why should they be allowed to adopt children?–

Efforts to “eliminate” faith-based adoption agencies that don’t place children with same-sex couples are “not in the best interest” of kids stuck in the nation’s foster care systems, Chuck Johnson, president of the nonpartisan National Council for Adoption, warned Monday.

While Johnson supports allowing LGBT families to adopt, he argued that banning agencies opposed to LGBT adoptions on religious grounds is not in the best interest of foster kids. Allowing faith-based adoption agencies to continue their work wouldn’t prevent LGBT families from adopting, because they can use other agencies; it would only reduce the number of agencies providing adoption services, he pointed out.

While we agree with his point, we do not agree that LGBTQ members should be allowed to adopt. By letting them adopt we are rewarding their rejection of right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality and placing children in the care of very selfish and spoiled people. There should not be any way that LGBTQ couples should be allowed to adopt any child.

Letting them adopt is actually supporting evil and calling it good. If people do not want to follow the rules of marriage then they should not be granted the rewards that come with the institution of marriage. We do not care if they love someone of the same-sex, it is wrong, but if they opt out of a real, normal, heterosexual marriage, then they opt out on having children and other benefits.

Their rejection of the institution is not grounds to alter the rules governing the institution of marriage.

#4. Yes he won

Scores of articles have already been written on this, which means that it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. The bottom line is that Jack Phillips won. His religious freedoms were upheld. There was a pushback against governmental hostility towards religion. All that is very good news.

But this is just the first battle not the war. Celebrate but do not get cocky or think you are free to do things you would not normally do. Also, do not violate God’s word when you celebrate or take strength from this decision. Just so you know, the LGBTQ community is still the neighbor of the Christian. This does not mean that they are right or can be supported, it just means that we teach them the truth about their erroneous and sinful ways, we meet their needs if  they are hungry, etc and other Christian acts. Though, while they can attend church, we do not invite them to join the church or be leaders of it.

#5. No,, context is the excuse

The sermon was the third and final part of a sermon series titled “Aftermath” that was centered on reaching out to individuals who lost their faith because of something in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, which he admitted was “violent” and “disturbing.”

If you are worried about this, then maybe it is a sign for you and all pastors to learn more about God and why he made those commands that he did in the OT. Then it is up to you to learn how to explain it properly to the people.

While much of the OT teaching is found in the NT, you still cannot unhitch it from the whole Bible. God did not give the instruction to do so. Misusing NT examples and reading into them is not following God but looking to make the Bible more attractive to those who probably will never believe again. You will notice that Jesus did not ‘unhitch’ the Jewish Bible from his teaching. This is a fact brought out by other responders to that sermon.

we should not add old covenant imperatives, old covenant contract language or old covenant promises made to Israel to the new covenant God established with us through Jesus,” said Stanley

What might solve a lot of his problems is if he was a little more specific as to what he is thinking about. What exact scriptures is he talking about?. Being general does not help him or his message.

He explained that modern Christians should “embrace the decision” of the early church to allow Gentiles to join without them needing to convert to Judaism first.

No one has ever asked new believers to join Judaism first BUT the new believers will not understand the importance of a holy life if parts of God’s acts and commands are not taught to them correctly. You can’t ignore them because they show us a part of who God is and lay the foundation for the final judgment.

We have far more in common than not. Help me. Email me your concerns. Call me. Follow me on twitter and direct message me. I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone,” he said.

If you have his contact information, feel free to pass this part on to him. We could not find any in the relevant article or the one linked above.


Our Comments on a Few Topics

When we read the news, we get sad. We see the world heading towards the same cultural environment that destroyed the pre-flood world. While there are many churches and Christian individuals doing a great job ministering to the world, human desire {men loves darkness rather than light} seems to overwhelm their work. We do not need to change the church or Christianity to make it more appealing to the sinners of the world.

We do need to be more like Jesus who faced the same human desire when he walked the earth. He did not change the message to attract more people. He was honest, speaking the truth in love and let people make their own decisions. We do not have to be arrogant about this stand with Jesus. It should humble us instead.

#1. You can’t be racist when  there is only one race

“I am proud of ABC for standing up against racism by canceling ‘Roseanne’ in light of her racist tweets,” Franklin wrote on an Instagram post. “But will still pray that her heart is changed by this moment.”

The “Imagine Me” singer capped off his post with the phrase, “People over money,” celebrating ABC’s choice to stand up against racism despite the financial loss due to the cancellation.

We think he is a little misguided and does not know what justice really is. We do not think it was a decision of people over money. It was a political decision designed to protect the revenue of Disney. But that is a side issue. As a Christian Mr Franklin  should know that there is only 1 race of people on this earth. He should not be extending the false teaching of the secular world and seek to present the truth.

He should have said that Ms. Barr’s comments were hate-filled, insulting and wrong. That we would have agreed with. Christianity is not about race but about sin. Our question to Mr. Franklin is, ‘where is your anger about Samantha Bee’s comments against Ivana Trump?’ Is it only sin because a black person was insulted? Sin is sin no matter who commits it.

He may be proud of ABC/Disney but he continues to let sin abound by his misguided thinking. He also lets a double standard and hypocrisy reign in a world that is looking for truth, consistency, honesty and so on.

#2. Students are off limits

A Virginia high school teacher was arrested last Thursday after it was discovered that she allegedly was teaching one student a little too much about the female anatomy

And women do not fret, we are including the male teachers who do the exact same thing to female students. This lady serves only as an example of the topic we are addressing.

As former teachers we abhor hearing about these stories. The we are saddened that so many teachers take advantage of students.As teachers we had plenty of opportunities to do the same thing, especially with our married students. But thanks to God who gave us the strength to withstand the temptation we did not. We did know a few and heard about a lot who did. But that is another story for another time.

We could say a lot of things about how women are not to teach men but when the men do the exact same thing, who then is left to do the teaching? It is obvious that when people start to stray from God, they become vulnerable to temptation. When society places too much emphasis on sex and not enough on God’s instructions then we cannot expect teachers to stop participating in these affairs.

In Deut. 4 God says several times for parents to teach their children and grandchildren the commandments and instructions of God. When parents fail to do that then the above events are not a surprise or a shock. By removing God and his ways from education and parental instruction we are begging for sin to take over and ruin everything and everyone in its path.

The secular world does not have the solution to this problem because they reject the solution and the solution giver. They like sin more than they like the right way to live. Again, we could point fingers at the church and individual Christians for failing to live the right way but that isn’t the total cause of this problem. It is just the secular world’s excuse.

Even when the pre-flood world had a man who walked with God and a righteous man at the end, they still loved darkness more than light. The presence of sin exists because we have free choice and when people choose to sin even the most holy man cannot stop them. Influencing people’s choices is one way to stop educators from such unethical behavior.

We should target the problem at the source and focus on the sin nature, calling sin, sin. Then we do not change that identification when challenged by those who do not want to follow God’s rules.

#3. It sounds like a bunch of 2 year olds

Dr. Paige Patterson, former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was fired because of a new revelation that he lied about how he handled sexual assault allegations by a student and wanted to meet an alleged rape victim all alone so he could “break her down,” the school’s board explained.

The decision to immediately terminate the 75-year-old Patterson, who had previously also served as president of North Carolina’s Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, was “prayerfully considered and warranted” as well as “clear and unanimous,” says Kevin Ueckert, the chair of the SWBTS board of trustees, in a statement

Even if those allegations were true, the violations were not justification for the harsh treatment Dr. Patterson received while away in Europe. If the comments in the article we posted the other day are true, then that is no way to treat a 75-year-old man who served God faithfully. If the quoted statements above are true, then they are not enough to deprive Dr. Patterson of defending himself and true justice.

We have said before that losing one’s employment is not the first option in disciplinary action. There is a process that seems to have been forgotten by the modern church world as well as the secular one. Justice is not a zero tolerance application. Then we do not agree with the words in the second paragraph. We doubt that took place at all.

Then, having a unanimous agreement among the trustees or a board etc., is not proof that God is agreeing with their thinking and behavior. Having a unanimous vote is not criteria for justice or even a Christian action. Right now we side with the contents of the article we posted the other day and do not accept the explanation of the chairman of these trustees. It sounds like they are protesting too much and are more guilty than they let on.

#4. To have your opinion heard…-

Author and evangelical preacher Tony Campolo, who is behind the Red Letter Christians movement, says he has problems with a lot of new worship music because today’s songwriters focus more on God’s control and power than on His love.

“I have problems with a lot of the new worship music,” Campolo, who was in the U.K. for a tour with the Christian group Urban Change Makers, said…

on Christian issues, you really should be in line with God’s word and God. We have read his book on red-letter Christians and frankly Mr. Campolo doesn’t have a leg to stand on when he gives his opinion.

“I’m a sociologist by trade,” he added. “A basic sociological principle is you can’t express love and power at the same time. Whenever you love, you lose power. Love makes you vulnerable.”

This is just not true and it says that something is too hard for God to do. You can express both love and power at the same time because love and power are not defined as the world defines them. The words above reflect a secular ideology not a Christian one as Jesus showed both love and power when he healed the sick and forgave sins.

Campolo also argued, “He wants to become Lord of history because of His love, not because of His power.”

No, he was already the Lord of history. None of the Trinity has to want to be, they are. We already know that Mr.Campolo has a faulty definition of love (read his book) and looks at God from the wrong perspective.

Campolo made headlines in 2015 when he announced that he fully supports same-sex marriage and urged the church to be “more welcoming.”

“I am finally ready to call for the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the Church,” he said in a statement back then.

This is why his opinion does not matter. They are not in line with God’s views. He needs to truly repent before offering any comment on the Church and its practices.

#5. There is no such thing as a LGBTQ Christian

An LGBT Christian conference scheduled to be held this summer has been accused by some of pushing an LGBT agenda on conservative evangelical churches.

If the Bible is correct, and it is, then there cannot be any person claiming to be what they were prior to redemption. If they were truly repentant and truly redeemed then those LGBTQ members were made new creatures and their old man has been removed. Saying Jesus didn’t redeem you and left you in your old state is saying that the Bible and Jesus are lying. That i snot being Christian.

The Conference’s stated mission is to engage in “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.”

Their thinking is faulty and deceive. You cannot observe the historic doctrine of marriage and sexuality when you change the participants and the nature of both practices. What those quoted words are saying is that some people can be members of Christ’s church and still practice sin. That is not what 1 John tells us

If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; (ch 1 NASB)

LGBTQ people are not to flourish as LGBTQ people if they say they follow Jesus. They are to flourish as redeemed people given a new nature by Christ. They are to let go of their old self and adopt the new creature Christ has made them. These people are not letting go of their sins.

Specifically, Black is opposed to the positions that sexual orientation is a fixed identity, that the term “sexual minorities,” which applies to a group identity, should be allowed in Christianity, and that people can be both gay and Christian.

Just more of their deceived and misguided thinking. The article is long and we are not going to deal with it here at this time. Suffice it to say that those people are not providing anyone with Christian or biblical thinking.



In The News 29

#1. Transgender Woman Sues Waxing Spa After Muslim Employee Declined Service for Religious Reasons

A transgender woman who was born male has filed a complaint against a Canadian beauty waxing spa after a female Muslim employee declined service over religious reasons…The unnamed transgender woman is suing the company for $50,000 as compensation for what the complaint identified as “immense harm to her dignity.”

We have talked before about how selfish the LGBTQ community is. This just provide more evidence to support our views.   But the fact that the LGBTQ member has no respect for anyone’s religious beliefs goes beyond reason. If the LGBTQ community wants to be treated right, then they need to respect other people’s religious beliefs and treat others properly.

Then to make the reason for the lawsuit as ‘harm to one’s dignity’ shows how absurd the LGBTQ community members are becoming. Anyone who mutilates their body simply because they identify as another gender really has no dignity left to be harmed. They are more of a laughingstock than anything else. Then if the Human Rights tribunal upholds this complaint, they are more insane than the person who made the complaint.

Sorry for our strong terminology but this issue has gone past the point of ridiculousness and into abuse of the courts and legal systems by the LGBTQ community. We have seen that abuse grow stronger over the years and most of it is against Christian believers.

#2. A Christian Escapee from North Korea Has His Doubts about Kim’s Peace Overtures

It is not the kind of peace, however, that interests Kim, Choi said. North Korea’s leader is not intending to release his control over the country but wants to model it after Vietnam, a communist country with a socialist economy.

We agree. Do not trust Kim Jong Un or any of his associates.



Special Announcement

We have been asked to start a Bible Institute in Panabo City, Philippines. While there are many Bible Schools in the country, certain church leaders felt there was a need for one in this city. One reason was that there isn’t one in the city.

After prayer and consulting with different pastors we agreed to take on the responsibility to establish the school. We also agreed to fill the teaching position. We were asked because we have the education, the experience and the qualifications to handle these duties.

Like any new Bible School, we do have needs. So far, we have found a temporary building to use which is an answer to prayer. This gives us time to locate a better building that will meet the student’s and teaching needs.

The list of our needs may be a bit long but that is because some explanation is required to inform you of the real situation we face.

#1. Books:

Good books written in English are hard to come by in this country and they are not cheap. We need to establish a library as well as obtain as many books that can be used as textbooks as we can. The subjects include but are not limited to the ones mentioned in the list below:

History, Archaeology, Church History, Theology,  Textual Criticism, Prayer, Science, Origins, Bible Studies, Commentaries, Old & New Testament Surveys, Book son  specific books of the Bible, Education, Controversial Issues (divorce, suicide, homosexuality, transgenderism, tattoos, tithing, etc.), Evangelism (including history of evangelists, etc.), Missions (including history of), Apologetics, Church Fathers, Comparative religions, Cults, Men & Women of the Bible, Difficulties with the Bible, Ancient authors


#2. Magazines:

For research and general knowledge magazines, old or new are vital for us. The list is not limited to but includes:

National Geographic, Smithsonian, Leadership, Christianity Today, Church History, Archaeology, Theological Journals, Evangelism, Missions, Alliance Life, Apologetics, Denominational magazines and so on.

We cannot think of every title that would be useful.

** You can send duplicates, fiction books and as many as you can spare. One of our goals is to open a used book store to help provide revenue to keep us self-sufficient.


Once we get the SEC clearance in this country we will be opening up a Pay Pal or Skrill account to help facilitate cash donations. We have office and other expenses like salaries that need a boost until we get firmly established.

We are registering as a non-profit, so your donation s may be tax deductible. There are some specific areas where donations would come in handy:

#1. Sponsoring Students:

While our tuition is low at 3,000 pesos per each 6-week section, that is a figure that is a little out of reach of some of the Filipinos in this country. We are starting off with a 10-month certificate program divided into 6 sections. That is 18,000 pesos per year.

We require the students to pay at the beginning of each section. Because you may not know the name of the student, just mark your donation Student Scholarship and that money will be set aside for those students in financial need.

#2. General Expenses:

Until we can become self-sufficient we will have some general office and school expenses to meet with your generous support. These include but not limited to whiteboard, markers & erasers, office supplies, school supplies, rent, utilities, taxes and so on.

Just mark your donation General expenses and your money will be set aside for these needs

#3. Salaries:

We do not expect anyone to work for free or for non-living wages. We will need to meet certain salary expectations for those people we employ. Until we become more established and have a regular income we will need help in this area.

Just mark your donation Salaries.

Of course, we will need prayers as well. But remember God uses people and if they ignore God’s leading to act in meeting physical needs, then nothing gets met.


We hope you can help us get this Bible Institute up and running as we already have some verbal promises from prospective students who are interested in developing and adding to their theological and spiritual knowledge.


For further information you can write the president of the Panabo City Dove Bible Institute at You have a little time to prepare as we are still setting up addresses, accounts and other important contact information.


In the News 28

As we said yesterday, there is a lot of news articles that need some attention. We hope to address the important ones


The Illinois Senate approved a bill Wednesday requiring all public schools in the state to teach about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in history.

Why does their sexual preference matter? Especially in light of the fact that many revisionist historians try to change the sexual preference of many ancient an dfamous leaders without real proof or evidence to support the change. Alexander the Great is one example. Sorry but this is going too far in appeasing a minute minority of the population.

All this does is show that God gave talents, intelligence, capabilities to LGBTQ individuals like he did straight  people. Their response to his generosity is to choose sin over living a holy life. Also, these achievements do not make LGBTQ preferences right, of God or even natural.


An event proclaiming freedom of all kinds of sexual identity issues is set to occur this weekend in Washington, D.C., spearheaded by a man who identified as a gay and transgender for approximately 15 years. Several former LGBTQ speakers from a variety of backgrounds will be sharing their stories of how they encountered the living God.

It is good to read that Jesus is stronger than LGBTQ sins. They are able to be redeemed and Jesus does do it. What this does is show how wrong California and other states are in locking the LGBTQ community in their sins. Those bills are not helping those wanting to be free from their LGBTQ sins and is a message to the lBGTQ community that the secular world doesn’t want them to be free or Christian.


When we say “the biggest myth” we are referring to a phenomenon that has only presented itself to the church of Jesus Christ in the last three or four generations — in the latter half of the 20th century. For almost 2000 years of Christianity from the time of Jesus to the mid-20th century this myth did not exist.

When you take over half the article to say what the myth is, you know it is not a very good article. When it includes information from Barna Group you know it is not going to be factual, of God or even worth reading. While we do not like certain evangelistic strategies, we do not like the lack of constructive critisim this article employs. The article is just the wrong way to address the issue it is trying to target.


Controversial televangelist Jim Bakker has claimed that the Missouri town in which he is building a Christian community is equipped to survive the end of the world, and is selling survival gear, such as packs of bottles that cost $150.

We wonder if he ever learned his lesson? We are disappointed that Mr. Bakker has taken this direction with his second chance at ministry. There is not much more to say except that there are and will be those people trying to use God for financial gain.


Last September, Gittings spoke in favor of a proposed ordinance for the city of Fairmont that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to their list of protected classes.

That put her at odds with the West Virginia Baptist Convention’s position against homosexuality and in particular its opposition to having clergy take differing stances on the issue.

Pastors are the stewards God has chosen to lead his people. When they lead people to sin and sinful positions then they are not being a steward of God but evil. Pastors should take another look at Jesus’ parable on the unfaithful steward. It applies to them as well. You cannot be a faithful servant of God when you side with the unbelieving world on any issue. Pastors are to lead people to the truth and live the truth. They are not to say sin is good, natural or of God.


Rachael Denhollander, the woman who led the charge in bringing down USA Gymnastics physician Dr. Larry Nassar for his sexual crimes against gymnasts under his care, is speaking out again about abuse in the evangelical church. The evangelical church is “perpetually stuck” when it comes to dealing with it, she says.

It is easy to point a finger and accuse others of being wrong. It is another thing to bring God’s way to the issue and proclaim it .If Christians are going to speak up, they better have God’s truth and say it in love. Any other way and you are not bringing a message from God but your own subjective opinion. Case in point:

Last week, a blog posted an audio interview of Patterson in 2000 with the Council on Biblical Womanhood and Manhood in which some suggested that he appeared to support women staying with their abusive husbands rather than divorcing them. That interview has since generated controversy and calls for Patterson to step down as president of the seminary.

We obey the Bible even when obedience doesn’t make sense. We correctly obey the Bible even when some of the Christian world and the secular world adopt strategies that disobey God’s instructions. God’s way is the only way to solve these problems. Churches need to teach the truth if there is going to be any relief for those who suffer from marital abuse and by using the word those we refer to men as well.


Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida has officially confirmed that the popular family tourist attraction has canceled its annual Christian concert event, Night of Joy, after 34 years.

It is their choice and it is not an attack on the Christian faith. Disney is free to have whatever entertainment they wish at their place of business. They own it and Christians do not have the right to force Disney to do what the believer wants. Believers do not want to be forced by the secular world, so the believer needs to respond in kind.


It’s too soon to say for sure, but if things continue to develop positively between North and South Korea, it would not be farfetched to think that we are witnessing a miracle unfold before our eyes. And I say this circumspectly.

After all, just a few months back, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was threatening nuclear war as he and President Trump rattled their sabers. The situation looked grim, and many pundits were concerned that Trump was provoking a madman with a powerful army and arsenal.

We are a little leery and wary about all of this. We hope it is true but continue to pray. The North Koreans need to be free from this man, his family and supporters. We have heard there are Christians in the country, pray for them to bring revival, to get courage, to be the light they need to be.


A controversial mass based around the music and messages of pop-icon Beyoncé Knowles-Carter drew as many as 900 people to an Episcopal cathedral in San Francisco last week, up from around the 50 who usually attend weekday services.

The Rev. Yolanda Norton, a San Francisco Theological Seminary assistant professor who specializes in the Old Testament, told the San Francisco Chronicle last week that the service, held at Grace Cathedral on Wednesday, was inspired from a desire to explore female-centric interpretations of the Bible.

“When we talk about womanist biblical interpretation, Beyoncé felt like a natural fit,” Norton said. “If we look at the trajectory of her person and her relationships, we can see so many issues black women face and how it can affect how we interpret the text.”

There is nothing right or biblical about this. Jesus said to lift HIM up not lift up humans. Then HE will draw all people unto him. Christians need to get back to the basics of Christianity if they want to be successful for God.


A member of The Gospel Coalition’s Council has released an open letter, giving an apology to noted evangelical Bible teacher Beth Moore over the sexism she has experienced in some church leadership environments.

On Thursday, Moore, the founder of Living Proof Ministries, penned an open letter, titled “A Letter to My Brothers,” describing her experiences of misogyny within certain conservative evangelical circles.

First, please do not apologize for others. You do not have the right or authority to do so. You may be wrong and cloud the issue as well.

Second, we read Ms. Moore’s open letter and will address it in a separate article if we deem it necessary. At first glance it only appears to be a public whine. We have looked at Ms. Moore’s website and have seen some of those articles claiming her to be anti-biblical.  We still need to do a little more research f=before commenting.

One thing we do know, is that she has made millions off of her ‘call’. Whether it is men or women, we have some trouble with that financial gain. We do believe ministers and christian workers should be paid but not to the point where they have more money than 99% of the population. Or even 70%. Christian workers should not be given slave and starvation wages either. Nor should they be forced to raise their own support.


Iowa governor signs nation’s strictest abortion regulation

he Republican governor signed the legislation in her formal office at the state Capitol as protesters gathered outside chanting, “My body, my choice!”

We have lost count on how many times we have said this- Ladies it is not your body, it belongs to your husband and lover and the body you are harming does not belong to you. It belongs to the baby. You have no right, authority or permission to harm that body.


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