How Old is the Earth

This has been a topic of great interest to almost everyone who is curious about our origins. The unbeliever does not accept the biblical account of creation nor do many people who claim to believe in Jesus. These two groups say they know the Bible is wrong and they offer up what they consider proof … Continue reading How Old is the Earth

Ask Almost Any Question

I am not a famous person and you may wonder if the books we have mentioned to you in the past are any good or worth reading. Well, you can start to answer those questions by using our e-mail address and asking questions of me. (In this case, just use our comment section) We won’t … Continue reading Ask Almost Any Question

Good News- Update 3

All of our 5 e-books are now print ready #1. Archaeology: What You need to Know— $3.99 & Kindle or Print $10.99 #2. Noah’s Flood Did Take Place: An Examination of the Non Scientific Evidence— $3.99 & Kindle or Print $10.99 #3. The Future of Biblical Archaeology—$5.99 & Kindle or Print $12.99 #4. The Church … Continue reading Good News- Update 3

Christians, Evolution is a Lie

We read a headline at Christian Post the other day which caused us some great sadness. It is 'With higher levels of education and declining religiosity, most Americans now accept evolution: study' The first paragraph goes like this: With increased exposure to college-level education and declining levels of religious belief, a majority of Americans now … Continue reading Christians, Evolution is a Lie

Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom

We have written on this topic before but it seems that an update needs to be written in case no one searches our website for older articles. We were motivated to write on this topic again by what we saw in an article we linked-to in our In the News piece a day or so … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom