We have removed a post we put up yesterday as we just needed to vent a little bit. But that doesn't mean that the issues go away. One such issue is the following article #1. Selecting a leader- https://www.christianpost.com/news/jd-greear-calls-on-sbc-to-better-include-women-in-leadership-recommit-to-exposing-abuse-224372/ Among them, argued Greear, was the status of women and minorities in the SBC, which he … Continue reading Leadership

God Does Not Have

a zero tolerance policy. Back in the late 70s or 80s, there was a baseball player who had trouble with drug addiction.  His professional team kept giving him chance after chance to get his life together. They also received a lot of ridicule because they did not give up on this pitcher. It must have … Continue reading God Does Not Have

An Issue That Won’t Go Away 2

It seems that everyone has to state their opinion on the Paige Patterson and the women and the church issue. Today we read the following article https://www.christianpost.com/voice/paige-patterson-southern-baptists-boys-club-mentality-chelsen-vicari.html and it is troubling to say the least. We will look at some of her words, suggestions and comments here. Not because we want to labor the point but … Continue reading An Issue That Won’t Go Away 2

It Is Hard Not To Respond

https://www.christianpost.com/news/beth-moore-on-paige-patterson-controversy-broken-system-will-not-mend-if-men-refuse-to-listen-224373/ Beth Moore on Paige Patterson Controversy: 'Broken System' Will Not Mend If Men Refuse to Listen We know where we stand. We believe God and seek to teach his word correctly. BUT we may have, if we are lucky, 250 or so followers and a few extra readers. We do not have the amount … Continue reading It Is Hard Not To Respond