Archaeology’s Introduction


You may have heard a little about archaeology and may have even seen the many articles in the news detailing the discoveries.

Yet you may not know that much about this scientific research field. Studying history is not the most exciting activity for a majority of people in this world.

They have more pressing concerns which keeps their minds in the present. They do not want to be concerned about the problems that people had 3,000 years ago or even 2,000 years ago.

Although many people are bored with history archaeology can help modern people face their troubles, find the answers they seek as well as help guide their children to be constructive contributing citizens.

The information that the past holds help farmers with their crops get a better yield. That information also helps one adjust their lifestyle to eat better foods for a healthier lifestyle.

Archaeology also helps people live better Christian lives. The people who take the time to read about the past, find that different discoveries build their faith which they then can pass on to their children.

Knowing the answers to little children’s questions go a long way in keeping those same children from walking away from their faith and their families.

What follows is a brief discussion on what takes place in the field of archaeology. There is a lot more to the field than making wonderful discoveries.

In fact, there are a lot of personal agendas at work that would undermine the objectives already stated in this section.

Not every archaeologist is a Christian. That means that the average pastor, church leader, missionary and parents should take the time to familiarize themselves with the field of archaeology.

Too many archaeologists have lost their faith when they looked to archaeology over God to sustain their faith.

Archaeology is not infallible, and it is filled with limitations that hinder it from uncovering all the details of the past.

Then different archaeologists with their own theories often distort the physical evidence they uncover and try to have it say what they want it to say.

It is up to the believer to take the initiative and learn about the field of archaeology so they can address controversies, unbelievers’ arguments and their own children’s questions

This book gives you an overview of what goes on in the realm of archaeological work. It is written to help the reader become more aware of what goes on in the field and helps them be more wary when someone says the events of the Bible did not take place.

It is also written so that the unwary believer can be more alert and protect their own faith when unbelieving archaeologists declare the Bible wrong.

God wants his people to gain knowledge, but that knowledge has to be the truth. God’s people are not to be repeating misinformation nor take any information blindly.

They need to be equipped to handle archaeological discoveries as God would want. The way to do that is to follow God’s word over science.

You can’t do that if you do not know much about the field of archaeology as it is one tool that is used to mislead God’s people and call their faith a lie.

Just so you know, archaeology actually supports the Bible, contrary to what many archaeologists and other unbelievers claim.

Keep that in mind as you read these pages.


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Noah’s Introduction

We have decided to place the Introduction to both of our new books here to help get some more interest. First up will be the Introduction from Noah’s Flood Did Take Place



Go and start digging

These are the words of an atheist friend of mine, whom I have had the ‘pleasure’ of debating different religious topics, including Noah’s Flood. His solution to the debate was for me to go out with a pick and shovel and spend my time trying to dig up any physical evidence I could while he sat back in his air conditioning and waited.

In the scenario described above, my friend got to sit in the cat bird’s seat and decide which artifacts I dug up were or were not evidence. It is a little unfair to do all that hard work only to have it dismissed out of hand.

Needless to say, I did not take his advice and do physical digging traveling around the world to see what I could find. Fortunately, that work has already been done by other explorers and their efforts will be noted in this work. But our discussions did get my thinking about evidence for Noah’s flood and where it could be found.

What we know about the flood

Comes from the Bible or the legends and myths of the many secular nations that grew out of the remaining 8 people who were safe on the ark. None of these works describe what the real evidence of the global flood would look like.

The Bible gives us clues and said that everything was destroyed. But the term destroyed can be used in a variety of ways. One meaning can point to the fact that everything is gone, taken out of existence.

Another would refer to the fact that some items have been so damaged that it cannot work again. A third meaning refers to killing animals, etc. All three meanings of the term destroyed are evident in the global flood.

Buildings, records, books, societies, and so on have been taken completely out of existence. Other buildings and artifacts do remain, but are so ruined that they cannot be used ever again.

Finally, lots of animals, etc., lost their lives in the global flood. Any physical evidence to support the flood would have to cover those three categories.

What we don’t know about the flood

This is an important issue because if we had these facts, it might be a lot simpler and easier to find the physical evidence so many people demand to see before they accept the historicity of Noah’s Flood.

We do not know what language the pre-flood people spoke. We can assume that the original post-flood society spoke the same language as the pre-flood civilization. But once God confused the tongues, we do not know what that was.

Tracing a history of language to get to the original may help a little, but since God created several languages at that time, it would still be impossible to get to the original pre-flood language.

Then we do not know how many people lived on earth at that time. Nor do we know how extensive their civilization was. It is safe to say that since it was a global flood this pre-flood society filled the whole earth. Although, how many people lived at the time is another matter.

We also do not know the extent of their achievements. What they did, what they built, how they built it and so on, all remains a mystery today. It has all been destroyed.

Even if we found the ark

As you can see, it is pretty difficult to pinpoint what the physical evidence should look like. Local floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters would have had their hand in altering the evidence from the first day after the flood to the present.

That is not the only difficulty we have. Even if we found physical evidence for the global flood, how can we verify that this evidence came from the global one? There have been scores of local floods over the years producing on a minor scale some of the same devastation.

Or, even if any of the numerous ark searchers were successful and found an ark, how would we know it was the ark? We do not even know what gopher would is, so how could we identify the ark through its wooden remains?

Having an unknown species of wood forming this discovered structure, does not automatically identify it as gopher wood. Even a scratched sign saying ‘Shem was here’ would not be proof as that sign could have been inscribed at any time throughout history.

Without positive verification, doubters, like, my atheist friend or Woolley’s detractors, would just sit back in their comfortable armchairs and simply dismiss the physical evidence without consideration. Positive verification is basically an unreachable goal.

But we have hope

Whether you believe that Noah’s global flood happened or not, we probably have more evidence for the global flood than any other biblical event. The existence of the many different forms of physical evidence provides the verification that is needed to accept that the biblical global flood was historical.

These pieces of evidence do not come from Christian sources. Instead, they come from history itself and there is no other explanation for their existence. I hope you have an open mind as this series discusses that evidence.

Also, this work will not discuss scientific matters so able discussed by top Christian and unbelieving scientists. Those topics are aptly covered by their publications. Nor is this a discussion on seashells found on mountaintops

That issue has been thoroughly discussed and examined as well. There is no need to rehash ground that very few will accept as evidence for the flood. What will be discussed are discoveries that in and of themselves point to very little.

But when you put them together you come up with a lot of evidence for Noah’s Flood. The first part will discuss a science and evidence to provide a little perspective on the issue. Also, a discussion on interpretation is needed.

This issue cloaks the eyes of many to the truth especially when applied to biblical events. After that a comparison with the biblical Exodus is needed to show that differences in events and their impact on the world.

Finally, a brief chapter on dating as this topic is very subjective and marred with corruption, as well as controversy. Part two will spend its time looking at the physical evidence different researchers have uncovered over the decades.

The lack of unity, the lack of belief, and the failure to work together has led many researchers to the wrong conclusion. But when combined together, they present a stirring picture of Earth’s past. One that supports the Biblical record.


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God & Politics

There is an interesting piece over at The Christian Post but we will only deal with the title of the article

Has the decline of Christianity led to extremist political cults in America?

This is a good question since the decline of the influence of the church has meant that morals and morality have become vulnerable.  We cannot solely blame the church for this decline, but Christians should take their share of the blame as, throughout the past 50 years, they have strayed further and further from biblical teaching.

This straying opens the door for unbelievers to freely and willfully make alterations to their thinking, ideology,, and lifestyles. The thinking can go like, “well if the Christian doesn’t believe or follow their God, why should we?” Once the church starts to make alterations to biblical texts, then the flood gates are opened for anyone to put their interpretation of scripture over what God has actually told us.

Or when Christians start retranslating the Bible, then they pave the way for unbelievers to act in any way they can image. We know that, for the most part, Christians make the worse bosses. There are a variety of reasons for this but part of the problem is the love of money. Even churches get in on the act when they misinform people about the amount of their tithe or keep pleading for more money.

The church is only entitled to tithes and offerings, with the former being a command of 10% while the latter is a freewill gift not to be manipulated by church leaders. The offering part is between the giver and God. The bible tells us that God loves a cheerful giver. That passage indicates that the giver is willfully giving extra money for the work of God. The cheerful giver does not give because they are guilted into it, have their arm twisted or the church wants grander quarters.  The give extra because they love God.

He does not command anyone to force people to give offerings. The church needs to cut back on their strong requests for money for it is setting a bad example and creating a bad reputation for both God and the church. But because the church creates its own need for money, they drop their morals and morality in achieving those financial quests.

This lack of morality and morals seeps into other aspects of life. With fewer morals to abide by the believer is then allowed to act any way they wish. Part of the reasoning for their very unchristian behavior is that they think they will receive forgiveness from God. The RCC confessional has led many people astray about God’s forgiveness and how Chrstians should lead their lives.

Another reason why Christianity has declined in influence over politics is because its adherents do not lead very sexually moral lives. They are just like the unbeliever so why should the latter change? Christians lie to and cheat on their spouses. They also indulge in other sinful sexual activities and ignore God’s instructions on how to live their lives. These are not the only sins Christians commit. Why should anyone listen to a Christian?

It is not a surprise that the Christian faith has lost its influence over politics. The example it has set shows that it does not want to be the light unto the world. Instead, it wants to be part of the world and continue to partake in the sinful activities they are supposed to have given up when they repented and were redeemed by Christ.

If you want respect, then live the Christian faith correctly. If you want influence, then stop with the silly games and sill religious talk and get wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  If you want to be the light unto a dark world, then change your lifestyles, goals and direction. You won’t be representing God or Christ if you continue to alter what the Bible says, ignore what God says, and disbelieve what he says.

The only way to have influence over politics and political fringe groups is to live as Christ lived, talk as Christ talked, and do the work Christ has instructed everyone to do.

Two Things, Again

There are two stories or articles that we will briefly address today. One from the Christian Post and the other from Yahoo. Yahoo i sup first

#1.Jesus Christ did not silence women’: Female theologians saw biblical texts as ‘problematic’ – so they wrote their own version instead

it is a long title but it also displays the attitude of the people involved. They did not like what they Bible says so they sought to change it to something more to their liking. There is so much wrong with what they did we do not have the time to deal with all the aspects of their actions. We will highlight one key point that doomed their work to the heresy pile:

n a description on the back page, the authors cite a suffragist as their inspiration for the project

So getting to the truth and God were not the motivating factors behind their work. This tells us that they were not listening to the voice of God, or the leading of the Hoy Spirit but their own subjective personal opinions and preferences. Here is more of the same

What has been problematic through the ages is that the texts have been [used] in order to submit women to men — and this is not the aim of the biblical witness,” Parmentier tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Jesus Christ did not silence women. He talked with women and took them seriously. This should be our key for interpretation: What is the ‘good news’ of the Gospel?”

These women do not want to obey God and submit to their husbands. This is disobedience and sin which also provides a clue that this so-called change of the Bible is not of God.

#2. Democrats ‘basically godless,’ ‘God will not bless America’ due to abortion: Former SBC president

Let’s get a couple of facts striaght. First the Democratic Party is not a religion nor is the Democratic ideology. It is a political party with sinful ideology. Second, evolution is not a religion either. It is a scientific alternative to the truth. This calling ideas and thinking contrary to standard Christian thought a religion needs to stop. It distorts the issue and misrepresents what both sets of thought represent.

We are not going to point a finger, just yet, at the sins of the Democratic Party because the Republicans have chosen different sins to practice. Both parties need a revival and get right with God. The only problem is the Democrats are more open about the sins they will support. Pray for both parties so that God can work miracles through those prayers.

They Are Not Setting a Good Example

Rider U. rejects student survey asking for Chick-fil-A, says company’s values ‘haven’t progressed’

A New Jersey college is refusing to bring Chick-fil-A on campus because its values “have not sufficiently progressed” despite it being the most preferred option among the students

We read stories like this all the time. Some are more severe than others as the targeted people have usually critiqued another very sensitive religion and western leaders seem to bend over backwards to appease the adherents of that religion. They do this instead of telling those adherents to toughen up and learn to take constructive criticism.

The university in question in that story, makes the claim that Chick-fil-A is not inclusive enough, here is their main argument

In a Nov. 1 email obtained by Campus Reform, Rider University, a private institution in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, explained that they would not be bringing the popular chicken sandwich restaurant since “their corporate values have not sufficiently progressed enough to align with those of Rider,” articulating that their decision was to promote “inclusion for all people.”

Yet Rider U has shown that they cannot live by the same standards they force on others. Their exclusion of Chick-fil-A shows that they do not meet their own standards of inclusion. Certain people are not allowed to enter simply because the powers that be at Rider U are not inclusive enough. Yet, this is often the story when someone who disagrees with the liberal or Democrat agenda.

The liberals and Democrats forget their own rules and ideology because they do not want to tolerate opposing opinions.

During the spring semester, Rider surveyed the student body to inquire which restaurants they would like to see come to campus. When the students responded that Chick-fil-A was their top choice, the university paid no attention to the results.

Rider U again sets another bad example here by ignoring the will of the students. Something that has gone in the adult world where judges, CA Prop 8, have gone against the will of the people simply because the majority will chooses something they do not like. How can students learn the right way to do life when their adult examples continually demonstrate how not to do life the right way?

Ignoring one’s own ideology to keep a group or individual or in this case, a restaurant, out of campus or a city, does nothing to make that ideology a good option to live by.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a campus’ decision to invite a retail partner on campus,” Rider Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Jan Friedman-Krupnick told the outlet.

“While Chick-fil-A is among other restaurants preferenced by Rider students, there are members of the community (faculty, staff, and students) who strongly opposed the option as well.”

In other words the survey was nothing but a meaningless exercise to placate the students. The decision was already known in advance just in case the students did what they did and chose a restaurant the faculty did not like. So much for democracy. But if you hadn’t noticed, the liberals and Democrats do not want democracy unless they win. They also want to force their ideology on others as has been seen by the numerous cases against Christian businesses.

Again, it doesn’t matter what the majority wants, it is only what certain people want to see take place. We understand this attitude because Jesus said the unbelievers will hate Christians because the unbeliever hates Christ. They hate Christ and Christians because the light the latter shine exposes the sins of the unbeliever. The unbeliever thinks they are good people and are good enough to enter heaven because they are more inclusive than the Christian.

They aren’t as the unbeliever wants to bring sin into paradise. They think that a corrupted paradise is better than a sinless one. They are mistaken. Also, no one is more inclusive than God. He will accept anyone who repents of their sins and accepts his son as their savior. What isn’t included in his perfect kingdom is sin. This is something the unbeliever does not understand because they have been deceived.

If you want to start making a spiritual impact for God then you need to start praying to bind the evil forces doing the deception. You won’t get a foot in the door to the unbeliever’s soul until you do. Then you need to set the right biblical example so your light will shine brightly.

Sometimes Words Fail Us

When we look at different news stories, different news events, the acts of people who claim to be Christian and more,we just get tired of the amount of evil that gets to rule in the daily lives of people. Here are some examples


One of Australia’s top wedding magazines has closed down after they were abandoned in droves by advertisers over the Christian owners’ refusal to feature same-sex couples.

Luke and Carla Burrell, the owners of White magazine, stated in a “farewell” message on their website on Saturday that their intention during their 12 years of existence was to celebrate marriage with a focus on love and commitment. 

They explained that ever since Australia voted to legalize same-sex marriage in November 2017, they have continuously been asked why they do not feature all couples, including gay couples, in their magazine.


South Korean megachurch pastor Lee Jae-rock was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping eight female followers, and telling them it was God’s will.

The Korea Times reported that Lee, the 75-year-old pastor of Manmin Central Church, was found guilty on Thursday of using his power and status to force the victims, all in their 20s, to have sex with him, saying that it was an “order from God.”

The Seoul Central District Court also ordered the church leader to take 80 hours of therapy classes and banned him from working with youth institutions for 10 years after his prison term.


The Unification Church, properly known as Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA, hosted a major event this month called “Peace Starts with Me” and invited high-profile Christian artists, such as Israel Houghton, Yolanda Adams and Hezekiah Walker, to help welcome the self-described “mother, the only begotten daughter of God,” Hak Ja Han Moon, to America.

A video promotion for the Nov. 12 event held in New York City’s Nassau Coliseum announced that Grammy award winner Houghton was joining Bishop Noel Jones, along with the other gospel singers for the Unificationism gathering.

The Unification Church reported on its website that approximately 20,000 people attended the event held at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, N.Y., for the Peace Starts With Me rally “to welcome True Mother back to America.” The event was globally live streamed for thousands of others to experience the event from their homes.

It’s unclear why these popular Christians would link arms with what has been labeled as a heretical body that is not Christian, especially because Moon, who was the keynote speaker for “Peace Starts With Me,” believes “Jesus failed in his mission” for world peace by being crucified.


One of Asia Bibi’s daughters has appeared on a video thanking God and Christians worldwide who’ve been praying for her family as they continue to face many uncertainties.

“Thank you everybody for praying for my mother. I’d also like to thank the brave judges and the Pakistani justice system that recognize my mother’s innocence,” Eisham Ashiq says in a video, supplied by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

“I’d also like to thank all the governments — the Italian government that [is] concerned about our future and safety,” she adds.

“Thanks God, she (Bibi) is free and I hope our entire family is finally happy and free. Thanks to all of you for praying for my mother and persecuted Christians.”

Bibi’s family has also said that “religious enemies” want them dead.


The pattern is as predictable as it is obvious. When the left (especially the far left) talks about freedom, it means freedom for those who conform. When it talks about diversity, it means my way or the highway. Political correctness is to be enforced. Dissent will not be tolerated. So much for the left bringing “liberation.”

Of course, the left will say to us, “No, you are the ones who require conformity. You are the ones who refuse to recognize marriage when it’s different than what you’re used to. You are the ones who want to forbid a woman from having control over her own body. It is our side, the left, which loves freedom.”

But that objection misses the point.

It looks bad but we have a way out. It is not the rapture, which Christians fervently seek as they do not want to be part of this world anymore. The Bible teaches us that we overcome evil by doing what Christ wants:

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21 NASB)

You will notice that neither Christ nor God taught that we overcome evil by changing certain laws. Too many misguided souls out there think that the way to have a better society or civilization is to legislate it into existence. That is not biblical teaching. It is one way to make the unbeliever hate the believer and keep them away from Christ.

We are to do good and that means we do more than just preach a gospel message or give our testimony. Jesus healed, fed the poor, helped the widows and much more than just preach the Sermon on the Mount. If he didn’t do good, then the credibility of his teachings would be in doubt and many people would just ignore him. But as you can see through the biblical records, he had great multitudes gather around him.

He was not only relieving them of their spiritual problems but also their physical ones. Doing good overcomes evil, it opens hearts up to the gospel and the ways of Christ in ways that laws cannot. But when we do good, it must be accompanied by the truth

{Love} does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; (1 Cor. 13:6 NASB)

For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth. (2 Cor. 13:8 NASB)

We do not misrepresent, we do not lie, we do not alter the facts and on it goes. We speak the truth in love and do good. The key is that we first must have Christ’s definition of doing good before we act. We do not adopt the secular world’s definitions because they are unfair, unjust and very wrong. The good we do is for everyone not just a small group of people.

Then when we do good, we must go with the right perspective. The Muslim, the Democrat, the Liberal, the conservative, the false Christians and more groups, are not our enemy. They are part of God’s creation who have been deceived, misled, and taken down the wrong paths away from the truth. The Bible tells us

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph. 6:12 NASB)

Having the right perspective will help you prepare better when you set out to do the good that overcomes evil. It will help you to pray better and keep you seeking the truth, as well as learning how to apply your good works and the truth correctly. It will also help you step out of the way and let God work in the hearts of those who do evil.

That way God gets the glory and evil cannot attack you through pride, boasting, egotism and so on. You can easily thwart the darts evil sends your way. Doing Christianity correctly is the best way to make an impact for God and preserve civilization.

God’s Revival or Personal Preference Alterations

We decided to go to the Red Letter Christian homepage since we saw them supporting Queer Theology. One of the articles posted that caught our eye was not about how they support homosexuals who refuse to give up their sin. It was about revival-

Christianity in America is in a funk.

The latest evidence of that is the 81 percent of white evangelicals who voted for Trump.

It’s been said that Trump did not change America — he revealed America. It can also be said that he didn’t change evangelicalism, Trump revealed it. And what we see is very disturbing. Many Christians seem more dedicated to Trump than to Jesus, calling him the “dream president.”

If Christianity is in a funk as that author claims, it is not because of Trump. He does not lead the church, he does not advocate that Christians should stop obeying God and more. If Christianity is in a funk t is because there are so many splinter groups doing their own thing and making a mess of the gospel and the Christian life. Those splinter groups include the Red Letter Christians, (RLC), who truly do not understand the Bible and how it was written.

We have come to Dallas to lift up Jesus because we know Jesus is the best corrective to the stuff that’s gone wrong in evangelical Christianity.

Sadly, we do not see the RLC members lifting up Christ. If they were they would not be making misleading statements about Trump and other Christians. They would look seriously at the issues and seek to find the truth so that everyone would know the correct path to follow. The following is our case in point:

He’s even argued that Romans 13 gives Trump the “authority to do whatever” he wants, even start a nuclear war. This pro-Trump, nationalistic, anti-Jesus theology is toxic and dangerous. The dream president of Jerry Falwell, Jr., Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffress is the nightmare president for the poor and marginalized.

Who are these poor and marginalized people that have been affected by Trump and bad Christinaity? If it is telling the homosexual they are not normal, and showing the transgender that they have been deceived, then the RLC organization is a bt off in its assessment. But we get to the heart of the issue with the following quote:

America First is not just bad politics — it is a theological heresy. Jesus never said, “America First.” He said, “The last shall be first.” The Bible does not say, “God bless America” but that “God so loved the world.” We are called to love like God loves. God’s love doesn’t stop at borders and can’t be contained by a wall. As a caravan of immigrants come to the border, we are reminded that Jesus said when we welcome the stranger we welcome Him. When we turn away the stranger, we turn away Christ.

We see that the author of that piece is really against Trump and many Christians because they tend to support the law of the land and make migrants follow that same law. So the ulterior motive behind attacking both Trump and Christians is that they are not doing what the RLC wants. We find that they misuse scriptures to fit their personal preferences and which has nothing to do with bringing God’s revival to the world.

It is interesting to note that while that author quotes different scriptures, he ignores the ones that tell the followers of Jesus to not violate the laws of the lands they reside. For some reason, those passages are ignored even though we have a great example of Abraham following the laws when he bought land for a cemetery for himself and his wife. Jesus never once advocated that we allow people to violate the law either.

And our commitment to Jesus means we have a particular concern for the most vulnerable people on the planet, whom Jesus called “the least of these.”

Yes we have a responsibility to the vulnerable people of the world, BUT that responsibility does not include allowing the nations of the world to dump their unwanted people on Western lands. Nor does it mean we forget about our responsibilities to the native citizens of the Western lands or those who have became citizens by following the rules to get there. There is a big disconnect in the thinking of that author and the RLC in general. It seems that the real law-abiding ctizens and their rights do not matter to the RLC. That is not Christian thinking nor taught by Christ.

Jesus did teach that we should not ignore the needs of our own families, even when doing good for others. Far too many resources have been stolen by illegals that should be there for those who are legally in the land and have legitimate problems. Also, that responsibility does not restrict our help to native borders. We talked about this yesterday and showed that Christians should be going to other lands to help the vulnerable or nations in general.

Our current crisis is not just a theological one. This is a love crisis

This is not correct. Love does not encourage illegal behavior, read 1 Cor. 13, and it does not place a higher priority on some groups over others. What it is in reality is a misunderstanding crisis on the part of the RLC. They do not understand scripture correctly, nor do they understand how to apply scripture according to God’s will.

We choose love. Jesus said that they will know we are Christians by our love.

BUT the RLC are not choosing love for those who followed the laws or the native citizens of each Western nation. They target only those who want to use and abuse the Western nations for whatever purpose they may have. This is not Christian teaching. Notice that Jesus never criticized any government for upholding their laws.

Here’s the good news – it’s revival time! In contrast to the 81percent of white evangelicals who voted for Trump, 72 percent of evangelicals of color voted differently. And they are the fastest growing population of Christians, making up over a third of evangelical Christians in America. They love Jesus and they know that justice is a core part of the Christian faith. That’s who you will hear at this REVIVAL. We are intentionally de-centering white evangelicalism with a more beautiful, more Christ-like version of Christianity.

It is clear that the revival the RLC has in mind has nothing to do with God, his will or even the Bible. Not everyone is converted at a revival meeting especially if it is forced and seeking a predetermined result. In this example, this supposed revival seems to reflect the will and agenda of the RLC.

The church is meant to be the moral conscience of society, to preach repentance and grace — and sometimes it feels like we’ve forgotten both in America

You cannot be misled if you want to be a moral conscience to the world. This is another fact lost on that author and the RLC. You have to have the truth and speak the truth in love. That author misses out on that verse as well. He likes to point fingers and accuse the white population, forgetting that even Christians of color commit a multitude of sins and do a lot of immoral and illegal activities. Revival is not about diversity, it is about whosoever will may come. Color is not an issue with God.

If the RLC and its author actually provided good evidence, they may be taken more seriously. Yet, their misuse of scripture and wild accusations blur the issues and do not lead anyone to the truth

Our Christianity has often looked very unlike our Christ. And for that we repent. It’s time for a revival.

While this is so in some circumstances, Christianity does not look the way the RLC wants it to look. We do not know what that author and the RLC is repenting from as they still seem to be far from what Jesus taught even though they focus on the red letters of certain bible versions. You can’t force revival or force God’s hand.

We have been fasting and praying for this revival. We know that God is going to revive people this weekend — breathe life into some dry bones. And we also know that when you leave this place you are going to help bring America back to life.

It would be better if they prayed for themselves and asked God to send them the spirit of truth so they could understand and apply scripture correctly. Revival does not mirror the RLC agenda either. It goes to the heart of the issue, brings the truth, and gets people properly listening to God. Revival brings GOD’S way not man’s.

You are going to hear about Jesus. And you are going to hear about justice.

Justice is for everyone, not one group of people. It is not just to force some people to follow the laws while letting others violate them. Justice also does not play favorites or lets circumstances influence its decisions. Plus, it does not hide the truth but demands the truth so fairness can be applied to all. Justice is not a social tool that is ignored when the social circumstances are not as good as they should be. Justice is applied to all no matter their situation or station in life.

Justice, in one sense, is not blind. people who willfully leave their homes and seek to violate the laws of another land do not get a free pass from justice. What the RLC is doing, including that author, is opening their neighbors up to illegal activities, immoral behavior, loss of resources and putting many in danger. That is not love nor is it justice. It certainly is not biblical.

This supposed RLC revival does not follow God’s word nor does it have the needs of the people at its heart. It seems to have only the RLC’s needs in mind and that is selfish. What the RLC is doing is not Christ-like or Christian. Helping others does not mean ignoring the laws of the land or misapplying biblical verses.