Very Important Information

We do a lot of reading/listening of other people's work and one of the authors/speakers we enjoy is Dr. Craig Evans. Almost everything he writes is good, informative and explained in a very clear-cut manner so that his message is easy to understand. The article, How Long Were Late Antique Books in Use? Possible Implications … Continue reading Very Important Information


We Do Not Need Empowered Women

First we are writing today because we were given a surprise internet session and two, what we have read has compelled us to say something. We were not going to say much about the election but in thinking about what was said at the DNC we could not remain silent.The main motivator was not Mrs. … Continue reading We Do Not Need Empowered Women

2 Articles You Should Read

We need to amend our statement that our last post would be our final one for this internet session. we read two good articles after we made that post and want to encourage you all to read them as well. and both are well written, to the point and honest. They also probably … Continue reading 2 Articles You Should Read

What Other Bloggers Are Saying 2

For our final post of this internet session we will look at some of the things that hit the internet and we will start with an image that actually displays the unbelief and depravity of man even though it was used to humiliate believers. #1. I Have A Book-- The above image comes via … Continue reading What Other Bloggers Are Saying 2

Answering Ben Witherington

We have an old post of his that we have been meaning to address for some time now but never got around to doing it till now. You can read it at the following link: #1.One of the reasons I did that thirty some years ago was because of the controversy that raged then … Continue reading Answering Ben Witherington

Textual Criticism 2

Elitism Many charges are leveled at the Bible and Dr. Wegner mentions some of them. I will refer to three in my defense of my stated position. The first is found on page 38: ‘Bart Ehrman takes a somewhat different direction and suggests that when an early scribe changed a text to provide a more … Continue reading Textual Criticism 2

Christian Ehtics

I am under the weather right now so I will be posting some articles that have been written years ago and for another purpose. Understanding Christian Ethics Introduction: The requirement for this paper is to write on how Christian ethics is represented in this book and I will do that through addressing several key examples … Continue reading Christian Ehtics