Just Ignore The Jabs

http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2012/09/do-young-earth-creationists-have-a-sense-of-humor.html "I find the idea of Noah’s flood being before the ice age hilarious...Does this mean that, since young-earth creationism is itself laughable..." Most people who accept alternatives to the Biblical record will resort to flaming believers, insulting them, or do personal attacks.  The reason why is they do not have a leg to stand … Continue reading Just Ignore The Jabs


Scholars Are Full Of Themselves

I found this over at Robert Cargill's blog site: "And I applaud Harvard Divinity School’s Dr. Karen King. Dr. King released this fragment the way it should be released in this new digital era of immediate feedback: first to a group of scholars for review, and then to a professional conference of her peers for … Continue reading Scholars Are Full Of Themselves

Biblical Authorship-2

In the battle of who wrote the Bible divine authorship is called into question. This is done so that the critics of the Bible can reduce it to a subjective human book. This makes it easy to criticize, find error, and dismiss. There are basically 2 questions that are rarely addressed in this issue as … Continue reading Biblical Authorship-2

Jesus’ Wife–5

It seems that this story will not disappear. Now NBC has published a piece on the topic. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/24/14066248-too-holy-for-sex-the-problem-of-a-married-jesus?lite Inthis article i willgo through some of the more ridiculous statements and seek to set the record straight. As usual, the numbers and bold words indicate quoted material and not my words. 1. If Jesus is a … Continue reading Jesus’ Wife–5

Biblical Authorship- 1

This is merely an introduction to the issue as more study is needed before one can speak properly on the topic. I have been in discussions with those who do not accept the fact that the Apostle Peter wrote 2 Peter and did a quick check to see what the reasons against his authorship. There … Continue reading Biblical Authorship- 1

Mary Magdalene

The latest discovery of a romantic link between Jesus and Mary M. got me thinking about what the Bible says concerning the whole affair. I focused on finding scriptures that mentioned Mary M. and fortunately the list was not that large. I am reproducing the list below so that all can read them and see … Continue reading Mary Magdalene

Science-5 Are Creationists Anti-Science?

I say creationists instead of Christians because many who claim to follow Christ do not believe nor accept creation as written in Genesis 1.  Those people and the evolutionary crowd tend to accuse creationists of being ignorant and anti-science. Both charges are false and the answer to the title question is 'no'. Just because creationists … Continue reading Science-5 Are Creationists Anti-Science?

Science-4 The Arrogance of Secular Science

In a little different format, this topic will be explored by using a news article found on Yahoo.com. it is titled Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God? and found at: http://news.yahoo.com/science-someday-rule-possibility-god-115945479.html Arrogance is a very sinful attitude to have and there is no shortage of it in the science community, especially when … Continue reading Science-4 The Arrogance of Secular Science