Nothing is New

We have been reading Craig Evans' book ancient Texts for New Testament Studies and inside Dr. Evans documents two ancient documents that may have been the foundation for two different more modern activities. #1. Mormonism is not new We can never be sure if Joseph Smith read the following Pseudegrapha work but in it, there … Continue reading Nothing is New


Why We Call Them Distorters

Our nemesis at Meerkat Musings has published another article critiquing our gun post. There is a reason why we call him and other atheists, unbelievers, etc., distorters. They claim to have the facts and use them but upon closer look, their stats are often manipulated to fit their narrative. They use stats and fall back … Continue reading Why We Call Them Distorters

Sexual Abuse in the Church

We came across the article in the Christian Post this morning- The rising tide of sexual abuse in churches and ministries The recent trial of Ghislaine Maxwell brought to the forefront just how far defense attorneys will go to discredit the survivors of sexual abuse. As a former violent crime detective, and someone who has … Continue reading Sexual Abuse in the Church

Pot Calling Kettle + Other Titles

#1. Pot Calling Kettle Black Never got to a Seminary if you do not agree with their bigoted beliefs Atheists like to point out that they are better than everyone else because they are all-inclusive. They also like to say that they respect others. However, the quote is the last line in the linked article … Continue reading Pot Calling Kettle + Other Titles

Where Christians Can help

It does not matter what country you live in, the issues and problems all people face are the same. Unbelievers may claim that Jesus did not face the same problems or that the Bible does not address key issues but those claims are wrong. The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus faced all temptations … Continue reading Where Christians Can help

Who is More Moral

We took a visit to the friendly Athoiest the other day and came across an article that claims atheists are more moral than Christians. It was not detailed enough so we decided to look at the complete work over at Salon. It is titled Staunch atheists show higher morals than the proudly pious It is … Continue reading Who is More Moral

More Food for Thought- You Can’t Win

Many years ago, we confronted a person who responded many times under Korea Times articles. They were famous for telling the Koreans what to do, how they should do it, and how to raise their families. When told that he would not like the Koreans doing the exact same thing to him, he blew up. … Continue reading More Food for Thought- You Can’t Win

The Right Biblical Leadership Attitude

BG has written an article mocking those religious leaders who refuse to change their beliefs to fit his or other unbelievers' way of thinking. He called it- The Fear of Losing Face: Why Many Evangelical Pastors Refuse to Change Their Minds He is wrong of course as many church leaders have changed their minds and … Continue reading The Right Biblical Leadership Attitude