The Pro-Life Movement

We got to thinking about this topic when we read Dr. Brown's article "No, the pro-life movement is not about controlling women". The last two words are the most compelling. We agree with much of what Dr. brown is saying but we fear he does not go deep enough into the topic as he confronts … Continue reading The Pro-Life Movement

Around the Internet

The following are stories, opinions, and articles that need attention but do not need a full article to address them. #1. The Christian & Santa Why not allow children to enjoy the Christmas season, including believing the Santa myth? No child has ever been harmed by believing in Santa, a claim that cannot be made … Continue reading Around the Internet

Afghanistan, Crime & Politics

The newspapers, both traditional and digital, are full of stories about these three topics. It is easy to take sides and point the finger. It is also easy to fight fire with fire but that is not God's way in any issue where wrongs, evil and bad decisions reign. What is the Christian to do? … Continue reading Afghanistan, Crime & Politics

Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom

We have written on this topic before but it seems that an update needs to be written in case no one searches our website for older articles. We were motivated to write on this topic again by what we saw in an article we linked-to in our In the News piece a day or so … Continue reading Is There Such a Thing as Academic freedom