This Weblog site is designed to bring glory to God by dealing with issues that arise in areas of theology, archaeology, genetics, astronomy and other topics related to the Bible and spiritual life.

Articles to this weblog are intended to point the reader in the right direction towards God using a teaching method. We look to post answers not theories, though the latter may show up from time to time.

The activity on this weblog may not be done on a regular basis due to normal life and the quest to present quality material that is spiritually led by God.

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19 thoughts on “About

  1. The language of the world is misleading and false. it describes a false non-existent process and robs God of the glory he deserves. There is no such thing as evolution. The Christian does not follow the secular world for they are the ones deceived.

  2. In nature we see enough evolution. Just look at our close ancestors, our children and their children how they evolved. You can not neglect that. Also you can not neglect the changes in animals and plants. That has nothing to do with right or good faith. Good faith does not mean “not using your brains and thinking capabilities”.

  3. We also do believe what is written in the Bible, but that does not mean we would not believe in dinosaurs and certain forms of evolution which still continually go on and bring each day differences in nature (cosmos or universe, man, animal and plant).

  4. I did not mean to sound flattering. In my experience, those who strive for truth are often the most un-complimented, un-liked, and un-thanked Christians. That they often must stand alone. So I make it a point to try and encourage when I can. That was all I was attempting to do.

    Thank you, I’ll get working on my opening post. Both your articles are now read. God bless!

  5. Well I hope you buy it. It would be appreciated. I have no idea what time my blog is set to as I am not a computer nerd and do not fiddle with technical aspects unless I have to. Keep in mind that I have other things to do as well so my response time may be slower than you want.

    The BAS forum started off great but the moderation went off kilter and it became almost impossible to post there unless you were one of the few approved selected few

    Flattery doesn’t get you anywhere with me. I would prefer it if you told others how much you liked these forums and then maybe more traffic will visit these doors.

    I like the truth so that is what I strive for. Let me know if you have difficulty posting on the discussion forum. I checked your membership and nothing seems to be wrong so post away and I will get to your comments

  6. My timing is based off the time labeled on this blog, compared to my own clocks. I take it you must live in South Korea? My guess is that your blog here is set to European time. Maybe that was done on purpose to have it in-between your time and USA time, but if not you would maybe want to set it to your own time zone.

    I will be sure to make an account this afternoon! As in, before 9-10 P.M. my time (3-4 A.M. blog-time), since both times you were active around then.

    Yes, I too have interacted with Dr. Collins, but just because he dismisses something, does not mean that something is wrong. Too bad that forum is removed, I would have liked to see it.

    And I, too, have had rejected papers by Biblical Research Bulletin.

    Thanks for the article link, I have been “introduced” to Dr. Bryant Wood through Dr. Collins. I’ll give it a read for sure.

    Thank you most of all for your invite to your forums and for being willing to talk with me! I have respect for you already from what I have read and seen. You have links to Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research as well as written against evilusion (evolution is an evil-illusion) yourself. Taking a stand on Genesis 1-11 is so important! Better yet, taking a stand for Truth (John 14:6) as a whole and The Sacred Scriptures (John 17:17) period!

    And for the record, I am very interested in your February 18, 2011 book Archaeology and the Unwary Believer, priced at $11.66 USD on Amazon.

    ~ Nathanael “AmbassadorHerald” Eisner

  7. Well your timing is a bit off, there is a greater time span between our comments than you calculated. I live in East Asia and do not have internet access in my home. That means my responses will be a lot slower than you anticipate.

    No worries, feel free to comment, though I would suggest you sign up at Dakotas discussion forum (Your third link above) as that would be the better venue for a discussion.

    Just so you know, I have personally interacted with Dr. Collins and some of his supporters co-workers years ago so anything I have written they already know about. The Bib. Arch. Society used to have a discussion forum where we both were members.

    Also, I have sent those two articles to the College newspaper that printed the ones on Dr. Collins has on his tell el-Hamman website but they rejected them. So I am not talking behind anyone’s back. They are well aware of my opposition to their views.

    You might want to read this link as well as it contains the evidence for the southern location and is written by Dr. Bryant Wood


    let me know if you sign up and I will make sure you get approved on the discussion forum so you can start with your questions.

  8. Wow, you impressed me here. Merely 28 minutes after I asked, that is called being punctual, and at 4 in the morning your time. Thank you for being so speedy!

    To make a looooong story short, I started with an article Dr. Steven Collins linked to in Jan 9, 2015’s “Update” and through a myriad of other articles, following info like a chain, I ran into your comment here:

    I am currently reading the two articles you mention there, numbers 13 and 14 on that page of 17. When I am done, which shouldn’t be too long in days from now, I was hoping to be able to discuss them with you. As of this moment your response to Dr. Collins’ 40-Points is what I’m in the middle of, the other one is read. You are the first to try to refute those points out of everyone I’ve seen so far.

    I, too, see the flaws in Dr. Collins’ work and have been attempting to get the evidence out there that he is ignoring The Holy Bible. So finding your work was a huge excitement, someone I had not yet read! But that is why I wanted to contact you as well, and I’m glad it worked. You’ve taught me already and there is more to read.

    Just a note, there is a 6-hour time difference between us, your 3:57 AM Thursday response was at 9:57 PM Wednesday for me. Been a while since I’ve had such a time-gap for a conversation, but I’m guessing from link-3 in my original post, you’re in Europe. God bless and glad to know we have Biblical minds over there still!

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