Paterno Punished

it is articles like this that distort the reality and hide the truth:–cem … 25z;_ylv=3

Paterno’s prized defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, committed sexual assault on helpless children on Penn State property, and there’s no hard evidence Paterno did anything to stop it. In fact, there’s evidence he allowed it to continue.

So who is buried here? The leader of men? Or the neglector of children

These kind of lies have no part in the christian life. we must rise above the emotionalism, the rhetoric and look at the issue as Jesus has instructed and wants even if it brings unfavorable responses from the unchurched world. But that is what being the light is all about–believers shed the light so all can see clearly what really took place.

I have stayed away from commenting about the people involved in the issue simply because I haven’t seen all the evidence nor was present at Penn State when these conversations and decisions took place BUT that fact isn’t limited to me yet it hasn’t stopped many people, like the above author, wetzall and forde from casting judgment upon the men involved in the issue.

These writers are part of the problem as they ignore much about human life and reality as they let the age of the supposed victims influence their judgement and perspective of the supposed evidence.

It is quite clear that Paterno may not have known anything about Sandusky other than what was reported and his personal experience would lead him to conclude that what maybe a possibility wasn’t true. Many, many people fall back on their personal experience when it comes to neighbors committing crimes and they usuallly say the same thing–we didnt know because he was such a nice and quiet person.

IF sandusky was a pedophile, do you really think he would advertise it to his bosses and take such pride in it that he would boast about his conquests???

In 1998, the police wouldn’t press charges because there was no evidence and in 2001 Paterno and others couldn’t do anything as they only had 1 person’s word for the supposed deed and that witness account could have been wrong and misinterpreted what took place in the shower. Did the 4 men want to be told again by police that no evidence existed and then face a lawsuit from Sandusky?

People are not thinking with clear heads in this issue and they punish men who probably innocent of the supposed inaction they are accused of. It isn’t right as justice is not served and innocent people are the ones who are hurt. The lessons being taught in this issue is that it doesn’t matterif you are inocent or not, the alledged crime will make sure you are punished. people might as well go and break the rules as it doesn’t matter to be law abiding any more.

And that is NOT what Jesus wants or taught.

Genetic Statistics

I was reading a book called Science, Faith and Ethics by Denis Alexander & Robert S. White and the following quotes are about the only things I can accept from their writings. They are not creationists but claim to be christian. In other words, they are not believers but false teachers, yet they do contain some good information in their work and some of it is quoted below.  The information comes from their chapter 7 entitled Genetics and Sex:

“Each of the 10 to the 28th somatic cells in our body contains 6 feet of DNA packaged with proteins to form 23 pairs of chromosomes. If all the DNA in all the cells in a single human being were stretched out it would reach to the moon and back 8,000 times! As millions of our cells divide every second, each individual produces thousands of miles every minute of newly copied DNA.

Human DNA contains around three thousand million nucleotides,the letters which comprise the genetic alphabet, encoding about 30,000 genes…Each gene consists of a sequence of nucleotides which encodes a  different protein…

If the human DNA sequence were printed in books of 200 pages each, 5,ooo books would be required….The DNA sequences of different individuals…vary to such an extent that everyone alive today is different, not only from everyone else, but from everyone who has ever lived or ever will live. On average, two people differ in about one DNA letter per 1,300…if this were not the case then we would all  look identical…

The genetic code is essentially identical for all living organisms from bacteria , yeast and viruses to dandelions, kangaroos and humans…”

The last point they use to make their claim for an evolutionary process but they ignore the fact that the same enviornment requires similarity in genetic make up. There is no proof for evolution here and after reading those figures one must ask themselves 2 questions: 1. How could all that develope randomly? and 2. How could an unseen, unintelligent, unknowing, unfeeling process which contains no foresight, no creativity, no abilities, no power, and so on develope such complex mechanisms?

Take a close hard look at those words. Every human and animal has a brain to use to think yet the supposed process that ‘guided them into ‘existence’ doesn’t have one. Evolution does not make sense at any level nor does theistic evolution or  progressive creationism.

The evolutionist wants you to believe that such complexity developed out of an asteroid collision with the earth or some other fantastic tale, and things just happened after the life form got its start. 

Impossible. Evolution does not work. Its process never existed and all life came from God via His power. It is the only answer that makes sense.

Science and the Bible

1. First a simple quote, then second, a simple comment or two.

“Any attempt to relate the Biblical teaching to scientific theories runs into the challenges of what is called ‘concordism’–that is, the process of seeking to harmonize the conclusions of these two seperate fields of study”

If one wants to harmonize science and the Bible, they must first draw up a comparison chart to get a better picture of what they are up against and a better view of how they are to proceed. A simple one goes like this:

secular science– fallible, corrupt, deceived, limited, human driven vs. the Bible–infallible, incorrupt, not deceived, unlimited, divinely driven.

Then you look at all the scriptures God wrote to tell believers to not listen to the secular world and it doesn’t take a theology degree to see that secular science and the Bible cannot be harmonized and that one of them has to change.

Of course, the one that has to change is NOT the Bible. To harmonize the Bible with secular science, all the sinful elements of the latter must be removed and replaced by Godly ones or you will never succeed.

2. Another simple quote and another simple comment:

“If the account in Genesis intends to make an historical reference then…it may be possible to find some connection between its subject matter and the results of other fields of study.”

Of course the Genesis account is making a historical reference. It is not the fault of God or believers that unbelievers credit or attribute the evidence they find to some alternative source.

People need to remember that those fields of study have had their authority usurped by unbelievers wo do not want the Biblical account to be true. 2 Tim. tells us that the unchurched world is deceived and deceiving which tells the unbeliever that their experts are not telling the truth and that their words should be ignored in favor of the Biblical accounts.

3. One more quote and one more comment:

“It may be that we should refine our reading of the Bible writer in light of the scientist’s opinion…”

This is just pure heresy. The scientist does not have the final word on any topic, especially the contents of the Bible

It isn’t a matter of taking an experts word for it, it is a matter of truth and error, right and wrong. When it goes against the Bible, it is wrong no matter how many degrees, how many years of experience researching the subject or how many publications the expert may have done. 

We are not called to follow science or scientists, we are called to follow Jesus and the Bible.

{all quotes come from Did Adam and Eve Really Exist by C. John Collins, pgs. 105-8}

And Justice For All

The Sandusky affair has been in the news again even though the trial has been finished for several weeks but it is not Sandusky that is garnering all the attention. It is the men of Penn State with most of the focus on Paterno.

This topic is being discussed in depth here:

so those type of details will not be mentioned in this work. What will be mentioned is the Christian response to this issue and it is not going to be something you want to hear.  The believer cannot jump on the condemn Paterno or Penn State bandwagon. They must do things God’s ways.

It is easy to side with the world in this issue for most believers because many use emotion and the age of the alledged victim as  factors in how they define justice but as members of God’s kingdom, they need to learn how to define justice God’s way and then preach that to the world.

To find God’s way there are steps a believer must take first to make sure they are not over-reacting and missing out on some of the truth to the issue. First, Jesus said to –Be without sin before casting the first stone. This is important for a believer may be saved by grace but they still have sin in their lives and they are not qualified to stand in judgement over others who sin a lot more.

Second, Jesus said to–Remove the beam from one’s own eye first before trying to remove the splinter from someone else’s.  One’s sight must be free from obstruction to view someone else’s problem clearly.

Third, Jesus said– Do not judge lest ye be judged. That does not mean we do not have court trials but that we do not judge the person just the crimes they have committed. Of course, there are rules to follow when judging those crimes. Real evidence must be presented, not fabricated, not manipulated, not altered and so on. A trial must be done with honesty, truth, and no hint of bias.

Fourth, Jesus said to– Forgive 70 times 7 and there is no escape clause for issues like molestation of children. They too are to receive forgiveness for their sins. The act of forgiving someone, even before they ask for it, helps clear the accusers of sin and helps them avoid sinning when passing criminal sentencing and verdicts.

God does not use sin to fight sin and His people need to be sin free when dealing with matters of criminal and civil offenses.

Fifth– Jesus said to–Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you. So before a believer reacts, or lets their emotions direct their thinking 0r judgement they need to ask themselves, is this how I would like to be treated in this situation?

Believers need to stop and think first before lending their voice to this or any issue because they are to be the light unto the world and they can’t be that light if they refuse to follow Jesus in those overly emotional situations. If the believer doesn’t do it, then no one else will as the world sees these type of crimes in a harsh way. So much so that justice is removed from the process and sin takes over.

If the worst offender doesn’t receive justice, then no one has it. Believers do things God’s way all the time not when they feel like it. We look for and speak the truth even when no one sides with us, including fellow believers. Why? Because that is what God would want us to do.  It doesn’t matter what the world says and wants, but it does matter what God says and wants and the believer is here to see that God’s will is heard so that people have a choice and know right from wrong.

In reading the few articles and quotes that I have, I do not see Paterno as guilty of what he is accused of  but the world needs to appease the victims and their supporters and they need someone other than Sandusky to blame –for he does not have the fame nor the deep pockets to give this issue the shelf life it needs to satisfy the evil hearts of those against him and his alledged crimes.

I do not know if Sandusky committed those crimes or not, I was not there BUT I do know his trial was a travesty not justice and that is wrong. Who knows the influences that played a part in the lawyers, the judge’s and the jury’s behaviors and decisions but one thing is for certain honesty, facts, evidence, truth, fairness and justice were not part of the charade.

I see people in comment sections, in newspaper articles, in this Freeh report doing the exact same thing to Paterno and the others and it is wrong. Sinning to correct a sin is not right and only serves to destroy those involved and the nation if it goes along with this miscarriage of justice.

If the prosecutors and their compatriots are right, then they have all the time in the world to gather and present their evidence so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sandusky and company broke the law. But they do not. They manipulate witnesses, they do not present real evidence, they rush to judgement and fling accusations in order to appease those who claim they were victims.

The believer cannot be a party to such methods or thinking. They are not part of the world anymore but belong to God’s kingdom thus their words and actions are governed by God’s rules, commands and teachings. And we do not fudge, alter, re-interpret or ignore them for then the world loses out on knowing the right thing to do.

If the believer wants justice, then they must fight for justice for all. If they want truth and honesty then they must fight for those for all and they do not let emotion, ages of victims, the nature of the crime interfere with that objective.

Believers have to be different.

Why Have the Bible?

For that matter why have any rules IF you are NOT going to follow them. For some reason, denominations have gotten it into their heads that they can determine what the rules are for God’s church as if they are in charge. They seem to forget that Jesus is the head of the church and that the Bible sets the rule for the church to follow.

The Episcopal Church has recently decided that they are in charge of the rules, the Bible and that they get to decide who is allowed to preach in the church.

That mentality is wrong, of course, but this thinking is not new as denominations have used secular culture as a determiner of what the Bible says for decades now.  Yet God and Jesus never said to use culture to change their words nor did they say it was okay to change their rules. Yet religious people seem to think they have such authority.

Jesus said–Ye are the light of the world.’ What that means is that those who claim to follow Christ are to live and preach HIS rules, His ways and say what is sin.  This cannot be done when the people in the church start to follow the secular world.

How can people know what is right or wrong when the church goes wrong? How can people know what the rules are when the people in the church keep changing them to fit secular moods and fads?

God doesn’t change and this means His rules do not change. The denominations that claim to be christian must stand on God’s rules not toss them out when people do not like them.

Which brings me to the point of this article.  Why have the Bible if you do not follow it? What is the point of saying you follow the Bible when you actually don’t and you find reasons to change what it says?

Let’s take it a bit further, why have a church if the people in it do not want to follow Jesus and His words? There is no reason to have a church, to have the Bible, to have rules if they mean nothing and are not followed.

People need to realize one thing, it is Jesus’ church and the Bible contains the rules for the church to follow and no authority has been transferred to humans to alter what the Bible says even when secular culture demands a different way of doing things.

It is NOT man’s church, it is not man’s Bible even though man occupy the pews of the church or that some men were used to physically write the words of the Bible. 

To listen to and follow secular ideas and words is disobedience to God and it is sin. God made it clear that His followers are not to follow the secular world for it is deceived, follows evil and they deceive others. Somehow, the people in the church have ignored this instruction and allowed evil to permeate the church and let it go bad as exampled by the Episcopal Church.

This is wrong. So is allowing transgenders, homosexuals and women become pastors.  1 John talks about kowing God but one lies if they continue to sin but claim to know God. The practice of sin is not allowed in the church and it certainly is not allowed in the leadership.

The allowing of rulebreakers into the pulpit  is a contradiction to the message of the Bible and to the rules that govern the church. To change the rules tells the secular world that the Bible does not have the answer, does not have right and wrong and should not be followed.

That is not the good news Jesus told His followers to bring to the world. God said in the Bible–Why do ye call me Lord, Lord but DO NOT do the things I say?

God expects His followers to submit to and obey His rules. That is why they were written and given to man. Without the Bible man loses the right way to go and soon all will be lost because no one wants to follow the right way.

The church loses every time they decide to not follow the Bible and they dim their light rendering them impotent and unable to make an impact for jesus in this world.

The church is not called to follow the secular world and preach its message. The church is called to serve, follow Jesus and preach His message. That is why we need the Bible and its rules so that we have a message to preach and a boundaries to live by.