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News In Brief

Just taking a look at different stories that have hit the news


David Platt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, apologized Wednesday for the division caused by the organization’s decision to join an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief to support a New Jersey Islamic society’s right to build a mosque.

We have no problem with this action as we think where would Christians be if the situation were reversed?  Wouldn’t they want help from others? Do unto others is a good verse for this issue and so is the thought that planting seeds come from doing good works, we may be opening up hearts to the gospel by doing nice things like this for unbelievers, including Muslims.his help is not supporting the Muslim faith nor saying it is correct but respecting the law of the land, freedom to practice one’s religion. Christians want the same freedom so they need to give it to other faiths, even though they are false, as well.


Conservatives ‘Stunned’ by ‘Devastating Blow’ to Religious Liberty as Court Rules Against Christian Florist

Why are conservatives stunned? Washington is a very liberal state and the court is very secular, what kind of result do conservatives expect? Everybody already knows that the minority of LGBTQ people enjoy unprecedented support and protection from the government, this decision is not a surprise, though it is sad to see. How about praying first that God would change the hearts of the people of Washington state so that more people are brought into the kingdom and God’s justice can prevail.


When Christian Schools Are Rocked by Sex Scandal

To be honest, this article aid absolutely nothing of value on this subject. We will say that this problem is very easy to fall into and believers, especially Christian leaders, need to be extra careful not to allow themselves to be found in these situations. Protecting one’marriage and the reputation of the church is vital. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, avoid these situations and take precautions.


The Church of Pentecost in Ghana is clarifying its position on sex and marriage after one of its counselors suggested that sex is permissible for teenagers who can’t control themselves, as long as they use contraception.

Uhm…No it isn’t. We have to ask why do certain Christian people, who are in delicate influential positions,disagree with God on a regular basis? Why are they in those positions and why are not churches doing more to weed them out?


Exit polls showing that 81 percent of evangelical voters and a majority of white Christians voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election represents a “crisis in the Church” and shows that the Church is more racially divided than ever, the Rev. Jim Wallis has warned.

Wallis, who heads the progressive Christian social justice group Sojourners and is also a research fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, told The Christian Post in an interview on Wednesday that evangelicals and Christians who voted for Trump are “responsible” for his presidency and any “racist” policies that might come out of the Trump administration.

We are tired of these attacks upon a man who has held office for only 1 month. It is ridiculous to expect him to perform perfectly or as his opponents want. If you examine H. Clinton closely you will see that their foundation was merely for influence peddling yet no one said a word when that foundation closed its doors recently. They had to as the Clintons lost access to the White House.There are many other sins of H. Clinton that are swept under the rug and all we can say about Trump and political leaders is– you who are without sin, cast the first stone.


Best-selling conservative author Ann Coulter recently claimed that President Donald Trump is, in her opinion, “head of state” and now “head of church.”

No one has ever accused Ms. Coulter of being theologically sound. It is dangerous to elevate other humans to positions that challenge or place them above God. Humans are the servants of God thus when the servants do well, we praise God for that is who the servants obeyed.


Quotes From Billy Graham

The following quotes have been taken from his World Aflame book.

pg. 47-8 — And as Carl Henry says: In his desire to control the universe, man repeatedly puts himself in God’s place but the idea of God’s Son as a substitute in man’s place he dismisses as incredible nonsense

pg. 48 — From many universities come these ideas: First, man is only an animal; Second, existence is a chemical accident; Third, the struggle for survival has made man what he is; Fourth, morality and standards of conduct are derived only from a sociological context; Fifth, man lives in and for this world only and any further thought is unscientific.

pg. 51 — In a bull session at Harvard, a student observed: Does it not seem strange that millions should be spent trying to create life or to discover its origin? Is not our number one problem to care for the life we already have?

pg. 51 — Either man began nowhere and is looking for someplace to go or he began somewhere and has lost his way.

pg. 83 — There is a strong movement… to recast the Christian message in order to make it acceptable to modern man.

pg. 83 — Karl Barth…in a scathing denunciation of these demythologizers says… In trying to make Christianity plausible for skeptics they have succeeded only in making it meaningless.

pg. 88 — The inescapable implication of a counterfeit is that the real thing exists. No one ever counterfeited a seventy-five dollar bill. Every counterfeit bears witness to the reality of the currency it captures

pg. 127 — Ask the scientist and he cannot give an answer. I have asked a number of scientists questions concerning life after death an most of them say ‘we just do not know’.Science deals in formilas and test tubes. There is a spiritual world that science knows nothing about.

pg. 141 — At birth our sex is settled, the very frame of our body is already determined.

As to the second to last quote, all we can say is that scientists need to be evangelized not have their theories accepted. Science, especially secular science, does not know more than God. For the quotes from page 83, even today we have people trying to change the christian message to make it more attractive to unbelievers. IF you change God’s message then you are not bringing God’s message to the lost. Finally, the last quote reminds us that transgender issues are not a 21st century problem ut has existed for a long, long time. The gender one was born as is the gender they are, anything else is a product of deception.


A Word To Vegetarians/Vegans

We will use the word vegetarian here to include vegans and all other non-meat eaters.

Everyone knows you think your diet is superior to a meat-eating one; everyone knows you judge meat eaters and insult them; everyone knows you are rude to your hosts when you bring your own food to a dinner party  hosted by meat eaters. We have heard the vegetarian argument ad nauseam.

But there are a few points you need to consider which we hope will change your attitude. Yes, your attitude is terrible when it comes to your diet. First, when God gave the Israelites their divinely commanded diet he did not ban all meat products or animals. He allowed the Israelites to eat different kinds of beef and fish along with some other animals.

God told Peter in a vision about going to the Gentiles- ‘do not call unclean what I have cleansed’ This directive can also be applied to one’s food intake. What God has approved no one can call wrong, unclean or inferior.

Second, Jesus ate Kosher. This means that Jesus ate meat according to the laws set down for the Israelites by his father in heaven. We read about this in the Bible. Too often vegetarians think that they are greater than both God and Jesus and that they know better than them.  They think they can make a better diet than the one Jesus ate or God instituted. They can’t. It is not sin to eat meat nor is it less healthy as the Bible does not teach that one diet is greater than the other or that eating a certain way will extend their lives.

Third, When the Israelites were on their Exodus, they got tired of eating certain foods and complained . God fed them meat. He did not send a bunch of vegetable vendors to provide food for the wandering people instead he sent birds. If God had commanded that the Israelites could not eat meat, why would he help them sin by sending them meat?

Fourth, Vegetarians forget that God rejected Cain’s meatless offering.  Meat is a prime ingredient in making offerings to God for only meat contains the blood needed to meat God’s requirements for forgiveness of sins and other sacrifices.God never allowed for a vegetable substitute. The priests were allowed by God to eat part of the meat sacrificed to him. If God wanted his people to be meatless then he would not have provided that permission. If God approves of meat then no human can declare meat to be wrong or unhealthy.

Then to address a couple of our introductory remarks. The Bible tells us to eat what is placed in front of us. But we are not going to be strict here because there are a lot of foods placed in front of us that we just cannot get down or keep down. The point of this is that vegetarians need to learn that their diet is not divinely commanded and they will not sin if they break it. It is okay to eat meat and then go back on your diet when you are in your own home, etc. Since a vegetarian diet is not biblically commanded one is not disobeying God when they break it. There is no divine consequence if a vegetarian has to eat a little meat to be polite to their hosts.

Vegetarians are not greater than meat eaters. Nor are they perfect so stop breaking the command  ‘do not judge’. It is not a sin to eat meat nor does eating meat make a person inferior to vegetarians. The verses in the Bible talking about humbleness apply to vegetarians and how they view their diet.

Finally, get over yourselves. You are free to not eat meat if you so choose but you are not free to make other people go meatless. You have free choice as to what you will eat and how you will construct your diet so do meat eaters. You do not have the right to force your dietary rules upon others. nor make their decisions for them. Other people get to freely choose what they will eat. If you are going to be a zealot about your diet then stay away from meat eaters. There is no divine command to convert people to a vegetarian diet. If you sit at a table with meat eaters then keep your mouth closed about your diet and just enjoy the other person’s company and have a good discussion on anything else.

Vegetarians die from the same corruption, diseases and other causes of death just like meat eaters. Their diet does not extend their life nor protects them from dying. No matter what you eat, death comes eventually so chill out and take it down a few notches because you are not being biblical when you give your diet divine status or make it superior to the teaching of the bible.


A Word About Liberals

In their hurry to protest immigration policies Liberals and others seem to have forgotten that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants follow the rules, the illegal ones try to find some way around following the rules. But the Liberals have been altering God’s standards of right and wrong, morality and immorality, good and evil for so long they have lost sight of what is actually right, wrong, good, evil moral and immoral. Their opposition to deporting those who have skirted the rules also show that they have no respect for those immigrants who have successfully obeyed the regulations governing their move from their home country to America.

Why have rules if some of the American people toss them our for whatever reason they have? It is not fair to make some people follow the rules and others get a free pass, it is also not just.  Now mercy can be applied to this issue, that is not the problem but mercy needs to be wielded wisely so that those who do follow all the rules do not get resentful or end up not caring about any other rule and so on. Mercy is not a blanket policy. Forgiveness can be applied here but only if the illegal immigrants are truly sorry for their violating the rules of the land they entered but forgiveness does not necessarily mean they will not be deported for their crime.

Love can also be applicable but love is not blind nor does it avoid discipline for violators of the rules. Spare the rod spoil the child, love disciplines correctly even immigrants. The Liberals need to learn that they must uphold the laws of their land if they want a safe and secure society. They cannot change the rules just to because they want to or because someone has stayed so long in the country and had a family. The rules must be applied equally to all and they must remember all those who obeyed the laws when the successfully immigrated. To do otherwise is wrong.


Birthday Break +

After this post we are going to take a few days to celebrate a birthday. We will return later in the week.

But here are a couple of short points before we go:


Liberals and unbelievers are the ones who want to keep their fellow-man locked in their sins.It is not a hate crime to try to free someone from their sinful imprisonment.


Sorry but we like the Johnson Amendment as we do not believe pastors should be telling anyone how to or who to vote for. Pastors need to lead their people to doing politics God’s way not trying to influence an election.

#3.  and

And you wonder why God destroyed the world with a global flood? And why he is going to destroy the world when this life is over?  God hates sin and it is not going to make it into heaven. Live holy lives so the world will see a difference and want what God has to offer.


The secular world does not care. The church needs to.


Be A Friend

At the end of the church service today the church played the song, I’ll Fly Away, you know how it goes, ‘when this life is over…’ and it got me thinking about how so many believers tend to be selfish in their christian thinking. They have received redemption, forgiveness and salvation yet do not care if anyone else receives it as well as they want to catch the first flight to heaven and leave this earth.

We believers cannot afford to be selfish in our thinking when it comes to the spiritually lost. We need to remember that we fight against powers and principalities etc, and not flesh and blood. Our fellow humans need compassion and help to be freed from sin and those evil forces which enslave them. Wishing to get to heaven while there is work to be done is not the correct Christian attitude to have. We need to look upon the lost as Jesus does and forget our desires and get involved in the unbelievers’ lives in such a way that more people will find Jesus as their savior.

This does not mean that every person must give a gospel message every time they approach an unbeliever. It may mean planting seeds and watering them via good works, visiting them in the hospital, helping around their homes and so much more. It may mean sitting with them when something bad happens to one of their family members or going to prison to visit prisoners.

We can share our faith when the unbeliever asks why are we doing these good deeds for them. There is no need to cold call with the four spiritual laws, etc., and force the conversation. Take an interest in their lives, learn to care for them and treat them like the humans they are. Let’s leave the judging and condemnation to God and get busy obeying his will.

If you do not know how to do good works for others, the gospels and the book of Acts is full of examples to follow. Just being a friend also goes a long way and being a friend does not mean compromising or changing one’s beliefs but using those beliefs to guide you in your friendship with the unsaved.We must remember that before we were saved we needed good friends to be there for us so do unto others as you would like to be treated and learn how to be a Christian friend to those who are in need of a good friend.

Oh and being a friend does not mean our beliefs are influenced by secular thinking. We still need to follow God’s rules for our lives. As a Dallas Theological Seminary professor once said to his son who wanted to hang out with his unchristian friends–‘it is okay as long as you influence them and they do not influence you’. It wasn’t long before those unsaved friends were redeemed by Christ.

Influence others for Christ do not let them influence you away from salvation and eternal life with God.


Body Shamers and Other Internet Bullies

We heard about how Lady Gaga suffered from internet bullies after her Super Bowl appearance.  There is nothing biblical about attacking people via protection of anonymity.  The Bible verse ‘remove the beams from your own eyes ‘ comes to mind as does ‘do not judge’. Attacking people hiding behind the keyboard is not Christian and it is most likely sin and God does not give permission to his followers to sin, even if you do not like the person or the way they look.

God wants his followers to be obedient even when their identity is protected. What you think may be the right thing to do is probably not as you need to check to see where your thoughts are coming from and if they would be approved of God. There are many passages of scripture that will guide you in this,including the ones from the epistles of peter which says to add spiritual virtues to other existing spiritual virtues.

Living the Christian life is done at all times, not when we are in public and people will know who we are.

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