Men Already Have Instructions

We were watching an episode of an old late 1950s western television show. It is called The Restless Gun and starred John Payne. We like it as it is clean, simple, and upholds morals as well as God's  right and wrong In this particular episode, Mr. Payne's character falls in love with a beautiful woman,  … Continue reading Men Already Have Instructions


Modesty is a 2-Way Street

At the beginning of our time in South Korea, we learned that there was an actual law about running in public. You weren't allowed to run with your shirt off. This law was not directed at women but at men. Men were expected to dress properly when running or jogging. During our tenure there, we … Continue reading Modesty is a 2-Way Street

In Vitro Fertilization & The Christian

We came across this topic when we read the following article at Protestia- IVF is Mass Murder and an Abomination Before God- We do not really care for the title as we think it is a bit harsh. We prefer our title as it still brings the message without any harshness. In the few Christian … Continue reading In Vitro Fertilization & The Christian

Another One Has Fallen

We were over at Protestia the other day and we saw this article title on their front page- Mennonites Go Gay, Passing Resolutions Affirming Same-Sex Marriage- There are many illuminating paragraphs in that statement that show how far the MC-USA has gone afield of scripture. We will not quote that many to show that the … Continue reading Another One Has Fallen

Obey God Correctly

Part of the reason we are writing this article is because of an article at the Christian Post- 'Most Evangelical churches don't let women serve as senior pastors but allow them to lead'. Another part is what Jesus said about his mission. "In the Apostle Paul's letters, he gives instructions to churches regarding these specific … Continue reading Obey God Correctly

Disturbing News

Unfortunately, we had to read it on BG's website. This bad news all starts with the first line of his article found at this link. That first line is as follows: I get a lot of emails from Evangelical Christians who are struggling with their faith. Pastors, evangelists, missionaries, college professors, and devout church members … Continue reading Disturbing News

We Think He Wants Our Attention

That is the only explanation we can come up with to explain why BG says so many outrageous things about us in his different articles. Why else would he be saying those things? It is obvious that he hates us for exposing his false thinking and using his blog as a teaching source. Just today, … Continue reading We Think He Wants Our Attention

Women Are Not Second Class Citizens

We were doing some research on this topic the other day and this concept takes on many forms. There are some strange arguments used to say that in today's world Women are considered second-class citizens. There are a lot of good articles on this topic and some not so good or downright bad. We will … Continue reading Women Are Not Second Class Citizens

The Big Three

This is the perception of a guest poster over at BG's website. That author's concept is that Evangelical Christians only have 3 big issues in their lives- abortion, LGBTQ, & evolution. That is not true of course, as we know that evangelicals participate in a variety of issues. It is just that these three get … Continue reading The Big Three