The Ipuwer Papyrus

If you haven’t read it maybe you should. I will post a link to the translation then compare its words with the Book of Exodus. Then click on the links I will provide to help you in your comparison

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When you study, you need to ask God to help you find the truth and avoid the false ideas no matter what subject you are investigating. Doing study right means you will be able to present your arguments better because you will know you have the truth backing you up

The Bible says unbelievers can’t do anything against the truth (slight paraphrase) and you need to start learning how to discern the truth from error and having God as your teacher means you will have great lessons.

Scientific Revelation

I came across the words in the title first over at McGrath’s site as he quoted another source, so I will link to the original website so people can get the full context.

The words I want to address are found in a quote at that link

The first one is that in the Bible there is no scientific revelation.

No there wouldn’t be. Anyone expecting there to be is either deluding themselves or they do not understand the purpose of the Bible. People need to realize that first, science wasn’t really science until Judge Overton’s 1982 decision.

Overton, in his 1982 decision striking down the Arkansas ‘balanced treatment’ legislation, adopted as a first approximation the position that science is whatever is ‘accepted by the scientific community.’ (The Battle of Beginnings by Dr. Del Ratzsch pg. 160)

That decision causes a lot of problems for scientists as Dr. Ratzsch further explained:

If that is all there is to it, then the old objectivity aim of science is in rather serious jeopardy. A self-certified group of humans- not nature- becomes the final arbiter of science. (Ibid)

Science, then, becomes whatever the majority of people decide it to be.  Later on that same page Dr. Ratzsch listed the 4 criteria to help define his decision and you can read them there. Needless to say, evolution would fail at point #3.

The second thing people need to realize is that God did not use modern science or modern scientific ways to create all things. To use natural law or natural methods to determine if God did or did not create is like using Mr. Naismith’s rules and methods to say that Mr. Doubleday didn’t invent baseball.

In other words, evolutionists would have to study supernatural power not their own ideas to determine if God could or could not create all things. The third thing people need to realize is the purpose of the Bible.

The Bible may not mention ancient brain surgery or dentistry but that does not mean God did not give man the intelligence and tools necessary to do those areas of medicine. The Bible is not a textbook on medicine nor is it a textbook on science. What the Bible does is reveal God to us and it reveals God’s way of doing things. The Bible may not tell us how to do actual surgery but it tells us what attitude and character qualities we are to sue when doing surgery.

In other words, God may not outline step by step a surgical procedure but he does lay out step by step how we are to approach patients, medicine and surgery. We are to be honest, not lie, study, have compassion, rely on God first, etc.

Do you know how many different surgical procedures there are? Quite a few and if God spent his time including all those procedures and all scientific experiments in the Bible no one would read it.

The purpose of the Bible is for people to know God, what he has done and know his will. The format is the same for law enforcement as it is for medicine. The law enforcement officials are to be just, fair, honest, have mercy and be humble to God and so on. For someone to say that the Bible is invalid because it does not provide scientific revelation is simply trying to justify their unbelief, disobedience to God and their refusal to follow him.

It is an excuse and a distortion to say that the Bible has to include all modern ideas in it to be valid for today’s world.

The fourth thing people need to be aware of is that science has no right being mentioned in the same sentence or conversation as creation. A little analogy: A carpenter builds a house by himself and no one was around to witness his construction. He then writes a book on his experience describing how he built his house and he is the only one to use his method of construction.

Other builders, who were not present at the time of construction but advocate a different method, take a look at his house and say the original builder could not have built it his described way because his described way doesn’t fit their alternative ideas of construction.

The group of dissenting builders are more numerous than the original carpenter but does that make their theory correct?  Who would know better how the house was built? The man who built it and described his method or those who were not present but disagreed with the original builder?

I think you know the answer and if you are honest with yourself you will pick the right one. Secular scientists and secular science do not have a clue on how origins took place because they weren’t there and they advocate a methodology God did not even mention was used in his work.

Scientific revelation means very little when it comes to the Bible and God. God wants his creation to behave and think in a certain way thus he can accomplish much more by writing the Bible to direct the thoughts and behavior of his creation than he could by inserting scientific  revelations throughout his word.

God is wiser than man and he knows what he is doing.

Much To Talk About 3

Let’s get right to it.


One really has to wonder what is in archaeologists’ minds these days as their theories make less and less sense. For example, the following:

The discovery of two Samson scenes in the Huqoq synagogue suggests that it was decorated with a Samson cycle — the first such cycle known in Israel,” said Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor in the religious studies department in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences. “A cycle is a series of scenes about Samson, in which different episodes relating to Samson are depicted.”

First off, her definition of a ‘cycle’ makes no sense. It has nothing to do with the purpose for the mosaics and brings to light no new information about the people who made them. We know that the Byzantines loved building mosaics but to call them a ‘cycle’ means nothing at all

Is the Modaba Map part of a map cycle even though only one map mosaic has ever been found?

Second, a cycle refers to a temporary interest or appearance. This mosaics were not made to be temporary but to depict certain scenes the builders (for lack of a better term) found encouraging, interesting and wanted to bring encouragement to the worshipers of that particular church.

Third, the mosaic is a great example of how artist renditions is not a modern trend but has ancient foundations.  As far as I am concerned Miss Magness is distorting the mosaics purpose and creation for whatever reason she has. We do not have enough mosaics to make such a label or construct such a theory.


Joel Watts seems to be turning into some kind of bully as he attacks another person for over-quoting his website. I won’t quote from his here as I do not want Joel to attack me :). I do not care how much other people quote my website, if they do at all, as long as they give this website its proper credit.

I certainly do not need to waste my time going after people for such a minor offense and I do not need to look like those corporations who have dumped Paula Deen.  To tell you the truth, Watts has very little quotable material


Back to watts here as this is a very poorly worded argument against using scripture to direct legal matters. Basically all he is saying is that God’s word has no right to influence legal matters in America.

If God’s word was not an authority over the constitution then it is not God’s word, The Constitution would not be under God rule. In other words, Watts doesn’t want the laws of a nation influenced by spiritual matters but he is too late for  that as almost all laws have some sort of spiritual foundation and can be traced back to the Bible.

Seems as if Watts only wants God when it benefits him and that is not right. All nations need a morality that is superior to a human’s definition because if there wasn’t, then morality depends upon which human is in power and it would be changing all the time.

Plus there would be no real right or wrong rendering any law moot.


I am not a fan of Jim West and I rarely agree with anything he says but from time to time he does make a good point. This is one of those times.

Equality under the law means equality for EVERYONE (including polygamists, Mr President?).  If not, why not?  What possible justification do you, the Democrats, and many Republicans, and the Supreme Court have, or can you offer, for denying men multiple wives or women multiple husbands?  Your inconsistency is showing, and so is your pro-gay bias.

True equality means that everyone gets the same things yet I do not hear Bob Cargill advocating for polygamists or practitioners of bestiality or some other alternative sexual perversion. Why aren’t they? After all they want equality and civil rights for all. Where and why do they draw the line?

Though it should be pointed out that once they draw the line, they are no longer for equality but discriminate against someone. People need to realize that God defined marriage first not man and God declared what was right or wrong, not man. Having the same civil rights does not mean the world is following what is right or wrong but promoting and saying sin is good.

I wonder how the homosexual community would feel if all heterosexuals started to sue homosexuals for violating their federal civil rights. I mean ‘do unto others as ye would have them do unto you’ would mean that the homosexual wants to be sued because they sue anyone and everyone who denies them service, etc.

To me, the homosexual community is very selfish and spoiled. They won’t take or can’t take ‘no’ for an answer and they won’t allow those who disagree with them to exercise their preferences, even though they force theirs on others. Politicians and judges have catered to the homosexual far too much and now they have a monster they have created causing a lot of trouble on their hands.

It is a good thing for them that Christians and heterosexuals do not practice an eye for an eye.

#5. l

McGrath is always good for examples of what not to do and this is a good one. It is a mis-application of scripture to avoid calling people sinners.

He tells the skeptical people who have gathered outside, “God has shown me that I should not call anyone impure or unclean.”

Peter changed his mind, and the church would never be the same.

Despite deeply held religious convictions regarding circumcision and dietary restrictions, he led the way in opening the doors of the church to all who would enter, regardless of ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status or religious background.

We can learn a lot from Peter — not only from his inclusiveness, but also from his willingness to change his mind.

Like Peter, God has shown me that I should not call anyone impure or unclean. And that I should not think so highly of myself as to assume I’ve got this faith thing all figured out.

The author of this quote forgets to include verses like: “by their fruits ye shall know them;” or “there were also false teachers among the people” or yet, “while evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse”

If we are not to call anyone impure or unclean then what do we call evil people who practice sin? Do we call them Christian and children of God? Of course not but the author of that post and McGrath fail to see this simple point.

The author of that quote left out some key words to make sure their agenda looked like it was supported by scripture. here are the key words from Acts 10 where the scenario takes place:

15 And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common (KJV)

or as the NIV reads

15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”

There is a big difference between what that author said and what God said. If the homosexual or the rapist or the liar have not repented of their sins and received forgiveness and salvation then God has not made them clean and it is still okay to call them evil, sinners, impure and unclean.

But leave it to McGrath and his friends to distort what scripture is saying in order for them to alter religious belief to include what God hates–sin.  God is inclusive. John 3:16-17 make that very clear. Anyone can come to him repenting of their sins and receive salvation WHAT IS EXCLUDED is SIN!

People have to make a choice–they can either have sin or they can have salvation. They can’t have both and if they choose the former then they are unclean and impure.


That is enough for now. As you know I am not a fan of archaeologists as they seem to pull their theories out of their rear ends and have far too little evidence to support them. Magness is no different as a few Mosaics a practice does not make. If she had some written verification from that time period then yes she should say it but since she does not, all she can or should conclude is that the Byzantine builders thought the Samson stories were stories of encouragement or were easier to make than other stories.

Or that they liked Samson over all the other biblical characters or that the other biblical people were used in different areas of life at that time. You see, without something written to honestly describe why something was built, the artifact is subject to any number of theories each with little or no hope of being the truth.

As for the others well false teachers abound even today and even though they claim to be christian, their words and actions undermine their claims. We do get to call them impure and unclean because they are impure and unclean  because they refuse to allow God to cleanse them. Doesn’t matter what anyone says or what they say God ‘taught them’ because if they do not believe God then God didn’t teach them anything

Sure God gave them intelligence and brains and they can make some good insights but since they do not follow God they do not know scripture or how to apply it. Their talents are limited by their blindness and refusal to believe God.


Unrealistic Demands

The Paula Deen issue is saying volumes and most of it is how not to treat others. I have heard reports that some companies have not abandoned her nor have her fans let her down as her book sales have increased but what the corporations are teaching young people is very anti-biblical. Here is a list of things directly or indirectly been taught to the observers of this ‘controversy’.

1. It is wrong to tell the truth

2. It is wrong to be honest

3. Justice is non-existent

4. Fairness is non-existent

5. True friendship is a thing of the past

6. You have to be perfect your whole life

7. Making mistakes and learning from them are wrong

8. Being accused = being guilty

9. Lessons learned from parents do not matter

10 Bailing on employees and friends when they are in trouble is a good thing

The list could go on but you get the idea. In the secular world today good character qualities are seen as a sign of weakness or as a negative thing. The corporations, and possibly others, are saying that doing the wrong thing is doing the right thing and that is not what Jesus taught.

Before we go further into this discussion, it would be good to examine what Mrs. Deen did wrong to deserve such harsh treatment. Did she commit a crime?  No. She said a word 30 years ago approx., that people of today’s era hate.

Not one person in those corporations heard her say it, they only heard about it because Mrs. Deen was honest and spoke the truth in court just as she swore to do. She did not repeat the word nor used it against anyone, she merely acknowledged the fact that she had used the word in the past.

Now we can see how unjust the actions of these corporations are. If using the word ‘nigger’ was a crime, the statute of limitations would have run out long ao and she would not be legally tried for committing the offense. Yet these corporations do not care about that, they think they are guilty by association and that they will lose sales over this admission.

They will lose sales as people who disagree with their actions will shop elsewhere or change the channel so the network will lose ratings. What they are trying to avoid will take place because they could not use a bit of common sense, a bit of wisdom, a bit of understanding to handle this situation.

In today’s world, too many people are demanding perfect behavior from imperfect people and that is just unrealistic, not to mention impossible. Jesus highlighted addressed this when he was confronted with the woman caught in adultery. He said, “ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.’

One has to wonder if these stone throwing corporations are without sin  and have never done anything wrong in their existence?  We know they have, which is why their actions are being rejected today and their companies are being vilified. I am sure if we took the time to research each CEO and other officer of each corporation we would find that they used the word ‘nigger’ or some other racial slur or homophobic term in their previous conversations.

The whole issue is a mess as it demonstrates the hypocrisy and callousness of the business world. Believers are to be different. We are to set the right example especially in situations like this one.

As I said in a previous article, forgiveness should be used especially here as Mrs. Deen’s supposed offense was done at a different time and has different circumstances applied to it.  Those offended by her use of the word ‘nigger’ need to obey Jesus when he answered Peter and said, ‘even if your neighbor offends they 7 times in one day you are to forgive.’ (slight paraphrase).

Jesus does not give permission to humans to condemn or judge another person nor do we find anywhere in the Bible that we are to destroy their lives over something so trivial or over any offense.

I do not think anyone wants to be treated so unfairly or unjustly thus believers should not be treating her or anyone in an unjust or unfair manner. We need to be realistic about the offense and make sure the punishment fits the ‘crime’. In this case, no crime was committed, thus her ‘punishment’ should be non-existent.

She should be treated honestly, fairly, justly and with mercy, all the things these corporations despise and dismiss. The church should NOT be following the teachings of the Politically Correct (PC) crowd. It is not biblical teaching and it is wrong.

PC has no foundation in the Bible and it is championed by those people who want to bully others and force their ways upon those who disagree with such ideologies. Jesus NEVER bullied others but let them make their own choices. He administered fairness, justice, used mercy when it was needed and he did not withhold help from those who needed it.

Mrs. Deen is being publicly lynched by a modern-day kangaroo court just like blacks were before the civil rights era took hold. Some blacks were beaten for merely looking at a white woman, Mrs. Deen is having her life destroyed for merely saying a word and both are equally unjust and unfair.

The church needs to stand up and confront these corporations like Nathan stood up to David and say they are wrong and sinning.  Remaining silent doesn’t stop these acts of injustice.

The church is the light to the world but it can’t be that light if they do not take a stand for what is biblical and right. We do not follow the corporations, we follow Christ.

Ancient Flight

Here is a link to a website that talks about ancient flight

There are many reasons why the ancients discussed flight, whether they had actual flying machines is another matter. Anyone can read into ancient images their pet theories because those images are not accompanied by ancient written explanations of why they were drawn and for whom.

This is one of the big problems when researching ancient history. One has to wade through a lot of garbage to get to the truth and the person researching has to be able to discern between the valuable information and the bad–without reading their own ideas into what they find.

I have no doubt that the ancients discussed flying. I have no doubt that those thoughts were inspired by the ancients watching the birds soar through the air. How far they developed those thoughts is anyone’s guess.

I highly doubt that the ancients had visits from aliens or that they achieved space travel. If anyone says they did, then they are doing far too much eisegetical work in their research. Ancient images need ancient textual records to help modern researchers discover what really took place in the past.

Of course, many researchers may disagree with me because they like ‘discussion’ and speculation aids this kind of discussion. The believer is to go for the truth not just discussion thus we cannot afford to much speculation and sometimes we just need to let images remain mute until verifiable ancient records can be uncovered.

The Supreme Court

If you are like me, you were saddened by the news that came down from the American Supreme Court.  It is a sad day for America as they continue to legitimize sin and call good what God has called an abomination. Here is what God says on the issue:

19 That say, Let him make speed, and hasten his work, that we may see it: and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw nigh and come, that we may know it!

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (Is. 5 KJV)


I wonder if the legalized bullying by the homosexual community will escalate with these decisions?  I have read different articles where the HC members have bullied those who disagreed with their perversion already and fear that disagreeing with the HC means losing one’s business or savings because of the legal actions they take against their opponents.

Christians need to pray and pray fervently that God will raise up men of courage to stop this slide down the slippery slope to destruction. The politicians and judges have failed the nation and have let sin rule the day.

Though I do not like killing people, sometimes I think Uganda and other African nations have it right. Throughout the whole Bible God has said do not practice sin, do not support sin and when such disobedience to those commands have gotten out of hand, God has punished nations and cities.

One also wonders why modern people do not learn from these examples and change their ways. The destruction and punishment will come but in God’s time not man’s, just don’t despair or lose hope in God if you think it is taking too long. Be patient and continue to preach the gospel & pray for many to repent so that those who practice sin have no excuse when they are judged by God for their rejection of salvation.

11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Rev. 20 KJV)

In the end, God wins. Be on the winning side. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up, God gave the pre-flood world 120 years to repent before he brought destruction; he will give modern sinners time yet to see the error of their ways. True Christians just need to continue to follow Jesus correctly so that harvest can be great.


Mt. Sinai Discovered…Again

S. Jacobovici has made another announcement, this time it has to do with Mt. Sinai and it was such a landmark announcement that no one even paid attention to it.  You can read about it over at the Taborblog

No one paid any attention to it because 1). It was Jacobovici making the announcement. He is not that well received anymore due to his sensational t.v. shows on archaeological finds that aren’t archaeological finds or so rife with errors that they are laughable at best.

2). Mt. Sinai has been discovered many, many times before

As some of you know the various locations proposed, whether the traditional St Catherine’s, across the Red Sea in the Arabian Peninsula, and Mt Karkom, all have their advocates and their problems (From the link above)

This announcement brings a question to mind that every believer needs to answer. If we did find the real Mt. Sinai, what would we do with it? Would it change biblical truths at all?  Would it actually convince unbelievers to finally convert and leave their evil ways?

What good would come from knowing the real location of Mt. Sinai? For believers there is little we can do with that knowledge. It doesn’t change the plan of salvation nor does it prove that Christ existed and it wouldn’t change the hearts of many unbelievers as they would demand verification.

That is the key to this whole issue. How would  we verify that the MT. selected is actually Sinai?  The physical features and topography I doubt are unique; in other words, there is probably more than one mountain in the Sinai area that contains the features described or alluded to in Exodus.

How can we prove which of those mountains is really Sinai? We can’t even do it right now and we have several likely candidates, all attested to by professionals.  Finding biblical sites like Sinai are not the main priority of the believer, they do not contribute much to our spiritual duties or the gospel of Jesus.

We have more important things we must address but does this mean we do not do any searching for any biblical sites? Of course not, we are charged by Jesus to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth and part of that truth is found in doing archaeology God’s way.

We do not do research the secular way for that would leave us without any insight whatsoever and our gathered knowledge subject to dismissal by those who do not believe. The Bible tells us that the unbeliever can’t do anything against the truth thus we do archaeology honestly so the truth comes out and then silences the unbelieving critic.

Eric Cline has been on a crusade recently ever since his 2007 article that railed against amateurs being allowed to search for archaeological remains

If Cline had his way, people like Jacobovici, the late Ron Wyatt,Bob Cornuke and others would be barred from archaeological work. He feels archaeology should be left to the elite, ‘the accepted’ or ‘the approved’ only (of course that group would be determined by him and his ‘approved’ colleagues).

The problem is if Cline was successful then the world would not be told of many different discoveries and many of the most famous ones would never be unearthed. If you have read Cline’s book From Eden to Exile, you would see some of the information the public would receive from this group of elites who would be the only ones allowed to do archaeology. That information runs from the non-existence of Eden to the Patriarchs being a myth, and to the events of Noah’s flood and Sodom and Gomorrah not taking place.

What the world would get would be information originating in the unbelief of this elite group not the truth.  The world would also get bad theories about the past as we all know that archaeologists draw conclusions based upon very limited evidence. This information would also not be given to the public in a very timely manner as archaeologists wait decades before the publish if they publish at all (now some publish more frequently but those that do delay, i.e. the DSS, withhold vital information).

If Cline’s was successful then any future DSS or Nag Hammadi discoveries would never be found. If you recall the stories of those two discoveries, they were made by non-professionals accidentally.  How much information would be lost if people like Cline had their way.

We do need believers in archaeology in order to keep people like Cline from closing off archaeology and its finds from the public. we need believers in archaeology to find the truth so people like Cline cannot hide it because they do not want the truth known. BUT, again, believers need to follow the Holy Spirit in this work in order to come to the truth honestly and so it will be heard throughout the world.

I am not a fan of people like Jacobovici, though I watch his shows, the late Ron Wyatt and others like them because they do mess things up. Their ‘discoveries’ are shrouded in mystery, deceit, or plain mis-guided good intentions and so on. But I am also not a fan of many professionals because they treat their discoveries and dig sites as their personal fiefdom and withhold valuable information or twist the information to fit their theories, causing more work for those of us who want the truth.

Archaeologists are not experts in theology, religion, construction, sociology, and so on. They cannot determine why someone did what because the people of the world, both past and present, do not live their lives scientifically. Nor do they make decisions with scientific precision or purpose.

There are many reasons why people do what they do and science has no part of the process, sometimes their actions are very emotional and irrational and the modern archaeologist will not be able to discern the difference when they stumble across a mute artifact which laid buried for thousands of years. Archaeologists cannot read long dead minds.

One of the mistakes that professional archaeologists make, and this is a good reason why they should not have a monopoly on the field, is that they assume an artifact they have uncovered has laid there uncovered for thousands of years. In other words, they think every discovery is a virgin find. In reality, for the most part, they have no idea if the artifact is in a virgin find or if it has been relocated by some unknown person in the past.

This assumption then leads them to erroneous conclusions and they may not know it. Why would they not know it? Because we have no idea what has transpired from the time the object was made till it was discovered. For all anyone knows, the object in question may have been relocated several times and the provenance is destroyed without the archaeologist ever touching it.

For the believer, the discovery of the location of Mt. Sinai, or say the Ark, is not important. What is important is that archaeology is done right for God’s glory and so the truth can come out for all to hear in God’s timing not the professional archaeologist’s.

If a person has an interest in archaeology and wants to go dig, then they should be allowed to do so, with proper guidance of course so they do not miss anything. The field of archaeology should not be left to unbelieving professionals because then the truth will be hidden and too much information would be lost.

Believers need to learn how to do their research honestly and not be influenced by their religious agenda. That way their credibility will rise and their theories will have influence for God.


As a side bar and a bit nitpicky, I did not like what Tabor said here

By the way, Bryant G. Wood agrees with Simcha’s case for HaSehm el-Tarif as the only likely choice and summarizes his reasoning here. (from the link above)

Dr. Wood doesn’t agree with Jacobovici because Wood wrote his paper in 2008 and Jacobovici presented his in 2013. Tabor should have said that Jacobovici agrees with Dr. Wood since Wood came up with the evidence 5 years before Jacobovici even thought about it..