The Ipuwer Papyrus

If you haven't read it maybe you should. I will post a link to the translation then compare its words with the Book of Exodus. Then click on the links I will provide to help you in your comparison The Translation: Other Links: When you study, you need … Continue reading The Ipuwer Papyrus


Scientific Revelation

I came across the words in the title first over at McGrath's site as he quoted another source, so I will link to the original website so people can get the full context. The words I want to address are found in a quote at that link The first one is that in the … Continue reading Scientific Revelation

Much To Talk About 3

Let's get right to it. #1. One really has to wonder what is in archaeologists' minds these days as their theories make less and less sense. For example, the following: The discovery of two Samson scenes in the Huqoq synagogue suggests that it was decorated with a Samson cycle — the first such cycle … Continue reading Much To Talk About 3

Ancient Flight

Here is a link to a website that talks about ancient flight There are many reasons why the ancients discussed flight, whether they had actual flying machines is another matter. Anyone can read into ancient images their pet theories because those images are not accompanied by ancient written explanations of why they were drawn … Continue reading Ancient Flight

Mt. Sinai Discovered…Again

S. Jacobovici has made another announcement, this time it has to do with Mt. Sinai and it was such a landmark announcement that no one even paid attention to it.  You can read about it over at the Taborblog No one paid any attention to it because 1). It was Jacobovici making the announcement. … Continue reading Mt. Sinai Discovered…Again

Forgiveness & Freedom

#1. Forgiveness Recently a lady named Paula Deen has been in the news, not for her cooking skills but for something she did long in the past. It wasn't uncovered by an investigative reporter seeking justice for some minority who she had mistreated. It wasn't uncovered by some self-righteous politician looking for votes come election … Continue reading Forgiveness & Freedom