Right & Wrong, Not Rights

So many unbelievers are clamoring for their rights. They want to be able to practice whatever they prefer to do thus they keep saying 'we have the right...' Many nations in the world do provide certain rights to their citizens. Those declarations are not always fair and they are not always implemented fairly. At best … Continue reading Right & Wrong, Not Rights


The Absurdity of it All

Germany recently made accommodations for a 'transgendered person and the logic used in its argument is beyond absurd. We got wind of this by reading this article at the Christian Post- The world is losing its mind. Here's what Germany did The author of that article pointed out the absurdity in the following two quoted … Continue reading The Absurdity of it All

Where Does Morality Come From?

This is an interesting topic as it is one where there really is no gray area. The unbelievers will say it developed as evolution developed life forms. Or they say morality is subjective. Not one unbeliever will say that morality comes from God. They will say any answer to avoid giving credit to God. The … Continue reading Where Does Morality Come From?

Is Christian Leadership in Crisis?

That is the title of a Christian Post article. We didn't mean to use the same title but it is a good question to address. In that article, the author mentions Mr. Ravi Zacharias: Recently, I watched a video: Observations About the Ravi Zacharias Scandal One Year Later. I am profoundly sad for what happened … Continue reading Is Christian Leadership in Crisis?

Hypocrisy?? No…

Unbelievers like to charge the church with many 'crimes' and hypocrisy is always one of the leading ones they accuse Christians of committing. If unbelievers were without sin, then they could cast the first stones. However, the more they accuse Christians of being hypocritical, the more they expose their own failings. Take for example this … Continue reading Hypocrisy?? No…

The Bible Talks About Proper Gun Use

There are people who have said under those school shootings and other mass shooting articles, that when a conservative or Republican doe snot want to own a gun, they do not buy one. But when a Democrat or liberal doesn't want to own a gun, they ban everyone from owning one. That seems to be … Continue reading The Bible Talks About Proper Gun Use

Illogical and Irrational

We looked at an open letter to pro-life groups written by the owner of the MM website. It is a poor article and letter with poorly formed arguments in favor of abortion. You can read the whole letter at this link. But first to put everything into a proper context, here is a quote from … Continue reading Illogical and Irrational