Intelligent Thought– 5

Analyzing the essay Evolution and Ethics by Steven Pinker Ethics is an important issue in the evolution and creation debate and this essay attempts to describe an alternative for their existence. But his arguments fail. #1. They believe that the theory of evolution corrodes the foundations of ethics. (pg. 143) If secular science is any … Continue reading Intelligent Thought– 5


Intelligent Thought– 4

Analysis of the essay The 'great' transition by Neil Shubin I have probably read the worst chapter ever written by an evolutionist over lunch today. The chapter title held so much promise and I was expecting to finally read actual explanations on how evolutionists decide what is a transition and how the evolutionist thinks transitions actually work. I … Continue reading Intelligent Thought– 4

Intelligent Thought–3

Analyzing the essay The Good Fight by Leonard Susskind I had high hopes for Susskind’s essay but he did disappoint and wrote his supposedly objective piece with a very biased outlook. It doesn’t come through at the beginning but as you read it, the bias and closed-mind is very easy to spot. #1. Science and … Continue reading Intelligent Thought–3

Intelligent Thought–2

Analyzing Jerry Coyne’s essay: Intelligent Design- the faith that dares not speak its name I find the book Intelligent Thought far more interesting than Your Inner Fish even though it has not disappointed me by the different authors’ closed minds and their bias. Their blind belief that evolution occurs (pg. 6) stops them from being … Continue reading Intelligent Thought–2

2 Things

#1. A-ha Moment #16 or That's Your Interpretation-- Although I couldn’t have articulated it at the time, early on in my journey I discerned a tension between the Bible and what I can now refer to as my call to ministry Many people use the word 'call' to explain their desire for and entry … Continue reading 2 Things

Your Inner Fish- 2

I have lots of time this week so I fill it with writing. I hope I am not boring you or being overexposed. This edition of the Your Inner Fish series will cover 2 chapters in order to highlight important details which help us understand how evolutionists anchor their theory and get to the 'evidence' they … Continue reading Your Inner Fish- 2

Intelligent Thought-1

I have extra time today so i thought I would comment upon the book Intelligent Thought: science versus the Intelligent Design Movement, edited by John Brockman.  But first allow me to say that in no way do I support the intelligent design movement and I am not going to defend them here. I have found that the … Continue reading Intelligent Thought-1

Much To Talk About– 58

#1. The Driscoll Saga Continues-- In the public arena, it’s all too easy to lose sight of our individual and collective roles in situations like this. Those of us who have accepted the call to follow Jesus are all part of one body, and this is something happening to our body. As such, it’s … Continue reading Much To Talk About– 58

What Shipwrecks Do NOT Tell Us

There is an interesting blurb at the following link: which tells us of an interesting find.  But there is a lot of things that ancient shipwrecks cannot tell us. First off, they cannot tell us how many successful voyages took place prior to and after the shipwreck. We know of about 2 Roman ships … Continue reading What Shipwrecks Do NOT Tell Us