I Have The Right!

This seems to be the battle cry for those supporting and using abortion as a solution to their situation. BUT at no time in history has the right to eliminate those who are not guilty of any crime, sin or unable to defend themselves been granted. Just because different people throughout history have exterminated the … Continue reading I Have The Right!


Archaeology In The News 6 (+ science)

http://christiannews.net/2016/10/22/gold-coin-depicting-roman-emperor-nero-unearthed-in-israel/ A rare gold coin depicting Roman emperor Nero was unearthed in archaeological excavations just outside the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel. The coin was found in the excavations of the Mount Zion Project, codirected by Shimon Gibson, Visiting Professor of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and James Tabor, Professor … Continue reading Archaeology In The News 6 (+ science)

More Disappointing News

http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-parents-warned-14-year-old-daughter-taken-away-banning-gender-transition-171085/ Christian parents in the U.K. are taking legal action against their local council authority after it undermined their parental rights and sided with their 14-year-old daughter who says she wants to transition to become a boy. The Daily Mail reports that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told local council officials that … Continue reading More Disappointing News

Disappointing News

http://www.christianpost.com/news/over-19k-sign-petition-condemning-georgia-demanding-pastor-turn-over-sermons-bible-171132/ "I stand with Dr. Eric Walsh's freedom to believe and live according to his deeply-held beliefs. The demand that he hand over his sermons, sermon notes, and all pastoral documents including his Bible represents a government intrusion into the sanctity of the church, pastor's study, and pulpit," reads the petition to Georgia Governor Nathan … Continue reading Disappointing News

Fighting Abortion

many fervent pro-life activists do not extend their concern to the baby who is born and are least likely to support benevolent programs that they consider socialist--pg. 72 Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter This is a problem in the church today as many church members only look at the unborn as the innocent whom … Continue reading Fighting Abortion

Archaeology In The News 5

We may make this a weekly feature. It will depend upon how much news is coming from the archaeological world. Today's stories come from the following link:  http://www.archaeology.org/news?page=2 Cancer-Causing HPV May Have Come From Interbreeding BARCELONA, SPAIN—According to a report in Laboratory Equipment, a new study of a cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV16) suggests that its … Continue reading Archaeology In The News 5

Pat Robertson

http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/the-week-pat-robertson-should-retire.html According to a column in The Week, conservative Christian leader Pat Robertson “needs to step down.” The column notes that Robertson was a leader of the conservative Christian movement and the Moral Majority in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, but he has since resorted to making unsubstantiated claims and promoting conspiracy theories. He can now … Continue reading Pat Robertson

What Mature Christians Need To Do

We will start with 2 quotes from the book Hearts Afire and there are more than 2 quotes that could be used to illustrate what we will talk about: Her only troubles came from a few church members who refused to believe Tara was the pastor's niece  and who were jealous of her growing ministry … Continue reading What Mature Christians Need To Do