Teaching – How Important is This Profession

That is one of the keywords when it comes to teaching. Too many newer teachers have stopped viewing teaching as a profession and view it as just another job. having encountered such people in Korea, it is no wonder that the quality of teaching has gone down over the past 3 decades. Every teacher should … Continue reading Teaching – How Important is This Profession


Just a slight interruption

We watched a video on our alma mater's website and to say the best about it, the content was disappointing. We did not want to interrupt the series on teaching so we placed it at our sister website for everyone to read. We have sent a letter and the URL to the President of the … Continue reading Just a slight interruption

Teaching- A New Perspective

This is going to be a new series for this website. In looking for topics to write on, we were lead to search the teach at Biblegateway and we got over 350 results. Out of those results there stood one verse that puts a new perspective on teaching. The verse is found at Psalm 51:13 … Continue reading Teaching- A New Perspective

See Our Sister Site

We made a post at our sister site, http://www.theoarch.wordpress.com, that needed a little explanation, and here is that explanation as it is an important message to the church: The post yesterday may have seemed a little partisan and one sided but it comes from a level of frustration. I am tired of seeing evil triumph … Continue reading See Our Sister Site

W.F. Albright May Be Right

Many years ago, before our books got misplaced in a move in Korea, we read one of WF Albright's books. Unfortunately, it has been many years since that time and we cannot remember the title. But we do remember one very important comment he wrote and I believe it was in the very first chapter … Continue reading W.F. Albright May Be Right

A Very Good Quote 4

We won't be doing much commentary here this time as we will let the quotes speak for themselves. Suffice it to say, these quotes, along with the Bible and God, provide good support for what we have said over the years and in our books.All quotes come from the book Bones of Contention by Dr. … Continue reading A Very Good Quote 4

A Very Good Quote 3

Actually, there will be more than one today as we take a few words from the book Return to Sodom & Gomorrah by Dr. Charles Pellegrino. After the quotes, we will add a few comments. #1. The Hebrew scribes who compiled the Bible about 550 BC had access to ancient texts which. according to Babylonian … Continue reading A Very Good Quote 3

Something We Rarely Do

We have mentioned the odd blog on our website and recommend our readers to visit and read their content. Yet, we very rarely recommend a business website. But this is an exception to the rule. We have known about this Christian discount bookstore for many years, starting back when we were in Korea. We were … Continue reading Something We Rarely Do

A Very Good Quote

The following quote comes from the book, Bones of Contention by Marvin L. Lubenow. It illustrates one of the problems with science as it looks in the wrong places to provide 'evidence' and establish itself as an authority: Related to this logical fallacy of begging the question is the seeming failure of evolutionists to understand … Continue reading A Very Good Quote