Paterno Punished

it is articles like this that distort the reality and hide the truth: ... 25z;_ylv=3 Paterno's prized defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, committed sexual assault on helpless children on Penn State property, and there's no hard evidence Paterno did anything to stop it. In fact, there's evidence he allowed it to continue. So who is … Continue reading Paterno Punished


Genetic Statistics

I was reading a book called Science, Faith and Ethics by Denis Alexander & Robert S. White and the following quotes are about the only things I can accept from their writings. They are not creationists but claim to be christian. In other words, they are not believers but false teachers, yet they do contain … Continue reading Genetic Statistics

Science and the Bible

1. First a simple quote, then second, a simple comment or two. "Any attempt to relate the Biblical teaching to scientific theories runs into the challenges of what is called 'concordism'--that is, the process of seeking to harmonize the conclusions of these two seperate fields of study" If one wants to harmonize science and the … Continue reading Science and the Bible

And Justice For All

The Sandusky affair has been in the news again even though the trial has been finished for several weeks but it is not Sandusky that is garnering all the attention. It is the men of Penn State with most of the focus on Paterno. This topic is being discussed in depth here: so those … Continue reading And Justice For All

A Controversial Arch. Discovery

What is known as Joshua's alter has stirred up some controversy over the years and skeptics tend to call the discovery a watchtower.  They base that conclusion on the evidence that was discovered at the site. Now the problem with discoverying evidence is the actual timeline that covers the years in which the artifacts could … Continue reading A Controversial Arch. Discovery

The God Particle and God

Recently, the news has been filled with the supposed discovery of the Higgs Boson or commonly called the God particle.  This is supposed to be the binding factor that helped create the universe as we see it today.  You can start reading about it here and then just search for other articles on the topic: … Continue reading The God Particle and God

An Interesting Observation

Back in 1949 W.F Albright wrote a little essay which expanded into the book: The Biblical Period From Abraham to Ezra--an historical survey.  He doesn't waste any time getting to an important historical fact as on the first page of the first chapter we read the following words and I am quoting the entire first … Continue reading An Interesting Observation

Does Christianity Explain Anything?

I came across this question when reading Alister Mcgrath's book A Fine Tuned Universe and before I answer it, allow me to quote the whole paragraph for context: "Does Christianity actually explain anything? Many have pointed out that the emphasis of the New testament is not upon offering some explanatory account of the world, but … Continue reading Does Christianity Explain Anything?