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Distorting Other People’s Actions

is not of God. we were not really going to post today but this article caught our eye:

4 Reasons Evangelicals Should Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0

We will take a look at those 4 reasons.

It’s the same as Trump’s first immoral Muslim Ban

Using religious words in opposition to someone’s actions is distorting the issue.  The ban is NOT immoral. There is no biblical command stopping the ruling governments from not allowing different groups of people from entering their land. Governments are granted the right to rule by God and those governments have the same freedoms as individuals. They can choose to follow God’s ways or they can choose to go their own but to call something immoral just because you disagree with the move is distortion of what others are doing. Governments also have the right to adjust the rules governing immigration to their land thus if they want to stop people from entering while that renewal is taking place that is their right.

We must reject any religious test

We do not ban people from our country based on religion. Period

Aside from the fact that we do not like any author who uses the word ‘period’ to finish their thought, there is no rule stating that certain religions have an unstoppable right to move to different countries. If members of their faith have done notorious and criminal acts then guess what, a few people have spoiled it for others and it is up to the members of that religious group to reign in their zealots who have no care for anyone or anything. Governments have a right to know who is entering their nation. They have a right to investigate the people who want to migrate to their lands. This means even innocent people have to be put under scrutiny. I do not know how many innocent people came to Korea to teach who eventually committed crimes from importing and using drugs to pedophilia. Governments have a right to protect their own people.

We must defend the religious freedom of all Americans

That author seems to forget that those immigrating are NOT Americans and do not hold American citizenship. The ban is not infringing upon religious freedom by Americans it is examining the rules of those who want to move to America. This distortion is so bad it ruins that author’s argument.

Doesn’t make us safer

Using the fear factor doesn’t make one’s argument rational,logical or even good. It is obvious that governments have limits in protecting its people but it should not be vilified for trying to protect its people. If the ban was an actual crime then we would have no problem with those who oppose it but the government has not broken any laws in instituting the ban, as far as we can see. The problem with this issue is that those who oppose the ban do so with blinders on or with rose-colored glasses fixed to their faces.They only see the issue through their own perspective and do not take the time to be honest in their examination of the facts.

Many people hold up the words on the Statue of Liberty but they forget that those words are not the law of the land, not part of the constitution and really plays no role in guiding government when it comes to immigration.  Christians cannot afford to distort what other people say or do. Distortion is dishonest, lying and sin. Their witness/testimonies as well as the gospel message are at risk when they take to distorting what other people say or do. They also show that they are influenced by secular forces and not the word of God.

We all know that anyone can use the Bible to support whatever they want to. It has been done for centuries and it is being done in opposition to this travel ban. It may also be done in defense of the travel ban.  It should be noted that Jesus never taught insurrection, protest or disobedience to government laws and governing authorities.He did teach to pray for them, to do good to them, to obey  them and we must be careful when declaring something immoral.  What we consider to be immoral may not be. God sets the standard for morality not humans and believers are told throughout the book of Proverbs to get wisdom, understanding and so on.  Writing articles like the one linked to above is not helping anyone but using scripture and religion to further one’s personal views. It certainly doesn’t enhance the gospel.

The use of the word ‘period’ demonstrates a very closed-minded attitude on the part of the author who thinks that only his way is best. That is reducing one’s argument to a subjective nature and not based upon the standards set by God. How can that author prove that his way is better than Mr. Trump’s? He doesn’t do it in the article and he does nothing but whine and complain because someone with elective authority has done something he does not like. He distorts the action because he is not in favor of it and he wants to convince or manipulate others into going along with his way of thought. That is wrong as well for he should be teaching God’s way in this issue and convincing his readers to go along with God’s thinking.

Is the ban a violation of God’s word? Not yet. It depends upon the new rules that will be implemented during the ban period. Again, governments have the right to restrict whomever they want from entering their borders. People need to be wise in this issue not blindly devoted to some personal agenda. It is not smart to open one’s borders to all who want to enter for the government must make sure there are enough resources to take care for all the people under their care and that includes those who are born in the nation. The people attacking this ban seem to forget about the rest of the population they share America with and think their ideas trump everyone else’s and that is not wise, smart or biblical.


Bits And Pieces2


The Adventures of Toni the Tampon: A Period Coloring Book that teaches children men get periods too is causing a stir, with one critic calling it “child abuse.”

No it is not child abuse. Le’s stop abusing the word ‘abuse’. This is called lying to children and lying is a sin. The Bible reminds us that liars do not go to heaven. Let’s not sin in exposing sin.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to donate $650 million for abortions worldwide on International Women’s Day, with “horrified” pro-lifers calling it a “sick” decision.

We call it misusing ones authority and power.

“It is important that as a world we recognize that empowering women, that respecting their rights, is fundamental to building a world in which everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed,” he added.

Women do not have the right to hurt or kill the child or its body developing in their womb.



People had warned me not to read the book. And when I heard that God, who is called Papa, was portrayed as a large black woman, I really wasn’t inspired to read it.

The author of the book and the producers of the movie seem to have forgotten that God does not show himself to humans. If he did the person seeing him would die. Why would God appear as a black woman? There is NO logic to maintain that idea. Then when God has met people the person is told to remove their shoes for they are standing on holy ground. We do not see that vital act used anywhere in this movie. At least it i not mentioned taking place anywhere we have read about the movie.

People may like this film but it is theologically and biblically wrong


Islamic State militants have killed over 30 patients and staff at an Afghan hospital and wounded twice as many others after managing to disguise themselves as doctors in what some have called an “abhorrent new low.”

If you need a modern example of why God destroyed the world with a flood… Now all the people of the pre-flood world were not this bad but they did think of evil all the time. Sin is evil, God set the boundaries for sin not humans. be careful.


There are a lot of us Baby Boomer pastors and Christian leaders around. And it’s cliché, but we aren’t getting any younger. It’s a quiet question that many are asking, but they are asking it nonetheless: What age should I retire?

People like Ranier need to go away. They are sticking their noses in where they do not belong. They are what was once called busybodies. They are minding everyone else’s business but their own. They also think they are in charge of the church and Christians, placing themselves over God with their views. We have never liked Ranier, his articles or the book he wrote. We find him treading in areas where he does not belong and uses the wrong standards to make his judgments.



The following does not make you empowered, look intelligent, have you make a statement or anything else the unbelieving world feeds you as a reason to bare your assets in public

For a while, Nicki Minaj has had a comparatively reserved sense of style compared with some of her older, flashy tactics. But following a bit of industry drama recently, the female MC took to Paris Fashion Week in a series of gag inducing looks. The latest? A breast exposing top from Mugler at Haider Ackermann.

What it does do is make you look immodest, disrespectful, that you cannot dress yourselves. All going nude or partially nude does is open yourself up to negative disrespectful comments and perverts who lust after you and have no concern nor care for you. Going nude makes you an object and you receive nothing  in return. Dressing in that fashion or even with no clothes is not of God for he told his people to dress modestly, respectfully for our bodies are a temple unto him and not for a porn peep show. You do not get any prizes or rewards for disobeying God even in your dress.

I will say the same thing to men as well. You are not to be exposing yourself to anyone or everyone for your bodies are the temple of God as well and not meant to make other people sin against God. Believers are not to follow the unbelieving world in anything, including fashion. They are to be real witnesses to God for his glory.  But with that said, we are allowed a little common sense and not wear burkas in 100 degree heat, just be modest and pleasing to God in what you wear.



A number of MPs responded to the crisis, calling the Church’s stance on gay marriage “untenable,” “unfair,” and “hard to justify,” according to Christian Today.

It seems that those MPs have a very different definition f the word ‘unfair’ than the rest of the world. How is it unfair to make people who want to be part of the church, follow the rules of the church and by extension the God they claim to serve? One would think that, by any normal definition of the term, it would be unfair to those who follow the rules to allow rulebreakers in without discipline, correction and a warning to follow the rules.

“Is it not increasingly untenable for our Church, which enjoys significant privileges in this country because of its established status, to continue to discriminate against its own members simply because they happen to be gay?” asked Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter who is himself in a gay relationship and belongs to the Anglican Church

Making people follow the rules is NOT discrimination but telling people that there is a line between good and evil and that line should not be crossed. What good is having rules if no one abides by them or are told to abide by them?

Dame Caroline Spelman, Second Church Estates Commissioner, added that “Changes have taken place and more need to happen.”

The changes that need to be made are that churches should get back to the word of God and not alter it because some people want to practice and bring evil into the church.


News In Brief- 2

{We forget the numbers so We may have erred in the title}


According to, a bill proposing that Briarwood Presbyterian Church and Briarwood Christian School get their own police department passed 9–2 in the House Public Safety Committee about two weeks ago.

Some lawmakers argue that allowing a private church to have its own police force is a slippery slope.

Democrat Rep. Chris England also raised concern about who the police officer would answer to. A church official said the officers would answer to the leadership of the church.

England raised concerns, however, about transparency. Questions were raised about a drug investigation at the Briarwood Christian School in 2015 and whether a private, internal police department would cover up a drug problem.

We understand why the church is asking for this but we agree with the concerns and wonder how wise it would be to allow a private police force to operate on church grounds.


Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer warned that threats of spiritual warfare and reports of witches placing curses on President Donald Trump should be taken seriously. He pointed to Jesus Christ who warned of “dark spirits” in the world

Pray for your leaders. if you don’t then evil has an easier time of manipulating them and that is not good for the believer. Praying for one’s leaders, even if you do not like them, in time helps the believer as better decisions are made, less persecution and so on.You are helping yourself when you pray for all of them.


Legalizing assisted suicide opens the door for all kinds of human rights abuses, puts a price on human life, and diminishes the dignity of the human being, according to conservative leaders gathered at CPAC.

Wisdom is needed to guide this issue. We are against any form of suicide even though we know people suffer greatly with their diseases. Thou Shalt Not Kill did not leave an escape clause for the terminally ill or chronic sufferers.


When the caretaker inquired about his behavior, “several of the children stated Durham often touched them in a sexual manner or told them to touch themselves while he watched.”

The founder of the home was told about the allegations and confronted Durham in early June 2014. He denied the allegations “but admitted to be struggling with homosexuality and child pornography.” He, however, admitted to church members on June 17 that year that he had performed sex acts on the children.

People have problems, even Christians. BUT we do not run for the hills or circle the wagons and keep the failing Christian from receiving true Christian help. They need the same help everyone does to keep them on the straight and narrow. We cannot afford to turn our backs on them but lead them back to repentance and conquering of their sins through Jesus.


The Madrid City Council has banned a Catholic group’s full-length bus ad that says “boys have penises, girls have vulvas” over concerns that it might offend “transsexual children.”

Take a chance, tell the truth and offend them.

Madrid City Council Socialists spokeswoman Purificacion Causapie called the bus ad “contrary to the dignity and rights of transsexual children,

Sorry but, the transgendered children are claiming and behaving like something they are not. They lost their dignity a long time ago.


Hate Speech

In a nutshell, here is a definition of the term:

speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

That definition is far too broad and allows for just about any subjective opinion to turn any comment into a hate speech. Sadly unbelievers do not like to revise those broad definitions and put realistic boundaries on what hate speech really is. For if they did, they would not be able to do the following:

Christian Concern reports that Michael Overd and Michael Stockwell were found guilty during the four-day trial of using “threatening or abusive words or behavior or disorderly behavior within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress, thereby, and the offense was religiously aggravated.”

Saying that a member of a certain group of people will go to hell is not hate speech for it is not threatening, attacking or insulting anyone. It is telling them their current future destination. It is no threat because humans do not have the power to throw anyone into hell. It is not attacking because the comment is stating a truth and it is not insulting a person or their beliefs but stating a fact.  Again, sadly, the secular world does not like to hear where they are actually going when they die for many consider themselves and other good people not worthy of being sentenced to hell.

In this case, we see a good example of Paul’s words where people only want to hear what they want to hear. They do not want sound doctrine but words that ‘tickle their ears’ or makes them feel good. The preachers in that case did not do that thus they were punished for telling the truth and not lying to unbelievers. Good for them. We are to be punished for doing good and not for doing evil. As much as we do not like street preachers, we do not like to see them unjustly treated nr do we like to see the reasoning given by the prosecutors:

The prosecutor in the case argued that Jesus being the only way to God “cannot be true.”

The preachers insisted that they were speaking truth from the Bible, but prosecutor Ian Jackson argued that they cannot proclaim that what they believe is true.

“To say to someone that Jesus is the only God is not a matter of truth. To the extent that they are saying that the only way to God is through Jesus, that cannot be a truth,” Jackson reportedly said in court.

I do not know what qualifications the prosecutor possesses that allows him or her to make such statements but they are wrong, of course. Jesus is the only way to God. But the problem faced by believers today is the fact that unbelievers control much of the legal system, the governments and other key areas of authority and they do not like the Bible Christ or Christians.They want their own ways not God’s thus they feel any biblical reference to be a threat to them and their ideals. Believers need to be aware that certain acts they do will draw negative responses from those they wish to convert. The believer will need to learn how to do the ‘time’ when they do their ‘crime’ without complaining.

We mentioned earlier that we do not like street preachers. That is true because we see something missing from their ministry that was present when Jesus did his street ministry. These guys and women like to appeal to Jesus to support their way of doing street preaching but they limit themselves to ‘going to hell’ messages and ignore everything that Jesus did when he was on earth. One of the things that is missing from modern street preachers’ ministries is the good works that Jesus and his disciples performed. You do not see these men and women healing the sick, feeding the poor, helping with domestic problems and much more. They dispose of the good works, the very acts that will grant them a willing ear to their speaking, and jump to being concerned about the soul only. This is not right as they too need to plant, water and prepare the field for harvest and they are not doing that.

Another key element the modern street preachers leave out is tact. Jesus was wise and did not sin in his ministry nor did he allow himself to be trapped by those who opposed him. The modern version seems to walk in where angels fear to tread and get themselves in a whole lot of trouble hoping to get some imaginary persecution badge pinned to their chests.  These people are not wise nor do they use the wisdom Jesus used in his ministry. People did not arrest Jesus for he did no wrong in his ministry, this is something modern street preachers need to use to evaluate their own ministries. Getting arrested is not necessarily a good thing nor does it help one’s cause.

People need to take a harder look at how Jesus conducted his ministry before they move into the public arena where the audience is less than friendly.  Preaching the gospel message insensitively is not the only thing one needs to do when trying to win people to Christ. You have to truly care about the people you are seeking to win and not merely look at them as more notches on one’s gospel gun or as a stepping stone in receiving favor from God. Jesus didn’t just preach, he ministered to people’s needs whether they were believers or not. Sometimes he stopped preaching to meet the people’s needs. Something modern street preachers need to learn. Evangelism doesn’t solely depend upon a person moving their mouths all the time.It depends upon the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit doesn’t always use preaching as his method.

People have problems and they want solutions to their problems not more preaching, more prayer, more positive words. They want real action and Jesus gave the people real action. We need to do the same. Yes that opens us up to being hurt and used but Jesus did not say do not do good works if you are going to be hurt or used.We are to do good all the time regardless of what happens to us. Good works go beyond street preaching and enters the realm of truly loving our neighbors as ourselves. Doing unto others doesn’t stop at yelling at them from a soapbox to get saved or else. It may not even include the yelling or the soapbox but it does bring the truth. When we help people we are not joining their ways but obeying Christ and providing us with a better opportunity to share the gospel, an opportunity that may save us from receiving criminal records and prison terms.

But then it might not for we still have to preach the gospel even when we do good works and people may not like the results of our good works and seek to stop them from taking place. They still may seek to place believers in prison but it may be a better sentence or one may find a more receptive audience because they see the good one does. Doing good to others goes a lot further than simply preaching at them


The Intolerance Of Unbelievers 2

We’ll post the link first then comment:

Thirty-seven Democrats in the United States Congress have told lawmakers in Romania not to allow a referendum supported by 3 million Romanians that would create a constitutional amendment identifying marriage as a union between only one man and one woman to proceed.

And what business is it of those democrats what Romania does? This is outrageous to say the best thing about this behavior.

The letter also warns that any change to exclude the LGBT community from receiving benefits and rights allowed to hetrosexual couples could result in violent backlash.

So instead of showing love for those who disagree with the liberal agenda, threats, bullying and intolerance ensue. How sad.  Many of those democrats may claim to be Christian yet we have never found in the Bible any verse where people are allowed to bully those citizens of another nation and force them into doing what one wants.Fortunately, the Romanian leader is smarter than those democrats:

Costea said that he was “taken aback” and “shocked” to see the Democratic congress members meddle in Romania’s marriage debate and is alarmed that they would encourage Romanian lawmakers to prevent the referendum from proceeding.

“You are talking about a Democracy that is only about 27 years old and people are trying to exercise their constitutional rights and Congress members in the United States who are supposed to protect our civil rights in the United States, they go to a different country and say, ‘Hey, don’t exercise your civil rights.’ They tell the Parliament, ‘Don’t even vote on this issue,'” Costea said. “It’s not just meddling. It’s fairly malicious and an attempt to prevent the people from speaking their minds on the issue.”


Costea was so upset by the letter that he even sent his own letter to Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, who was listed as a signatory on the letter.

“This was the most significant citizens-initiated constitutional referendum in Romania ever,” Costea’s letter reads. “As one who is intimately familiar with the vicissitudes the people of Romania faced throughout their history, as well as the cruel communist system under which they were condemned to live for 45 years, I must state, respectfully, that the note from the [37] members of the U.S. Congress is, to great extent, an affront to the 3 million responsible Romanian citizens who signed the petition in support of the constitutional amendment.”

The Democrats said the following in their letter:

Along with many of Romania’s western partners, the United States has recognized, through its judiciary, that our country is stronger when marriage is conditioned on mutual love and commitment and when the rights, benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage attach equally to all persons who make that commitment,” the letter continues. “We also recognize that violence and further discrimination follows any instances of inequality. We urge Romanian authorities take no step that would divide your country from its partners in this recognition and to be wary of any ensuing violence that may occur.”

Yet they will threaten someone with violence if an honest vote is taken and those who oppose the democrats ideology win. The Bible does not teach intolerance but it does teach punishment for sin, something the democrats ignore as they rush to support sin and evil.  In order to make everyone ‘equal’ etc., one has to wipe out God’s standards of good/evil, morality/immorality, and right/wrong. When that is done we have nothing but anarchy as there is no real standard guiding anyone. Anything goes and we see that with these bathroom policies in the transgender issue and when homosexuals are told no. This is just not right and the believer has to stand with God and his standards so that those who want to sin will know that they are wrong and in error.

Of course, that stand is done correctly and not with bullying, intolerance or violence.

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