A Few Words on Different Topics

We do not condemn the owner of the BG website as we know he was tricked and deceived into giving up his faith and salvation. BUt he continues to put mis-information about life, God and the Christian life & faith. Here are a few of his topics that deserve a few words in response: #1. … Continue reading A Few Words on Different Topics


Why We Do Not Like Denominations

Everyone needs a church home and there is nothing inherently wrong with denominations.  But not all denominations are good. Many are falling away and accepting sinful behavior using independent bible verses to justify their move away from the gospel and the truth. Those denominations are not the ones we are talking about here. We are … Continue reading Why We Do Not Like Denominations

What We Do Not Hear 2

Because it is the holiday season we will post the 2nd part of what we do not hear on this website. ---------------------------- We are continuing to look at the book Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology by Price and House. This time we will be going through the Introduction and picking out some key quotes that … Continue reading What We Do Not Hear 2

What We Do Not Hear

We posted this article first at theoarch.wordpress.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- We are reading a biblical archaeology book called Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology by Randall Price and H. Wayne House, both authors are reported Christians and we have read 2 of Dr. Price’s books years ago. This book is just one example of why we addressed the … Continue reading What We Do Not Hear

A Pause in our Break

We want to finish off with quoting from Darwin: Before and After #1. pg. 121- either we may condemn Darwin, together with all others who have profited by the misery they have caused to others, or else we may judge people by their private lives alone and think charitably of all men. It will not … Continue reading A Pause in our Break

Misc. Topics 2

Just a few different topics with some minor comments made underneath #1. Who Knows Best? The Push to Replace Parents “Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and thrive.” This is a crock and we are being very blunt in our assessment of that quote. As an educator, … Continue reading Misc. Topics 2

Quotes From Darwin: Before & After

It is hard to quote from a book as context is often lost. When that happens then people misunderstand what was said by the author. But we will try to place the best quotes we can here with commentary from time to time. The thing about this book is that sometimes it is hard to … Continue reading Quotes From Darwin: Before & After