An Explanation

I am not giving up the Christian faith, what God has taught me nor am I going to completely walk away. I am taking a sabbatical for several reasons. #1. I need knee surgery #2. I need to rest #3. I do not want to repeat myself too much #4. I need to take care of … Continue reading An Explanation


Some Final Words

#1. Stick With God-- The tragedy could have easily driven the Robertsons from the church. But instead of breaking with evangelicalism — as many parents in similar circumstances have done — the couple is taking a different approach, and they're inspiring other Christians with gay children to do the same. They are staying in … Continue reading Some Final Words

Another List

The owner of Formerly Fundie has produced his own list for Thanksgiving and supposed Christian action. The list is his subjective opinion on what Christians should be doing and not one item is founded in scripture The bolding will be his. 1. The timing of “Black Friday” couldn’t be more ironic if we wanted it to be. I do … Continue reading Another List

Much To Talk About- 85

#1. Scientists Have No Idea-- Scientists have long been puzzled by homosexuality, as it seems to be at odds with the basic human drive to reproduce. Various theories have been offered--from the notion that homosexual men make more diligent uncles than their heterosexual counterparts (and thus are better at ensuring the survival of their … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 85

Much To Talk About- 84

#1. The Sentence Is In-- The South Korean ferry captain in charge of the vessel that capsized in April and killed more than 300 people, most of them high school students, was sentenced to 36 years in prison on Tuesday This may not be important to you but it is to me. A while … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 84

Just Archaeology- 11

#1. Underwater Discovery-- Remains of an ancient settlement, complete with a ruined pottery workshop, have been found on the bottom of the Aegean sea off the small island of Delos, the Greek ministry of culture has announced. Dubbed by the Greek media “a small underwater Pompeii,” the structures lay at a depth of just … Continue reading Just Archaeology- 11


I am going to take a crack, with God's help, at some of the questions posted at and then let you compare the answers with those given at those websites First, the questions at Ms. Evans' link: #1. What would you say to young evangelicals disenchanted with the label because of all the … Continue reading Questions

Much To Talk About-83

#1. Truth-- Most people don't really want the truth... They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth This is a declaration usually made by those who have opted for alternative beliefs and who get rejected because of that change in their beliefs. It is a subtle attack upon true Christian … Continue reading Much To Talk About-83

Noah’s Flood Flap

It is all over a tablet labeled as CBM 13532 which is being used to oppose the 'Israelites copying the Babylonians' argument made by unbelieving scholars. I am going to give you the three links from which the information for this article is taken from and then use the numbers I place in front of each … Continue reading Noah’s Flood Flap