When Atheists Complain

They often do. When we were debating atheists, the key to their argument was based on their demand for evidence. They complain that Christians do not provide a lot of evidence for their claims. Their mantra is extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. It is the same tired old complaint made by BG in his article … Continue reading When Atheists Complain

Black & White 2

This article pertains to how believers see themselves and God. Too often people will say they are Lutheran Christians, others will say that they are Liberal Christians, and still, more will say they are evangelical, orthodox, conservative, and so on. But as we read the Bible we do not see these divisions in the body … Continue reading Black & White 2

It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

You just have to shake your head in disbelief at the stupid things people come up with. The following article just about takes the case Yep, trans men can get pregnant. Why Calvin Klein's ad depicting a trans family is causing a stir An ad from Calvin Klein on Mother's Day featuring a pregnant transgender … Continue reading It Is Not Mental Illness Or Stupidity

We Have a Problem

That is 'we' as in all of us. In many of our discussions with unbelievers and our posts, we have made the statement that the secular world has had over 5000 years to get government, education, and other institutions correct. While we will give credit where credit is due, some of those efforts have been … Continue reading We Have a Problem

Where Christians Can help

It does not matter what country you live in, the issues and problems all people face are the same. Unbelievers may claim that Jesus did not face the same problems or that the Bible does not address key issues but those claims are wrong. The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus faced all temptations … Continue reading Where Christians Can help

Who is More Moral

We took a visit to the friendly Athoiest the other day and came across an article that claims atheists are more moral than Christians. It was not detailed enough so we decided to look at the complete work over at Salon. It is titled Staunch atheists show higher morals than the proudly pious It is … Continue reading Who is More Moral

What is the Christian Thing to Do

All of our answers are based on scripture whether we mention specific ones or not. The same verses will apply to multiple situations and the onus is on the believer to correctly undrerstand what God is saying to do and how to apply that message. For example, love thy neighbor does not mean enabling or … Continue reading What is the Christian Thing to Do

They Want to Change Paradise

Unbelievers and fake Christians have this weird idea of what and who should be included in religion. They like to change different faiths to fit their preferences and ideas. This desire does not exclude changing paradise. Where God has said there will be no thieves, homosexuals, liars, murders and other unrepentant sinners in his paradise, … Continue reading They Want to Change Paradise