Believing the Essentials

When we were young, we were told that many different denominations were still Christian even though there were many differences among the many Christian organizations. We were told that all these Christian denominations were still Christian because they all 'believed in the essentials of the gospel, Christian doctrine, and the Bible'. For the time being … Continue reading Believing the Essentials


A Comment We Have Received

We do make comments from time to time over at Christian Post and today we got an interesting one from a woman who did not like what we wrote. While her comment was not very objective it did contain some points that would be fine to discuss here. Her comment had to do more with … Continue reading A Comment We Have Received

General Comments- 2

We have been looking at Prostestia for a little bit now and have read their about page. What we know about them, even though we do remember coming across their Pulpit and the Pen website some years ago, is found on that page. While they bring some interesting stories to our attention, we are not … Continue reading General Comments- 2

Protecting Yourself

In recent months everyone has heard about the failings of different pastors and church leaders. The newspapers are full of different stories and they all come from a variety of denominations. It seems that the 'roaring lion' has gained some seemingly powerful victories during those months or those people were ruined long ago and their … Continue reading Protecting Yourself

Something to Think About

One of our Facebook friends posted the following story Mother Found Still Cradling Baby After 4800 Years and as we read it our minds started wondering about the time right after the flood. As everyone knows, science is blind to the past. It doesn't matter what discipline it is science and scientists cannot see into … Continue reading Something to Think About

Dead Sea Scrolls- New Discovery

By now you should have heard about this important find. It is in all the news outlets and when we did a search, that list was long. In case you haven't heard or read about it, just click here to get to one article on this event. While we have some concerns as to the … Continue reading Dead Sea Scrolls- New Discovery

Who Makes the Rules

There was a 'sponsored' article over at the Christian Post titled 'Morality and Atheism: Who Makes The Rules?' but we are not going to discuss the points made in the article. Instead, we are merely going to deal with the question the title contains. In this modern world, it is hard to know who makes … Continue reading Who Makes the Rules