I Don’t Hate God 2

Maybe we should have called it God Makes the Definitions.. This is not passing the buck to God but stating the reality. Unbelievers may reat badly to our post in part one but we did not invent the truth. God makes the definition, we are just the messenger. The unbelieving world may not see their … Continue reading I Don’t Hate God 2

Have Compassion

That is the ending message of MM'slatest post concerning our content. In the final 2 paragraphs of his article, he asks 1 important question, at least in his mind, and 1 request: #1. Where is the compassion for these women from the pro-life crowd? and #2. I would ask them to show compassion for these … Continue reading Have Compassion

Why Laugh At Others

Just when you think BG could not go any lower, he surprises everyone and does it. Nothing is gained by mocking others and Christians should not do it to anyone. They need to remember how they felt when Jesus was mocked when he was being crucified. It is not a good feeling and when people … Continue reading Why Laugh At Others

What Is Missing From the Abortion Discussion

We often hear the slogan 'my body, my choice!' It is said by women everywhere. They want autonomy over their pregnancies. Women are demanding something they cannot have and they go about it by excluding 2 key factors that are involved in this discussion. One article that was published at The Christian Post called How … Continue reading What Is Missing From the Abortion Discussion

Christian Counselors – 2

We do not do this very often but we will recommend a Christian Institution to get your counseling degree or degrees. We attended Masters International University Divinity back when it was just getting started. That is about 18 years ago now and it has grown into a very respectable academic institution. Their focus back then … Continue reading Christian Counselors – 2

There is Still Work to Be Done

The Christian should not be chasing after the 'American Dream' or any country's 'dream life. There is just too much of God's dream to be done. #1. hatred and bigotry are common The first step in doing God's work to fulfill his dream is to not fall victim to the labels and lies of the … Continue reading There is Still Work to Be Done

No Rational, Logical or Evidence Filled Arguments

We have 2 main detractors that like reading our website. They can't seem to get enough of our content. When we say something they do not like, their websites are filled with their 'opposing' points of view. We know about them because they make sure they link to our articles in their content. What we … Continue reading No Rational, Logical or Evidence Filled Arguments

Is it a Moral Dilemma- We Are Not Alone

People may not have liked our position on the 10-year-old girl being raped, but there are others who have said similar things. This article- Abortion after a sexual assault creates 2 assaults Says the same thing as we have said. We will quote liberally from it. It was written by Samuel Sey: The story has … Continue reading Is it a Moral Dilemma- We Are Not Alone

A Dumb Thing To Say

Jen Hatmaker Says Calling God ‘Male’ Makes it Hard for LGBTQ and Black folk To Feel Safe Around Him That sentence above was the dumbest thing anyone has said in a long time. How can unrepentant sinners feel safe around God? For the LGBTQ communities, the only way for them to feel safe is to … Continue reading A Dumb Thing To Say