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Believers 8

He warned (Alan Wolfe), however, that as long as evangelical scholars insist on drawing statements of faith that shut them off from genuine intellectual exchange they will find it hard to become the kind of intellectually exciting institutions they hope to be– pg. 148

This has become a problem for the church and its academic institutions. Not that they are not ‘intellectually exciting’ but that they have taken their eyes off what God has instructed and placed them on secular ideas.Evangelicals or all believers are not to be pursuing academic excellence according to the rules of secular thinking. They are to be pursuing, finding, accepting and proclaiming the truth. They can do this in a high academic way but it must be according to God’s rules not the unbelieving world’s ideas of what is intellectual, academic or even ‘exciting’.

Too often, and we have experienced believers doing this, the Christian forgets their mission from God and become enthralled with the secular way of doing things. Unfortunately for them, they do not realize that the secular way is not to find the truth, not to find the correct answers but to keep the discussion going for as long as possible. In other words, the secular way avoids the truth and any answer that will end their academic games.

Christians cannot afford to do this. They have a mission to bring the truth to the people. They do not have a mission to discuss and present differing theories on the same topics leaving people in confusion as to what is the correct answer.God is a God of truth not competing theories and we need to follow Christ’s example to bring the truth to all so that people can be set free from their sins.

The secular academic world and its methods do not accomplish this and we should not be seeking the approval of those who do not believe in God. We can present the truth in a very scholarly and intellectually exciting way but again, it must not follow the world’s idea for either category. We are not called to follow the secular world in any aspect of life including academics.


Believers 2

We continue to look at different ideas expressed in Jeffery Sheler’s book Believers

As popular as the giant seeker churches have become in the evangelical world fewer than 15 per cent of all evangelical church goers attend 122

What we will look at today is the term evangelical in comparison to other terms used to identify someone as a believer in Jesus. We feel that because there are so many terms dividing up the Christian world that confusion has set in and too many people consider themselves Christian simply because they hold to a certain label. We have too many denominations that use the word ‘confirmation’ to tell their members that they are now part of the family of God and we have other denominations that use the terms conservative, evangelical, fundamental and similar terms to say the same thing to their members.

Sadly for them, the Bible does not carve up the Christian pie in such detailed formats. The Bible merely speaks of those who are believers, false teachers or not. Jesus said to Nicodemus that one had to be born again or they would not see heaven. This means that processes like confirmation may be leading people to the wrong conclusion about their spiritual status. It also means that those who use the term evangelical could be lead to draw the same false conclusion. Same for the term Christian as that word is applied to so many who bring a different gospel than the one Jesus and his disciples brought.

Too many cults try to disguise themselves as true believers by adopting and using the term Christian, which then brings confusion not only upon unbelievers but the true church people as well.Getting the definition of who is a true believer of God or not is very important. The definition helps us to identify who is of God and who is not, it also helps us to see who is striving to be a true believer and in need of good instruction. We prefer the term believes God or believer as that term says so much about the person and where they stand in their faith. The term evangelical does not quite present the correct picture as the beliefs of many actual evangelicals are compromised with their adoption of secular ideology– PC, Woman pastors, etc

Nor do we really like the term Fundamental although that presents a better picture of the faith of the holder of that label than the term evangelical. But grabbing a label and presenting it to the world is not the best way to describe one’ faith. In the ancient world, the believers were first called Christian by OTHERS for the people who named them observed their living habit and other behavior and saw that they were like Christ and they labeled the members of the early church in that fashion. the early church did not name themselves that way.

Believers today should be focused on getting scriptures correct and living like Christ, following his teachings correctly then be labeled by those who observe their lives They should not be labeling themselves  especially when their lives, words and other behavior contradict the evangelical, fundamental or Christian label they apply to themselves.It is the lives of the believer in Jesus that counts NOT the label they give to themselves. Labels mean nothing when the lives behind the label are opposite to the meaning of the term.

What this all means is that from the pastor on down to the lowest church member all those who claim to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior should actually be following Christ and following his commands and instructions We will insert the word ‘all’ there before commands and instructions as so many people who call themselves Christian only follow the Great Commission and ignore everything else Jesus said. In the past few weeks, we have attended several different Christian churches and not one gave solid teaching. They all spoke on doing the Great Commission. Something is missing in the church when they do not do all the things Jesus said to do and as they worry about numbers, their membership shrinks. Growth will come when the followers of Jesus do church correctly and live like Christ.

Forget the labels and go for the truth so you can be labeled by others correctly and have those labels correctly define your faith. We need to end the confusion and set ourselves apart from all those who falsely use the terms Christian, evangelical, or fundamental, etc..The world needs to see a difference in our lives not a difference in how we call ourselves.



The title of this new series comes from the book Believers by Jeffery L. Sheler. We are not critiquing the book back taking some select quotes from its pages and discussing the issues raised by those quotes. At no time are we attacking Mr. Sheler.

‘Look,’ he (Dobson) was visibly irritated and shifted n his seat, ‘Some people say , oh you want to turn this into a theocracy. Well no one I know is calling for that. we know that doesn’t work…” Pg. 81

This view is based upon the observations of certain countries who put their religious ideologies ahead of political thought. But that observation is not valid, for those theocracies, currently and throughout history, have not followed God and implemented his ways correctly. They have all applied and implemented their own ideas, some based incorrectly on what the Bible says and others on their own false religious views.if God is followed and invited in to help govern the nation then the theocracy is the only correct form of government.

That style of governing brings exactly what people want- less crime, peace, justice, employment quality of life, education and so much more. Any other form of government usually excludes God and allows for evil to reign which means that they will fail to bring about what people want to see in their nation and government.

For a theocracy or any form of government to succeed, evil has to be excluded from the realms of power and God brought in. Only God brings true justice, true fairness, understanding, knowledge and so much more.  Those Christians who say that a theocracy will not work sell God short and do not try to use that form of government correctly. They also do not believe God. Israel succeeded when they followed God correctly. They failed when they stopped following him and his ways.Theocracies do work but people have to let God guide them and not their own thinking.


Secular Scientists Are Not Open-minded

Well because, as National Geographic concludes without a hint of irony, “scientists are first and foremost human beings [who’re] loathe to change their theories or their minds because of mere data.”

In fact, many critics of the great Washington flood carried their doubts to their graves, and it took decades for this plain fact to gain widespread acceptance in the scientific community.

The article is a good read.


Pastors 5

One last post in this series. It is important for pastors to become educated and follow the Holy Spirit to the truth. In the case of the theory of evolution, pastors and many Christians can become confused because of the scientific hypothesis, conjecture, assumptions being tossed around by scientists and evolutionists.

Pastors need to be able to lead their people through the land mines of secular lies and get their people to the right information so that they and their people do not stumble and get led astray by the double talk given by evolutionists. For example, evolutionists cite the similarities between genetic codes as evidence for an evolutionary development.

What the evolutionist does not admit to, acknowledge or even factor in when they say they have proof for their non-existent theory is the fact that most animals and humans live in the exact same environment and have the exact same needs. This means that both humans and animals will share many genetic and bodily functions and this shared trait is not evidence for evolution but the wisdom of God as he designed both humans and most animals to live together within the same environment.

It would be ridiculous to have a diversity of bodily functions and other organs when animals and humans live together.  It is the evolutionist that is deceived not the Christian thus the pastor cannot lean upon the words of unbelievers to help them understand our origins or the Bible. God knew what he did, and evil is leading many people astray because pastors re not correctly informed. We rely upon God not science for our information concerning our origins  and other details.

Science has long kicked the God of truth out of its laboratories and invited the father of lies in, We do not trust what secular scientists claim or declare, especially when their words go against God and his word. The church is not against science but the lies that are produced by secular science.


3 Words

–Racism, sexism & change. When it comes to the first two words, racism and sexism, Christians cannot jump on one or the other side of the argument.They must jump to God’s side and brig the truth to the issue. They must cast light on the problem showing the rest of the world what is really at the heart of the issue.

#1. Racism—  the believer must point out, and accept, the fact that there are not different races in the world. There is only one and no matter what color of skin everyone is a member of that one race.That race of humans all came from Adam and Eve.  No matter what scientists say about Cro-magnon man, Neanderthals and any other proto-human, those creatures did not exist and are distortions of ancient skeletal remains. Darwin got it wrong as do all evolutionists.

#2. sexism-– There are no winners in this issue. If a person favors men then they are accused of being sexist towards women. Both sexism and racism are terms thrown about loosely in attempts to bully those who disagree with those who misapply such terms. But the argument of sexism cuts both ways. Once you favor women over men then you are being sexist towards men. As we said, you cannot win in this issue if you play the sexist card.

The truth of this issue can be seen in the qualifications of both genders but men are biblically charged with taking care of their families. The verse ‘if a man doe snot provide for his family he is worse than an infidel’ (paraphrase) plays a role in this charge to the male gender. of course there are other verses like, ‘if a man shall not work neither shall he eat’. Women d not receive such divine instructions for they are not the head of the family. They are men’s helpmeets, fulfilling roles and duties to aid the man not replace him.

Being a helpmeet does not mean a woman cannot work. it just means that they are not the primary employable person of the family unit. If a company hires a man over a woman, they are not being sexist but helping the man fulfill his biblical responsibilities. The secular world does not want God’s ways in either the race or sexist issues thus they distort both in order to achieve their own selfish adjectives. They need true Christians to provide not only the light but wise counsel as well as knowledgeable insight to guide the unbeliever,and the believer, in what s the right thing to do

#3. Change— This word is often used by evolutionists to describe their false theory of life development. They claim that change is evolution. But there is a danger that comes with being so ambiguous. By using such a broad term the evolutionist has effectively removed the standard of right and wrong from all scientific work. This move also undermines ethical standards as well as the application of the term implies that all change is good.

The true believer knows that idea is not so and they also know that such terminology indicates that any change in life forms is okay and nothing is found to be in error.No one can be corrected for their work because there is no standard of the right and wrong way of doing things. Change has taken place thus it must be studied and accepted. Nothing is wrong and nothing has to be corrected.

Change is declared as an evolutionary advance but with no standard measurement guiding the experiments or the scientists, how can they determine if that change was the correct one and in line with evolutionary thought? How does the scientist know he is on the right track with nothing to guide him or her?

What the ambiguous application of the word ‘change’ does is leave the theory of evolution flexible enough so that it can be altered at an evolutionist’s convenience when part of their theory is shown to be unworkable. We have had evolutionists tell us that the theory of evolution is not the same as the one Darwin imagined when he constructed his version of the theory. if this is so, how can anyone trust what any evolutionary scientist declares? He is not working within the framework of Darwin’s theory but some altered version that has no standard telling the modern evolutionist if they got it correct or not.

Each evolutionist is working with their own version of the theory of evolution not a truth. That means that any modern idea of evolution is purely subjective and has no hope of being verified at any time.They can’t be because there is no model of how evolution works to guide the evolutionist. There is no standard of right and wrong either informing the evolutionist when they have made an error in their calculations or thinking. anything and everything becomes ‘evidence’ for the theory but all that means is that evolutionists will distort ‘change’ in a move of desperation as they try to support their fictional ideas on life development.

Predictions cannot do it as those are not 100% accurate and are a tool of pseudo-science not real science.Predictions do not come with a standard of right and wrong informing the evolutionist that they are mistaken, all they have is a failed experiment for it did not produce the predicted result. This failure does not motivate the evolutionist to throw out their theory; instead they just keep making predictions, like they are doing a multiple choice quiz and keep picking a letter till they get the question right. Predictions do nothing but reinforce wrong ideas.

Change is not a good determiner when trying to figure out a theory that has no hope of being verified. All change does is lead people down the wrong paths to look in the wrong places for the wrong answers. Change is not evolutionary. All change tells us is that something is not the same and that alteration may not be correct.Life forms are placed in grave danger because evolutionist misunderstand them and misapply their results.

Change is not always good nor is it scientific. It could mean that someone violated the process and committed a great wrong. We need the standard of right and wrong to guide us to the right answers not so someone can ‘do science’. Right and wrong provide us great help in determining if we are on the right track and evolution i snot the right track for there is nothing that verifies it, no matter how loud the evolutionist howls.


This Is A Good Article

In a cavernous warehouse where Israel stores its archaeological treasures, an ancient burial box is inscribed with the name of Jesus.

Not THAT Jesus. Archaeologists in Israel say Jesus was a common name in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago, and that they have found about 30 ancient burial boxes inscribed with it.

Ahead of Easter, Israel’s antiquities authority opened up its vast storeroom to reporters on Sunday for a peek at unearthed artifacts from the time of Jesus. Experts say they have yet to find direct archaeological evidence of Jesus Christ, but in recent years have found a wealth of material that helps fill out historians’ understanding of how Jesus may have lived and died.

“There’s good news,” said Gideon Avni, head of the archaeological division of the Israel Antiquities Authority. “Today we can reconstruct very accurately many, many aspects of the daily life of the time of Christ.”

Israel is one of the most excavated places on the planet. Some 300 digs take place each year, including about 50 foreign expeditions from as far away as the United States and Japan, the Antiquities Authority said.

About 40,000 artifacts are dug up in Israel each year. A third of all the antiquities found attest to the ancient Christian presence in the Holy Land, Avni said. Historians now know how long it took to travel between cities and villages where Jesus preached, and what those places looked like at the time.

we will let you read the rest for yourselves.

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