Another Archaeological Discovery

The Associates for Biblical Research have made an announcement about the items they have uncovered in their latest excavation in Shiloh Associates for Biblical Research announces the discovery of a ceramic pomegranate from its second season of excavations at the ancient city of Shiloh in Israel. The pomegranate was among 500 other objects registered … Continue reading Another Archaeological Discovery

The Sahara & Noah

If you can stop laughing at the ridiculous and hilarious theories, dating and speculation made by the secular scientists in the following video, you will find lots of evidence for Noah's flood. You should, by now, be able to spot the faulty reasoning and bad leaps to conclusions made by the researchers They, of course, … Continue reading The Sahara & Noah

Ancient Cranes

There is a question of how were those mysterious ruins constructed. As you saw in the video no one knows. Not even the supposed experts. There is absolutely no information, no blueprints, no journals talking about construction methods and so on, extant today. When these sites were excavated and explored, not one ancient manuscript was … Continue reading Ancient Cranes