Dealing With Delicate Issues- Forgiveness

This is a delicate issue as forgiveness for some is a four-letter word. How many times have you heard someone say 'I will never forgive him or her'. This kind of attitude is not good for the speaker to have. Somewhere down the line, the person speaking those words needs to realize that Jesus had … Continue reading Dealing With Delicate Issues- Forgiveness


Dealing With Delicate Issues

The word 'abuse' has become a term that we do not like. The reason we say that is because it is over-used, misapplied, and distorted out of context far too often and backed by emotion, not truth. Then possible well-meaning people bring their own agenda and private opinions to the issue, thinking their experience is … Continue reading Dealing With Delicate Issues

Afghanistan, Crime & Politics

The newspapers, both traditional and digital, are full of stories about these three topics. It is easy to take sides and point the finger. It is also easy to fight fire with fire but that is not God's way in any issue where wrongs, evil and bad decisions reign. What is the Christian to do? … Continue reading Afghanistan, Crime & Politics

Christians, Evolution is a Lie

We read a headline at Christian Post the other day which caused us some great sadness. It is 'With higher levels of education and declining religiosity, most Americans now accept evolution: study' The first paragraph goes like this: With increased exposure to college-level education and declining levels of religious belief, a majority of Americans now … Continue reading Christians, Evolution is a Lie

How We Are Treated -3

We are not going to belabor the point but we noticed some errors in the comment section over at BGs article and we should correct them We have the time as it is very slow for other work right now. And if I knew with 100% certainty that DDT was going to be fatally hit … Continue reading How We Are Treated -3

Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom

We have written on this topic before but it seems that an update needs to be written in case no one searches our website for older articles. We were motivated to write on this topic again by what we saw in an article we linked-to in our In the News piece a day or so … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom

How We Are Treated- 2

Before we get started on showing you the latest article written against us, we thought we would share this link with you. Underneath the photos in fairly large letters are the words 'Former evangelical Pastor' We are certainly not happy to see this sign or post. Evil is laughing all the way to the bank … Continue reading How We Are Treated- 2

In The News- Only God Calls for Repentance

That is the truth. the secular world has nothing to offer anyone and they do not have the authority to demand that the church repents to their ways. Also, we will address other stories. #1. We’ve Lost them. Calvin University Releases the Wokest Promo Ever We repent of our complicity and structural racism.” “We repent … Continue reading In The News- Only God Calls for Repentance

How We Are Treated

Let's get one thing straight right off the top. We are not expecting any positive comments or praise, etc., for the following content. We have used others as an example for many things so it is only fair that we use ourselves as an example. What BG has done in this post provides evidence that … Continue reading How We Are Treated