Just Ignore The Jabs


“I find the idea of Noah’s flood being before the ice age hilarious…Does this mean that, since young-earth creationism is itself laughable…”

Most people who accept alternatives to the Biblical record will resort to flaming believers, insulting them, or do personal attacks.  The reason why is they do not have a leg to stand upon when confronted with the truth.

The Bible says that they can’t do anything against the truth so believers need to brush aside these type of comments and present the truth all the time. Those who reject the Bible and accept alternatives do not have the truth no matter what career they have, how many publications they have achieved or experiments they have performed.

If they reject the Bible they are not following either Jesus or God, even if they claim to be Christian.

Scholars Are Full Of Themselves

I found this over at Robert Cargill’s blog site:

“And I applaud Harvard Divinity School’s Dr. Karen King. Dr. King released this fragment the way it should be released in this new digital era of immediate feedback: first to a group of scholars for review, and then to a professional conference of her peers for review, and only then to the public.”

kudos to smithsonian channel for putting “gospel of jesus’ wife” documentary on hold

Cargill and other scholars must think that the public is stupid, ignorant, and in need of the ‘elite’ to tell them what is true or not.  The public is far more discerning than he, and his cohorts, give them credit and can smell something fishy when it warrants it.

While the supposed intellectuals of academia were busy ‘discussing’ this fragment and taking well over a week to come to a consensus that it may not be authentic, true believers knew on the first day that it shed no light upon the life of Jesus or his ‘romantic’ side. We do not care if the fragment is authentic or not. That isn’t the issue with us.

It doesn’t matter if the fragment was written in the 4th century or not because we knew it did not contain any true information, was too sparse to contribute anything to biblical studies and was out of context to be of any value.

One interesting observation about this fragment. Many scholars were ready to say it was authentic even though no one knew the author’s name or biography yet we have the human author’s names to the biblical books and some of their human biographies and the same scholars, if not more, are declaring many of the books of the Bible as forgeries.

The scholarly world think they are something but they do not have a clue.  True believers do not need scholars to tell us what is true or false. We already have a guide aiding us in that department. We read in John 14:15-17 these words;

“if you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever–the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives in you and will be in you’

Does this mean we believers are anti-intelligence or anti-solid research? No, it means that when we do our research and use our God-given intelligence we look for the truth and follow the Holy Spirit to that truth, avoiding the confusion that seems to permeate the unbelieving biblical scholarly world.

I say unbelieving because the majority of biblical scholars today do not believe the Bible, do not accept its words and do not teach the truth. Robert Cargill is an atheist, Phillip Davis is a minimalist who denies most of the Bible as true, Bart Ehrman claims to be an agnostic, William Dever doesn’t believe any more, James McGrath denies the Bible is God’s word and believes alternatives and the list goes on for a long time.

These men, and others like them, do not have the truth and do not speak the truth. They are deceived like the Bible says but the do not accept that fact as they think they are okay and know what they are looking at and doing.  They don’t for they do not understand God’s word at all nor what it really says.

Does this mean that believers ignore all learned men? No, we look for the God-led man, the Spirit filled one that leads people to the truth and present it with wisdom, understanding coupled with consistency with God’s word. Believers still need intelligent men who are in academia to sift through the false teachings and point them out to the error found in the words of those who do not believe or pretend to be Christian.

Young believers still need to grow thus they need learned men of God pointing the way to them so they do not get misled away from Jesus. Being properly educated is part of the Christian life, we do not revel in ignorance but we do not follow the secular scholarly world either. They are blind and believers are not thus we look for those men who can see clearly and know how to communicate what they know to others.

We also do not use the criteria of the secular academic community but exchange those with God’s criteria so we can see who is telling the truth and who is not.  The secular world think they are something and think they have the inside track to all things ancient. They don’t because they weren’t there and they use minutes amount of information to draw their ideas from. Then they paint the ancient world with a very broad brush.

Believers do not need secular biblical scholars to tell them what is true or not. They wouldn’t know. It is quite possible that that fragment was written in the 4th century AD but that doesn’t mean the author knew what was true in the 1st century.

The Christian world does need intelligent, wise men in academia because that area of life is not immune to the sin and corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin and the secular world is not after the truth. Thus those men need to stand with God and present to the Christian community the right way to go in academic affairs. Too many people are fooled by false teachers today because they let  words like Biblical, Christian, Bible, and others lull them to sleep and they allow  false teaching into their midst.

God wrote the Bible so His followers would be prepared, alert and wary. Lean on it when in doubt and ask the Holy Spirit to keep you in the truth.  Believers cannot be children all their lives, they need to grow up and take spiritual responsibility for their lives and the lives of their families.

The words found in John 14 are not for the elite, the apostles or the super spiritual alone. They are for everyone so they do not get trampled and destroyed.

Typical Action

Just to let you know that I have been blocked from posting at McGrath’s website called exploring our matrix.  But that is the way it is with those who believe in alternatives to the Bible. They only want to hear what tickles their ears not the truth.

It is a good thing that both God and Jesus said to follow their words not the words of ‘scholars’, ‘archaeologists’, ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ for these people are deceived and you can’t even trust those who claim to be christian as so many compromise their belief with secular ideas.

You have a choice, follow God and His word (the Bible) or follow sinful man’s?  You can’t combine them. if you want a verse to guide you in whom to listen to then use John 5:45-7:

45 “But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set. 46 If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. 47 But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?””

If the scholar, archaeologist, scientist, and expert, et al, does not believe the words Moses wrote then you know not to listen to them for they will not listen to Jesus’ words either. Doesn’t matter how much of an expert they claim to be, or how many publications they have made. if they do not believe then they are unbelievers and not to be trusted.

Biblical Authorship-2

In the battle of who wrote the Bible divine authorship is called into question. This is done so that the critics of the Bible can reduce it to a subjective human book. This makes it easy to criticize, find error, and dismiss.

There are basically 2 questions that are rarely addressed in this issue as critics deny that God wrote via inspired human writers.

The first question is: Why would God allow forgeries to be included in His book and be read in His congregations for thousands of years?

The idea that, as critics charge, God would let His Holy word be infiltrated by false doctrine and teachings is ridiculous. He would be doing the opposite of what he told His people not to do and that would be hypocrisy.

The Bible tells us that God does not lie so why would He include lies, fake messages, fraudulent claims and make fake  and false claims about Himself in the very book He wants His creation to read and follow?  One lie, one false claim would destroy the whole book and people , save for the most fanatical, would flee its words and continue to search for the truth.

This brings us to the second question: Where are the true books if some or most of the Bible is composed of fakes and forgeries?

The critics of the Biblical authorship do not produce them; they do not point to where they lie; they do not quote from them, instead they all use their own thinking to replace those books they accuse of being forgeries.

Nor can we look to other religions for those books as their religious writings copy generously or alter the Christian Bible. The Quran does it, the book of Mormon does it and the Jehovah’s Witness bible does it and on it goes to many other false beliefs. So where are the true teachings of God if the Bible doesn’t contain them?

They do not exist because God did not include forgeries in His word and He did not let them become lost like the Gnostic library for that would be unfair and unjust. The very fact that the Gnostic library was  buried and unknown for 2 thousand years disqualifies them as being or containing the truth. Simply because no one had access to them which means that no one would be able to learn of the truth and that would be wrong

God has kept His word together from the beginning of time so that everyone has a fair chance to learn of His truth and make a decision. This fairness allows God to be a just judge. The ramifications of the Bible containing fake books are immense.

One of the ramifications of having the Bible contain forgeries is that Good is reduced to a sinner in need of a Savior, and that destroys all hope of salvation for Jesus then is not the Son of God, the final sacrifice, and heaven does not exist. He misrepresented Himself, lied, and basically did what the devil does.

In other words, they are making God the devil.

What I find with the critics of divine authorship is the attitude that they really do not want to obey God but only want the benefits of salvation while they pursue their own desires and beliefs. They allow pride and arrogance to lead their lives making them think they are in charge of the Bible and get to say what is or isn’t God’s word.

When asked who gave them that authority or where did they get it from, they cannot answer because they appoint themselves. God did not give man dominion over His word which means we have to humble ourselves, accept and believe the Bible does not contain fakes or forgeries but God’s real words.

The critics are wrong. The Bible does not contain forged or fake books.

Jesus’ Wife–5

It seems that this story will not disappear. Now NBC has published a piece on the topic.


Inthis article i willgo through some of the more ridiculous statements and seek to set the record straight. As usual, the numbers and bold words indicate quoted material and not my words.

1. If Jesus is a normal human being and he’s sexual, that’s the real fear,” James Tabor

No it is not a ‘real fear’ for true believers know that the source for these rumors come from deceived secular sources and carry no truth with them. 2 Tim 3 is quite clear as to the secular world is deceived and John 14 & 16 also demonstrate that fact.

There is nothing to fear here as all that fragment does is spread malicious gossip and lies about someone they never knew. If Jesus were married God would have told us.

2. The Catholic Church’s celibate priesthood is built on the belief that Jesus was not married. Eastern Orthodox priests are often married, but the church teachings don’t mention a married Jesus. Protestant ministers are allowed to marry, but there again, it is not common to teach that Jesus himself was married.

Jesus does not have to be married for preachers to wed. The Bible laid out the criteria for preachers in 1 Tim. & Titus and being married was included in the criteria. It is not wrong for preachers to marry. It also doesn’t mean that Jesus has to be married.

3. especially that he might have had a child, god forbid, since that would really raise questions about his ‘divinity,’ since they see him as fully human and fully God

People who make statements like this do not get the ramifications of a married Jesus. They also do not understand the Bible, who Jesus is and His purpose on earth. Because they do not understand they go to the wrong sources containing the wrong information and get further confused.

Secular sources do not have the truth about Jesus.

4. The Unification Church, however, does believe that Jesus was supposed to get married, and some of the early teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stated Jesus was married and even fathered children

Just because false religions say Jesus was married doesn’t make it so. What scholars and the unbelieving world forget is that there is a true and a false message. Jesus being married is a false one supported by those who do not follow biblical teachings.

The key criteria is –what is true or false and is the source from truth or falsehood.

5. Unlike their modern counterparts, there is evidence that some early Christians — the Valentinian Gnostics

This is a major problem with unbelievers. They lump anyone and everyone into the category of being Christian simply because they talk about God, Jesus, the disciples or the Bible.

Not everyone who claims to be Christian is one and Gnostics were not part of that group. The secular world has to use God’s criteria to determine who is or isn’t one before including them in that category.

This lumping in of all groups just creates confusion which is not of God.

6. The Christians who eventually became dominant, DeConick said, believed celibacy was the route to heaven

No I would disagree with that statement about dominance as it is also applied for the argument against the origination of the Canon and it doesn’t hold water. Because one group or more may have believed that celibacy was the way to heaven doesn’t make it so. That idea is contrary to the teaching of Jesus in John 3.

So those people holding that view were either misguided or deceived for celibacy is not the way to heaven.

7. DeConick, who explored sex and gender in early Christianity in her book, “Holy Misogyny,” said that in the ancient world, the female body was considered weak, pitiful and wretched

She confuses confused, misguided thinking with biblical teaching. Yes the Bible states that the woman is the weaker sex, in Eph. 6, but that does not mean that God, Jesus and early christians considered them weak, pitiful and wretched. 

God gave woman a different role than men and that does not discriminate against women, does not make them secnd class and it does not marginalize them. it simply means they have different responsibilities and duites. But since the unbelieving world is deceived they just can’t see that truth.

8. Witherington believes most churches will likely be ambivalent about a married Jesus because the implications are unclear

Of coiourse they will. Jesus warned us that many people in th echurch calling themselves christian will fall away from the faith. That is to be expected. What that tells other believers is to be careful and make their calling and election sure. Also they should take steps toprotect their faith so they do not reject Jesus and the truth.

9. Ongoing for centuries, the debate about the possibility that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene was also the subject of author Dan Brown’s bestseller, “The Da Vinci Code.”

All that tells us is that false teaching will be with us till the end of time and that true believers need to stand with God and make sure they do not succomb to the deceit of evil.

Dan Brown is not telling the truth and does not follow biblical teaching or sources. Conisder the source.

10 Maybe it makes him more human for us,” Tabor said.

Jesus isn’t supposed to ‘become more human’. He is who He is and nofragment or novel will change that He was both human and God at the same time. How He did it we are not told and that isn’t the focus we should have. He was the final sacrifice who opened made salvation easier.

God’s salvation plan is not without rules and one would be wise to study those rules in the Bible. The words used by God may not be the exact words you are looking for but they are there.

Biblical Authorship- 1

This is merely an introduction to the issue as more study is needed before one can speak properly on the topic. I have been in discussions with those who do not accept the fact that the Apostle Peter wrote 2 Peter and did a quick check to see what the reasons against his authorship.

There are 5 and as usual they will be numbered and bolded. The five reasons are taken from the Archaeological Study Bible:

1. There is a lack of early support by the church fathers

First, the ‘church fathers’ are not the final say on who wrote what. Second, it is said that if one took all the quoted verses out of the church fathers’ writings you would be able to reconstruct the whole NT save for a few verses. That did not exclude 2 Peter.


Third, God’s word does not depend upon who quotes or supports it. It is His word regardless.

2. The letter draws heavily on the Epistle of Jude

Jude is 25 verses long so I doubt that 2 Peter draws heavily upon it but addresses some of the same subjects but in more detail. Talking about the same subjects is not evidence of dependency but possibly that the biblical writers had to deal with the same issues in different geographical.

The critics of the Bible complain when the biblical books discuss different subjects and they complain when they talk about the same subjects. God can never win with unbelievers.

3. Its content deals with 2nd century A.D. problems and issues such as Gnosticism and the delay in the return of Christ.

The problem for the critics who raise this point is that Gnosticism and the delay in the return of Christ did not magically and suddenly appear in the 2nd century AD and they haven’t disappeared yet.

Those issues were alive and well in the first century just as they are in the 21st and the church needed advice and direction to deal with such problems. Popularity of Gnosticism in the 2nd to 4th centuries AD does not negate existence in the 1st century AD and before.

Problems exist, people raise questions even when those problems and questions may have been on a minority level.

4. Second Peter 3:15-16 mentions that a collection of Paul’s letters were already known in the churches

This is not a problem because in the book A Case For Christ I believe it mentions that Paul started writing within 10 years of Jesus’ crucifixion. That would put his first works around 40 AD approx. If 2 Peter is written before Peter’s supposed death in 64 AD approx. then that gives Paul’s letters plenty of time to circulate among the churches.

It is a non-issue.

5. Some argue that 2 Peter is so transparently not by Peter that the early readers would have seen this claim as no more than a literary device.

There are a lot of problems with this argument but time does not allow much discussion. First, the late Bruce Metzger in an interview with Lee Strobel debunked the unnecessary inclusion of books in that interview (you can find it on page 69 but read the whole chapter for context).

Second, authorship is not a literary device. That would be fraud and sin and would automatically disqualify the book from inclusion in the canon and as God’s word.

Third, people dismiss books and parts of the Bible as God’s word simply because they do not want to obey or accept them. They want to pursue alternatives and not the rules of God.

Fourth, that argument quoted above brings with it no evidence to support it. It is mere speculation for the purpose discussed in the third point.

We do not really need to know which human wrote the books of the Bible as its real author is God and we should not credit humans when it should go to God. The Bible is not a human book, its origination is not found in human authors but people want to demote it because then they can dismiss the words freely.

They can’t dismiss the biblical words as easily if the book is completely divine authorship. The attack on the authorship of the Bible comes from arrogance not humbly seeking the truth and it comes to destroy the christian faith. Evil plays a role in these attacks and believers need to be on guard for just because a university professor, scholar or Sunday school teacher demotes God’s word and ignores what was written doesn’t mean they are correct.