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We also think he said it better and more concisely than we have.

On Monday Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who helped call the special session to pass HB2, called the executive in charge at one large protesting company and simply asked if him if he or anyone there had a actually read the bill.

He admitted they had not. They just labeled it “discriminatory” without even reading it.

This is a large part of the battle. This is also one of the pieces of information Christians should get before they launch their defense of their position or of the gospel. Being informed is part of the battle. We also need to not protest until we have all the facts.

The truth is they, like other companies who haven’t bothered to read the bill, are simply taking their marching orders from the misnamed “Human Rights Campaign,” who have the audacity to claim that men have a human right to have access to women and girls in public bathrooms, and that any acknowledgement of the biological differences between men and women is somehow discrimination against people who prefer same-sex relationships.

This is called ‘blind trust’ on the part of the company. No one should check their brains at the door even if they go to church and the pastor is really good. One must always double check what they are told because people make mistakes, even good pastors.

  1. All good laws discriminate against behaviors not people.

No one is being discriminated against with HB2, which discriminates against the behavior of a man using the women’s restroom. If any law is wrongly discriminatory it is the bad law passed by the Charlotte City council to create this controversy. It actually discriminates against women and children by making public restrooms unsafe for them. (The ACLU has already filed a lawsuit alleging HB2 does not provide “equal protection” to some folks. Ironically, it’s only because of HB2 that women and children get “equal protection” from predators in public bathrooms!)

When it comes to the issue of rights, people have blinders on and only look at what they want to see. The ACLU is only focused on rights not right and wrong, safety and dangerous and most likely they do not care for their battle is about rights and the people can take care of or fend for themselves. From my experience with the ACLU they do not care about the collateral damage or fallout from these situations, they only care about winning the supposed civil rights battle.

  1. People are equal, but their behaviors are not.

Good laws treat all people equally, but not all of their behaviors equally. In fact, the very reason laws exist at all is because all behaviors are not equal and must be treated differently for the benefit of individuals and society. HB2 discriminates against no one who identifies as LGBT. The law merely sets a safe public bathroom use (behavior) for everyone, and keeps employment law consistent across the state (more on this below).

This is the point we have been making all along. No one cares about right and wrong any more as they want to do what they want regardless of the cost or how it affects others.This is underscored by the breastfeeding issue. One woman was upset because as she put it, ‘She couldn’t breastfeed where SHE wanted to.’ It didn’t matter about the people around her or that she was in someone else’s store at the time. If she couldn’t do what she wanted then there was a problem with everyone else and that is terrible thinking.

This attitude is what is wrong with this bathroom issue. It is not about what is right or wrong but about being able to be selfish and do what one wants  regardless of how it hurts others.

  1. Your identity is not in your feelings but your biology.

I can’t believe there is actually a need to say this, but many on the Left are living in their own invented realty and they are demanding that we live in it too. The reason we’ve always had separate bathrooms is because of biological sexual differences, not because of feelings or “gender identity.” HB2 simply says that people will use public bathrooms that align with their biological sex as found on their birth certificate…

And why aren’t these holier-than-thou folks threatening to pull their business from Iran and Saudi Arabia who are actually murdering homosexuals? Their moral outrage is not only misdirected, it shows that they’re willing to put women and children at risk by kowtowing to a deceptive special interest group, but they’ll sacrifice nothing to save the people they say they care about by confronting real evil abroad.

We can make this argument all day long if we want to. Richard Dawkins is well known for going after Christians and Christianity yet never says anything from his pulpit about Islam and other religions which might retaliate violently against him. Do you see the trend? These people only go after soft targets, people they know they can bully but if you stand up to them they disappear very quickly.

Western society has rolled over for these groups and now have forgotten how to stand up for what is right and put these people back in their place.

  1. The danger is real from sexual predators in women’s restrooms.

If you don’t think so, then watch this video. Just the first six minutes are chilling enough.

Haven’t seen the video yet and you will have to click on the above link to get to it. Women have enough problems with sexual predators, they do not need to face them in their own bathrooms.

  1. Race and LGBT are not the same.

Race is not a behavior and race has no impact on someone’s behavior. But homosexuality is a behavior and LGBT political goals are all about imposing certain leftist behaviors on others, from forcing people to participate in same sex marriage ceremonies to allowing men in women’s restrooms.

We explained this in a different way the in the NC & Transgender post but this is just as good. We know they force others to their will as a bed and breakfast just got fined $80,000 for refusing to hold a same-sex ceremony. What is sad is that the very governmental agency designed to be fair and just and protect all people, the courts, has been hijacked by same-sex sympathizers and turned that agency into their own personal billy club.

Fairness and justice has been tossed out the window and the first quote in our 3 Quotes post applies to the courts as well.

  1. Opposition to harmful behavior is not bigotry.

It is wise. Unfortunately, some on the Left and in business falsely equate opposition to a behavior as prejudice toward people who engage in that behavior. That’s the central fallacy in virtually every argument the Human Rights Campaign puts out — if you don’t agree with every aspect of LGBT behavior or their political goals, you are somehow bigoted against people who identify that way.

If political opposition is bigotry, then the activists at the Human Rights Campaign are bigots for opposing conservatives. The truth is conservatives have good reasons based in public health and safety for not wanting to advocate same-sex marriage or men in women’s bathrooms. But it’s much easier for the Human Rights Campaign to ignore those arguments and call people names.

This is a point that all Christians should be making in a wise, understanding and compassionate manner. We do not let emotions rule our thinking or actions. Nor do we stoop to the level of the sinner. We remain Christ-like in our attitudes and response to the opposition. We broadcast the light not the darkness.

The truth is just too dangerous.

Yes it is because it stops all people from implementing their own ideas and forcing it upon others. It also stops people from being arrogant, disobedient and other negative behaviors that God has called sin. If people know what the truth is, then they know that there is a right and a wrong way and they have no excuse. If they choose to disobey the truth then they know what is going to happen to them and that is a thought they do not want to contemplate.

By ignoring right and wrong and making everything about ‘rights’ then they can go home and feel good about themselves for they supposedly did good for someone else. The truth destroys that goal and the self-pat on the back. The truth tells them that they need to change as well and that their good works still will not gain them entrance into heaven.

So the truth must go in their eyes.So must the standards of right and wrong and the light of Christianity. They cannot live as they please if the light shines upon their work and declares it sin.

We have left bits and pieces out from that article so click on the link and get the rest of what was written.

Unrealistic Questions

The title is as polite as we can be as we look at the supposed ‘serious’ questions posed to trump supporters by the owner of Formerly Fundie. The article is found at the following link

I used to consider myself a person of at least average intelligence, but I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of Christians supporting Donald Trump, and I just can’t do it.

I tried, but I have failed miserably.

Instead, I’ve just found myself left with questions. So, here are 5 questions I have for Christians who support Donald Trump:

People have free choice and if you do not agree with their choice so what? Your disagreement with or dislike of a person does not make you right or that you are supporting the right person or cause. It is obvious that some Christians see some redeeming qualities in Trump and are not as judgmental as that author is. They see that his marital indiscretions are a thing of the past and are not the unforgivable sin. The last we looked, divorce and remarriage was not a disqualifying trait for the presidency.

Sure people gave Bill Clinton a hard time but that was because he lied about his affairs not just because he had them while in office. At least Trump did not lie about his mistakes. Who can trust a lying president? Oh wait, all politicians lie so we fail to see how the following questions have any relevancy.

5. How are you able to support someone who is famous for unwholesome talk and constantly putting people down?…Well, that Bible has a few things to say about how we use our tongues and about the kind of garbage we should resist allowing to flow from our little speaking machines.

That author certainly doesn’t listen to or study political candidates very thoroughly doe she? If one takes a close look at political candidates you see the same thin coming from their mouths, usually in what are supposed to be private conversations but that fact doesn’t change anything. Trump is more honest than they as he lets everyone knows how he feels upfront.

If that author is going to be consistent then he needs to add in the lies, flip-flops, and other political words other candidates say as well. Those changes are as bad as he claims Trump is being. He may not like Trump but he is being hypocritical in his holding Trump to a different standard than those candidates he likes. What about the dirty tricks played by Cruz? Do they not come under this quoted category? Attacking someone for things he is doing while supporting another person who does the same thing or worse renders your position and complaints meaningless.

4. How are you able to support someone who speaks so poorly to women?

He ought to hear what some pastors say about their wives, not only to their friends but from the pulpit.

Women are not saints and they can take care of themselves. They do not need some phony liberal and false Christian defending their ‘honor’. Some women need to hear those words so that they can get rid of their false picture they hold about themselves.

3. How do you deal with the conflicting imagery of Jesus dying for his enemies, with Donald Trump’s constant calls to torture them– and even kill their families?

This is just personal ideology distorting the issue. Trump may have a different point of view about those passages of scripture and after investigating that author;s views of loving your enemy we find that author’s views are not biblical either so he has no leg to stand upon here. I wonder if that author would stand by and let his wife be raped because the act was done by his enemy?

We do not support torture but we also do not support false teaching either and that author is not of God so his views do not matter.

2. What changed between Bill Clinton and now? Don’t you think you owe him an apology?

No and what does Bill Clinton have to do with a Christian’s choice to support Trump? Trump hasn’t lied about his extra-marital activities, he was a private businessman at the time and not the leader of the free world and Mr. Clinton’s reasoning was -because I could. Certainly that reasoning is not presidential in any stretch of the word.

That author forgets that Mr Clinton and his administration brought us political correctness, an ideology choking the life out of society so if anything Mr. Clinton should be apologizing to America and the world.

1. Are you feeling okay?

Seriously? Really? That author considers that or any of these a serious question? If so he needs to go back to journalism school and learn how to ask real questions that actually matter. None of these questions challenge anyone to rethink their support of Trump nor do they bring to the political discussion anything worth discussing.

While we do not take political sides, we favor Kasich over Trump as he seems the most presidential BUT Trump did not become a successful business man by being a fool. I am betting that most people will be surprised by a Trump who becomes president. Yes he is not perfect but then if perfection was the criteria for political leadership, church leadership, marriage no one on earth would qualify and society would have ended thousands of years ago.

The unrealistic thinking of so many people like that author renders debate and their opinions useless and the acts of foolish people, people who do not know anything yet think that they do. They leave God and his instructions out of the conversation and make politics their personal playground. Subjective, personal opinion hurts more than it helps and while people are allowed to have their own personal views it does not make them an expert or knowing what they are talking about.

That author does not know what he is talking about and he has been called on it in his own comment section. You should read it for some of the comments are very illuminating.


These are unrelated quotes taken from Jim West’s website though the first one is actually from the Bible and we exclude Mr. West’s words from that one for they are not the important ones to reflect upon.

#1. Words To Politicians & Government Leaders

Act uprightly and justly; rescue from the hands of the oppressor anyone who has been wronged, do not exploit or ill-treat the stranger, the orphan, the widow; shed no innocent blood in this place.  For if you are scrupulous in obeying this command, then kings occupying the throne of David will continue to make their entry through the gates of this palace riding in chariots or on horseback, they, their officials and their people. But if you do not listen to these words, then I swear by myself, Yahweh declares, this palace shall become a ruin!  (Jer. 22:3-5)

No one is entitled to power or a political career. That is something that is granted by God alone. What also is granted by God is the right of free choice thus those who obtain political seats or positions of government leadership can freely choose to follow God and his ways or not. As you can see, God expects those in power to stop listening to secular ideas and thought and pursue a course of action that follows his guidelines.

The idea that government, education, judicial proceedings are to be secular comes from evil not from God.No one is following God when they listen to the ideas of those who reject God and his truth. There is no separation between God and state for when God said ‘be ye holy for I am holy’ he was not excluding the politician , the court justices or even presidents. All are under the same command.

The unbelievers in each society may complain but if the leaders of a nation follow God’s ways then the secular world gets what it wants– fairness, justice, peace and much more. These are characteristics not found in the secular way of governing and the rising crime rates, the oppression of the poor, the greed of the financial institutions and so on, give testimony to this fact.

God has the right way to go, he secular world does not.

#2. Para-church Organizations

Parachurch organizations have no theological legitimacy because they have no biblical justification.  Jesus came and the Church was born; not The Gospel Coalition or Sojourners or the YMCA.

The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church; but they encompass many parachurch groups which lead people not to the community of faith, but from it.

If parachurch groups were really of God, they would insist on participation in the local Church.  The proof that they are not of God is shown in the fact that they don’t.

While we are not as harsh as Mr. West is we do feel that some para-church organizations do drain finances and workers from the church. We also believe that while God has called these men and women to these different ministries, they should be done under the authority of the church to keep them from spiritually unhealthy practices– like forcing their employees to raise their own support and bad biblical views.

God covers the funding for these special ministries through his command to bring tithes and offerings to the church but sadly , and I really mean sadly, the men and women called to these type of ministries face far too much opposition from the church and its members. If this is the case, then those called should find a true Christian church who provides the correct support–wise counsel, financial aid, comfort, encouragement and so on– instead of wasting one’s time trying to convince those who are opposed to such outreach.

Mr. West’s generalization undermines his argument against such groups for many do great work for God but have been forced into their position because the Church did not agree with their call. We need to be sensitive to those who are called of God and make sure our opposition is correct, understanding and done with proper biblical guidance but we also must remember that the people God calls may not necessarily agree with the church’s idea of an acceptable candidate.

The church cannot let its personal preferences interfere with God and his work.

#3. The Media & Christianity

Which of your religion reporters actually has a degree in biblical studies or theology?  @NPR, @CBS, @NBC, @RNS, @ABC, @Foxnews.  Do any of them?  I ask because it honestly doesn’t seem that they do.  Any of them.

I mean, it’s ok with me if they don’t.  But I think they should say right up front ‘I don’t know what I’m talking about when I offer my views on matters related to Christianity or Judaism or Islam and you should know it’.  That info needs to be in their byline.

We can agree with the gist of these words. Television reporters are not biblical experts and usually none of them have the spirit of truth guiding them to the right information. What they give is either their own personal subjective opinions, which they should not be doing, or allow their reporting to be influenced by their lack of belief or the lack of belief from their superiors.

News reporters are not experts on the Bible and their views do not come from God normally. This includes many of those t.v. specials you see from time to time especially around Easter, Christmas or some other ‘Christian’ holiday. Even many of those which are produced by people who claim to be Christian or include ‘biblical scholars’ do not teach the truth but their own personal perspectives.

The media is not the place for Christians to go for their spiritual needs and spiritual food.They need to find those godly leaders who teach the truth honestly and remain faithful to the Bible in order to become spiritually healthy. The media is only looking for ratings and those translate into dollars for their networks, their concern for honest reporting is behind those goals in priority.

Be wise and follow the Holy Spirit to the truth and what God wants you to do.

There Are No Secret Gospels

The following quotes will be taken from an article called Secret Gospels of Christ which was published by the Philippine Inquirer 12:00 AM March 22nd, 2016 The author is Jaime T. Licauco and his article is found at the following link:

We will not be providing the whole context here but simply addressing different ideas which are held by more than just Mr. Licauco

Even well-known historians who lived in the time of Jesus, such as Eusebius and Tacitus, hardly mentioned him in their writings. That’s rather strange, considering the numerous miracles Jesus was said to have performed during his public life.

I have had an atheist I know bring this up some time ago but it is actually a misrepresentation of what historians actually write about. One does not expect ancient historians to write about Christ for several reasons. The main reason is that the focus of the history does not require that Christ be mentioned beyond a paragraph. Another reason is that the ancient historian did write about Christ in more details but the work has been lost. This is plausible for we know of many ancient writers who wrote more volumes than the ones still extant today.

We do not know exactly what they wrote to say that ancient writers did not write about Christ is a charge that cannot be justifiably made.Then we need to consider the attitude of the ancient historian. They may not have believed in Jesus and did not want to give him free press. Or their ancient editors told them to cut those parts out of the work if they want to have great sales. We just do not know exactly why Jesus is not mentioned more but suffice it to say his exclusion is not evidence to deny his historicity.

Surely, there must have been other sources of information on Jesus’ life and teachings around that time.

Indeed there were, but these were systematically suppressed and destroyed by the emerging Orthodox Christian Church authorities. That’s why the Christian world never knew anything about them.

Yes there probably were other books written about Jesus but none of those were divinely inspired nor were eligible for inclusion in the Bible. The criteria for inclusion were quite clear and restrictive which means that those other works probably were not written by an apostle or someone who knew an apostle. The charge that they were suppressed is ridiculous as there is no evidence for any such activity in the ancient world and this is a charge often brought by Dr. Bart Ehrman who also cannot produce actual evidence for this claim.

The Christian world knew about these works as they were mentioned by other ancient authors and their successors throughout history.They were not accepted as valid gospels or stories of Christ because they altered the truth and presented a false gospel. There was also no ’emerging Orthodox Church’ as the church was already in existence and the rules were set to make sure they got the right books in the Bible. Excluding false texts is not a sin nor a crime but making sure one has the truth.

“Unlike the gospels of the New Testament,” Pagels pointed out, “this text identified itself as a secret gospel. It also contained many sayings known from the New Testament, but placed in unfamiliar contexts, it suggested other dimensions of meaning.”

The words ‘secret gospel’ should have been her clue that the content was not correct or of God. Those words do not suggest ‘other dimensions of meaning’ but indicate instead, that the content was false ideas about Jesus. There is no evidence found anywhere that God kept his information secret or from the people and the immediate leap to ‘new meanings’ is not warranted but scholars are also deceived and they make these leaps to conclusions without considering all the facts.

They do not keep in mind biblical teaching about true and false teachings thus to them, anything from the ancient world sheds light upon Jesus and none of it is erroneous. This is a grave mistake on their part, one which leads many people astray.

During the early formation of the Orthodox Christian Church in the second and third centuries, there were as many as 50 or 60 gospels of Jesus Christ in circulation.

While this may be so, this does not mean that all those ‘gospels’ were telling the truth or that they were actually gospels. Dr. Ehrman makes a great deal over this existence and has published a book listing them all yet when one reads the actual words of the ancient writers, most do not say that they are actual gospels or telling the truth about Jesus and the disciples. Such inferences are made by modern unbelieving scholars.

Modern unbelieving scholars distort the existence of those works  and make them say something they are not saying.In the second and third centuries, the true church already had the authoritative scriptures and knew exactly which books were of God and which were not. Like today we are inundated with secular works about Jesus and the disciples but the existence of those does not make the church confused about which words are God’s word or that there is some war going on to suppress other teachings.

In the words of the late Dr. Metzger, all the counsels did was confirm what the church already knew.’ (A Case For Christ by Lee Strobel). The counsels were not some great spiritual battleground to determine which manuscripts were to be accepted and which were not. They merely put into one volume the real works of God and excluded all those which contained heresy or false teaching.

But as Pagels said, “Those who wrote and circulated these texts did not regard themselves as heretics. Most of the writings use Christian terminology unmistakably related to a Jewish heritage. Many claim to offer traditions about Jesus that are secret, hidden from the many who constitute what in the second century came to be called the ‘Catholic Church.’

Of course they didn’t. if they did they would not have deceived very many people and would not have gained support for their work. Even today cult members do not consider themselves as heretics. Pagels’ comment is utterly absurd and demonstrates she knows little of what she is talking about. We addressed the hidden aspect already but as for the use of Christian terminology how else would a false teacher deceive people? Of course they would use Christian terminology, they are trying to show that they are of God when they are not.

The lack of insight by scholars is appalling.

Incidentally, the word “heresy” does not necessarily mean the teaching or belief is false or untrue, but only that it deviated from the official teaching or belief.  For example, during the Middle Ages, it was the official church teaching and belief that the sun revolved around the Earth, that the Earth was the center of the universe. Anyone who believed otherwise, like Galileo, was called a heretic and was arrested and imprisoned by the so-called Holy Inquisition.

While some of this is true, the application of the word ‘heresy’, this does not mean that false teaching was not existing throughout church history. We need to clarify that statement about ‘official church teaching’. Yes some in the Middle Ages thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth but that is not a belief that arose in the church. It was first presented by ancient Babylonian and Greek secular astronomers and this situation only demonstrates what happens when the church listens to the unchurched scientific world–they are led astray to false ideas.

The unbeliever who laughs at the church over this issue are only laughing at themselves and secular science for that is where the idea first came to be. The church should learn from this situation and realize that listening to the secular scientific world does not bring them to the truth but to ridiculous ideas. Those who claim to be Christian yet accept secular scientific ideas are also wrong and in need of repentance.

Concluded Pagels: “When Muhammad Ali smashed that jar filled with papyrus on the cliff near Nag Hammadi and was disappointed not to find gold, he could not have imagined the implications of his accidental find. Had they been discovered 1,000 years earlier, the Gnostic texts almost certainly would have been burned for their heresy… Today, we read them with different eyes, not merely as ‘madness and blasphemy’ but as Christians in the first century experienced them —a powerful alternative to what we know as orthodox Christian tradition.”

Yes she reads them with blind and deceived eyes not with eyes opened and knowing the truth. To label the writers of those Nag Hammadi works as Christians is distorting who is  or isn’t a Christian. This false identification confuses people and leads them to erroneous ideas about the ancient people. The writers and followers of the Gnostic and other religious groups in the first centuries after the resurrection of Christ cannot be labeled as Christian for they weren’t. They were cultists, false believers and had nothing to do with God and we can point to their modern counterparts today.

The writers of those works were what the Bible calls false teachers. They had very little truth in them but just enough to deceive those who reject the truth of the Bible. The words of the Nag Hammadi library are blasphemous and heresy and do not contain the truth.

For me, the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts are doubly significant and more credible precisely because they did not suffer the scrutiny by the ecclesiastical authorities for doctrinal “errors,” unlike what happened to the Dead Sea Scrolls found in the Qumran Caves in 1947, which were initially examined by an international committee headed by a Dominican Catholic priest.

In other words, she is happy to be led astray and wants nothing to do with the truth. She misrepresents what took place with the Dead Sea Scrolls and while scholars kept them under strict lock and key, we have them published now and can double-check the work of those scholars to see if they erred in any way. We are doing the same thing with the Nag Hammadi library except for keeping them under lock and key.

Her animosity towards ecclesiastical authority is noted and influences her judgment. There is nothing of value in the Nag Hammadi library save to learn how false teaching is done, that false teaching is not new and that many people will believe the lie over the truth. There is nothing in those works that shed light upon Jesus, the disciples or the Christian church. What they do do is shed light upon how many who reject the truth will teach and think. In other words, the Nag Hammadi library exposes the fraudulent ideas of those who do not believe. They contribute nothing to the truth.




Let’s Call It What it Is

Here is the link to the story and a quote

The Walt Disney Company has threatened to stop filming in Georgia if Gov. Nathan Deal signs a religious freedom bill that would protect pastors’ right to not perform gay marriage ceremonies, among other clauses.


Marvel, which is owned by Disney, has shot major films at the Pinewood Studious outside Atlanta, Reuters reports, including the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” but is now thinking of cutting ties with the state.

The unchurched world complains about how the church forces its way upon others and tries to impose a morality upon society that much of society does not want. YET here we have a secular corporation, and it is not the only one, forcing its views upon the people of Georgia through very despicable means.

Those means are labeled as: bullying, extortion and blackmail. Done by anyone else, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would be hunting the perpetrators down with a zeal equal to the knights of the Crusades. But since it is a multi-billion dollar corporation, the owner of Mickey Mouse and other lovable cartoon characters, this mean-spirited threat is overlooked and ignored by those who fight such behavior in lowly common people.

Deadline reported that Disney and Marvel, along with a variety of other companies, have threatened to take their business out of Georgia because they feel the legislation would allow discrimination against gay people

Yet Disney and these other unnamed companies remain silent when the homosexual people they are supporting discriminate and become abusive if not vindictive towards those who disagree with them.Seems that abusive and bullying behavior is a common trait and acceptable to that side of the issue. Disney and the homosexual community want tolerance and acceptance by their opposition yet they do not grant tolerance nor acceptance to anyone who disagrees with their views.

This hypocrisy only exposes the evil that permeates that side of the issue. As you may notice, Disney and others are only concerned about the sexually alternative and say nothing about the rights and desires of those who reject that abnormal lifestyle. Their silence on this part of the issue is deafening.

It follows news that the National Football League has also threatened it could pass by Atlanta as a potential Super Bowl host in the coming years, with NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy explaining that the league emphasizes “tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibits discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.”

I have yet to hear this type of threat or rhetoric in defense of the straight person, whether male or female, minority or not, so we must ask what is the homosexual community bringing to the table that demands such blind support. From our vantage point we do not see that the homosexual has anything to offer except destruction so why are so many people jumping on their bandwagon and giving it any kind of lip service?

Great words but in practice they only go one way–towards the sexual alternative practice person. Again their words undo any ‘fight for justice’ they claim to have made. True justice does not enable spoiled and selfish behavior.

“Unlike the original version, only a fraction of faith-based groups and churches will have safe harbor from the government’s ruthless attacks on Christians,” Perkins wrote in his Washington Update. “But instead of actually reading the bill, the NFL and other businesses seem quite content to take the media’s misleading word for it.”

Does anyone really expect that Disney , other corporations, politicians , sports organizations and the homosexual community to be honest in this issue? If so, we have a bridge in New York we can sell you. It just came on the market for $1,000,000. Don’t expect those fighting to have their sin accepted as good and normal to be honest about anything. Nor can you expect any business to be honest for they are after sales not justice.

This issue has gone past the point of the absurd as one side is arguing for protection against discrimination, bullying, blackmail, etc., yet will stoop to discrimination, bullying, blackmail, extortion and so on,  in order to achieve their goal. Something is wrong here and it is not on the part of those who oppose those sexual alternatives.

Maybe there would be a different response to the pleas of the homosexual community if they set the example for the behavior they want to see done to them. The Bible tells us that ‘we reap what we sow’, and ‘to treat others as we want to be treated’ so we must conclude that the treatment the homosexual community receives comes from the very treatment they dish out to others.

They and their supporters refuse to treat others as they want to be treated so it stands to reason that there is a problem here. If the LGBT person wants to be left alone and not financially ruined then they should set the example and turn the other cheek.Oh wait, that is another Bible verse telling them how to behave that they ignore because it stops them from being abusive and a bully to those who disagree with them.

Disney and the other supporters of the sexual alternative crowd need to re-examine their words and actions and see that they are doing exactly what they want to prevent being done to those they support. They are hurting innocent people because they do not like it when government officials govern honestly and do not let the sexual alternatives have their spoiled and selfish ways.

Sorry but we cannot condone what Disney and other corporations are doing because they are acting worse than those they accuse. They certainly are not acting Christ-like.