A Few Comments- 17

#1. Because God Gave Us Intelligence— https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/why-does-god-allow-false-teachers-like-john-hagee-and-joel-osteen-to-infect-the-church/

Why Does God Allow False Teachers Like John Hagee and Joel Osteen to Infect the Church?

He also gave us the right instructions to follow in order to avoid falling under the spell of false teachers and those who are iffy Christians. God has not allowed these people to infiltrate his church, he has allowed them to start their own and preach their own ideas and we have a choice whom we will follow–God and the Bible or pretenders and their fake ideologies.

#2. If You Want Archaeology Information— http://jamestabor.com/2015/09/25/fabulous-coverage-of-our-mt-zion-dig/

I will be posting information on our 2016 Mt Zion dig season this weekend–yes the months are passing and it is almost that time. Here is some fabulous coverage in the latest issue of the UNC Charlotte magazine linked here. You can click on the images below but they are only screenshots. For a higher resolution follow the link and click to pp. 14-17 for the whole spread full-screen.

Tabor is a master of self-promotion. I am not and need someone who can advertise the new magazine we are producing each month.

#3. Belief In The Truth Is Not Wrong— https://rjosephhoffmann.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/defining-fundamentalism/

I’ve been puzzling about this recently: whether there is anything that Christian and Muslim fundamentalists have in common. I’ll leave the Jews and the Sikhs and Hindus to one side for a minute. Just because I want to.

First of all, you have to have a book to be a fundamentalist. It’s no good trying to say you take your religion seriously if you don’t have a page to point at or a verse to recite.

Theoretically, various gurus can exert the same sort of control that a book can exert over the mind of a true believer. But usually gurus begin by pointing at books as well.

There is nothing wrong with being a fundamental if you have the truth as Jesus promised we would have and live by those words correctly. Those that complain usually do so because the truth interferes with their own ideas and inclusion ideology. Comparing Christians to cult leaders is both wrong and unfair as cult leaders do not have the truth but want power and control.

People who complain about fundamentals and criticize or complain about them do so without understanding biblical instruction or how to apply it to those who are misguided or preach their own ideas in the name of Christ. Being a fundamental does not mean one proclaims their own ideology, they seek the truth and follow the HS to it then change as the truth dictates.

#4. The Accusation Of Forgery Comes When…– http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/imitation-forgery-and-education-ycas2015.html

The discussion of forgery led to a discussion on the way to lunch about the role of imitation in ancient pedagogy. That led me to ponder whether we might not benefit from doing more of that in modern teaching. Many students struggle to express themselves well. Perhaps we should return to this older method of asking them to learn by imitating other authors, and doing so explicitly? In other domains, such as music, it is simply taken for granted that one begins imitating the style of others, on one’s way to developing one’s own style.

the message of the Bible interferes with what some people want done in the church or they do not like the message because it stops them from placing their personal mark on the Christian faith.It also comes when people place their own ideas upon the actions of others instead of seeking the truth about what the ancients did and why they did it.

#5. It Also Comes When— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/bart-ehrmans-keynote-address-at-ycas2015.html

As an example of falsification, Ehrman looks at the sweat like blood in Luke, which was probably added by a scribe, as this is the only agony of Jesus in Luke. This is pretending that his addition is the work of the original author of the Gospel.

People do not accept the fact that God will not be redundant and repeat himself in the exact same way each and every time he refers to the same topic in different books.You will see the word ‘probably’ there. That is an indication that people do not accept the biblical record yet have no proof anything was falsified. They just want it to be falsified regardless of the lack of evidence.

#6. He Is Misled— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/why-standing-against-islamic-violence-forces-you-to-rethink-biblical-inerrancy/

s a people group I love dearly and long to minister to for years to come, I have been quick to stand against xenophobia and Islamophobia. In our current climate in American Christianity however, there is fast and hard push-back when I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters.

and very wrong.  The unrepentant, still practicing Muslim is not our brother or sister in the Lord not are the Christian it is wrong to identify them as such or to say that their ways are good when they are not.

When you read through the Hebrew Scriptures, it seems that not only did our spiritual ancestors practice these same things, but if one holds to a traditional position of inerrancy as I was taught as an Evangelical, they would also have to admit that God actually commanded and approved of it.

There is a difference between doing violence out of hate and obeying God’s commands and laws. The former is practiced by Muslims, the latter by humble obedient people who do not listen to those who cannot accept God’s direction for his people. The former is sin and the latter is not and that is the big difference, a difference alternative believers ignore or do not grasp.

A Few Comments- 16

#1. It Is Not Love— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/an-act-of-love.html

Rev. Frank Schaefer has drawn to my attention that a movie is being made about his experience. Some of you may recall when Schaeffer faced censure by his denomination for officiating at his own son’s same-sex wedding.

Love does not support sin, act in defiance to God or say that evil is good.  The Rev. also does not express any love for God by his act even though he claims to be his steward for the congregation he oversaw. A good steward obeys his master, and does not act in contrast to his wishes.

#2. I Will Agree with This Part— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/the-extent-of-literalism.html

It is worth considering that many of the people we encounter online who lead us to assume that Christians/Muslims/atheists/Americans/whoever are insane, may in fact actually be people with mental issues of a variety of sorts.

We do need to be careful in assessing the other person in our discussions

#3. No It Isn’t— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/ridiculously-complicated.html

But do you agree that, from the perspective of our time and contemporary views of God, the Noah story does indeed seem to be ridiculously complicated?

McGrath is wrong about the biblical authors’ view of God and he forgets that while God can strike anyone dead, he also wants them to learn. The Flood was not the end of civilization, so God wanted an example that would resonate throughout the rest of time. If we want to be technical, God did strike the pre-flood civilization dead, he just used a flood to do it.

#4. God Is Not The Author Of Confusionhttp://rachelheldevans.com/blog/target-girls-toys-boys-toys-cbmw

Can you tell me exactly where I am to check to determine the gender of a given toy?

People who raise such questions really do not want to accept the boundaries between genders or their gender specific roles. There is no damage done to any child if there are boy toys and girl toys, only those who do not like the difference between genders create these problems. The rest of the questions are not that intelligent but meant to cause problems.

#5. But It Doesn’t Make You Christian— http://www.peteenns.com/jesus-wants-us-to-be-served/

n a few days, a friend of mine gets out of jail. We and two other couples we are dear friends with, will be splitting up housing, meals, rides, and job hunting to support him over the next three months.

This seems pretty Jesus-y, yes?

The Bible tells us that even the unbeliever does these type of things. So I guess Enns wants a pat on the back for doing his good deed. The Bible also says those who announce their good deeds have already received their reward, they get the adulation from people and not God. Yes we are to do these things, but we do them quietly so as to avoid sin of pride or arrogance.

#6. It Is The Unbeliever Who Does Not Know The Correct Use Of The Word Literally— http://www.peteenns.com/we-literally-do-not-read-the-bible-literally/

That goes for those who say they do read it literally, and for those who say they don’t. In the words of famed linguist Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

When we read literally, we do not infer that God took the time and used his muscles to ‘stretch the universe’ from its created tiny self to its present shape. We know that God spoke and it was instantly stretched to its current size.  Being a literal reader of the Bible means when God provided a revelation it is a revelation and not a metaphor or something to appease the lack of ancient intelligence.

When we use the word literal we are saying that God made intelligent people in the beginning who understood the words ‘in the beginning God… ‘ as God intended them and as we understand them today- to be a revelation of what God did in the beginning. Genesis 1 and other passages are literally true and not some creative story because the ancients could not handle alternative ideas. Alternative ideas have been present since almost the beginning of time so the ancients were capable of grasping different concepts.

People like Peter Enns insult God’s people and biblical writers when they claim they wrote stories and not the truth or say that they were not intelligent enough to grasp certain concepts thus god told them a bed time tale.

Something To Think About

In today’s world where many people are only given one chance, 3 strikes or there are zero tolerance for any infraction it is nice to know that God does not follow human thinking or ideologies.

The believer needs to ask themselves this question:  Where would we be if God did not give us 4, 5, 6 or even 10 or more chances?

Let that question influence you in your treatment of those who break the rules or the law. as the Bible says freely you have received, freely give (paraphrase). Let’s not be harsh in our discipline or punishment of those who offend but seek bibical, just, merciful solutions to their crimes.

A Few Comments- 15

#1. sorry for the long delay but other activities and the lack of an internet connection has pushed this forum to the back burner. I am also having trouble finding the usual websites I use to post comments so today the comments will come from the Christian Post and most likely the Huffington post

#2. I Do Not Like Trump Either— http://www.christianpost.com/news/highly-religious-republicans-dont-like-trump-145187/

Late in August New York Times columnist Frank Bruni expressed puzzlement over what he cited as Donald Trump’s high level of support among evangelical Republicans. A piece this week in The Christian Post similarly, albeit from a different perspective,ponders why Trump is “receiving so much support from evangelicals.” CNN carried a recent report on the battle for evangelical voters between Trump and Ben Carson. A recent report in The Wall Street Journal indicated that Donald Trump plans on meeting with evangelical leaders later in September in his office

I do not see why Christians are supporting him except for the reason that he is a better choice than Hillary Clinton.Christians need to be wiser in their political activities and stop supporting candidates because they are republican or they are close to what I believe. Not voting is a vote and there is no law stating that believers must support or even vote in a given election. if we do not like the herd then we make our statement by refusing to pick any of them.

Sometimes, none of the above is the best choice.

#3. Sorry But The Excuse Doesn’t Wash— http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/breastfeeding-mom-is-humiliated-after-being-told-to-nurse-in-marshalls-bathroom-stall_55f6cf2ae4b063ecbfa4c92e

Oregon mom Karina Gomez says she was “humiliated” when a Marshalls store employee instructed her to breastfeed her baby in a bathroom stall.

Sorry women I am not on your side on this issue. The word ‘humiliated’ has simply become an excuse to not respect the rights of others who do not want to see you breast feed your child. You know you need to breastfeed so plan your activities in such a manner that will not bring you into these situations and seek privacy. You are not the only one with rights.

after I was denied my right to breastfeed where I wanted to

These words bother me because that mother does not own the store and she does not have the right to breastfeed where she wants. The need to breastfeed does not trump ownership rights nor the rights of others.

#4. Who Died…– http://www.christianpost.com/news/10-characteristics-of-bad-christian-teachers-144246/

Several times in my teaching career, I’ve asked graduate students to give me descriptions of the worst teachers they’ve had. During those same years, I’ve watched leaders, discussed leadership, and read leadership books to learn characteristics of good and bad leaders. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve seen that some of the characteristics of bad teachers and bad leaders are the same

and left this guy in charge?  I am tired of reading lists made by people who think they know everything and when you read their articles you see where they do not know much or have left out information that would drastically change their lists. When I began teaching I had a very good private school director. If the student didn’t like a teacher, instead of labeling the person as a bad teacher, they moved the student until they found a teacher that matched with the student.

Not every student or teacher will match up and this inequality does not mean either are bad. It means that the style of teaching didn’t fit with the way that particular student learned. We are too quick to condemn and too slow to find the right solution

#5. It Won’t Work— http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/caitlyn-jenners-renaming-ceremony-was-a-beautiful-expression-of-hope_55f6ceb7e4b042295e36c04f?utm_hp_ref=religion

On July 23, Caitlyn Jenner gathered with some of her closest friends to give thanks for the journey that gave her a new name.

The renaming ceremony took place at Caitlyn’s home in Malibu, California,

Changing his name won’t magically turn him into a woman nor will misusing the bible will turn him into a person of faith. Using the Bible to promote and support sin will not bring favor from God

#6. Another, Who Died— http://www.christianpost.com/news/25-really-weird-things-said-to-pastors-144247/

Few people are truly aware of the constant requests, complaints, and criticisms pastors and other church leaders receive. I must admit, however, I was surprised when I asked church leaders on Twitter to share some of the more unusual comments they have received.

I was first surprised at how many responded. But I was most surprised at the really strange things people tell pastors and other church leaders.

Many of the comments related to using the Bible too much or to being too evangelistic. I should make those a blog post by themselves.

I have read one of his books and it was one too many. These type of people probably do more harm than good with their lists and I am not a fan as I rarely see God in their work and that is the tragedy. The responses in brackets may be funny but certainly not biblical.

#7. This Is Actually Impossible— http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fragments-of-ancient-quran-could-be-older-than-muhammad_55e5d58ae4b0c818f61937ce?utm_hp_ref=religion

In what could prove something of a pot hole for current readings of Islamic history, a carbon test carried out on a Quranic manuscript recently discovered in England reveals the book is likely older than Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic faith.

All this really means is that Mohammad borrowed some ideas that were already known at the time. It really doesn’t change the Muslim faith or how the Quran is to be read but then reporters need readers so they distort the situation to get people to click on their writings. I am not defending the Muslim faith or Mohammad, I see the same bad thinking in Christian circles as well.

The test used a piece of the ancient parchment, which was discovered in Birmingham University Library in July, with scientists dating the tome from between 568 and 645AD.

Islamic scholars believe Muhammad lived between 570 and 632AD, meaning the text was compiled either before the Prophet’s birth or during his childhood.

The other response to this is, Mohammad probably used older paper to write upon. It may have been cheaper or he found a scrap somewhere. This news doesn’t actually change a thing because the details cannot be confirmed. And if we check the dates, 2 years is not that big of deal given the +/- error range that comes with dating systems. Without firm and verifiable dates for Mohammad’s life, this means nothing at all.