The Nashville Statement

You can read it at the following link We may have touched on this in the past, we just do not remember. Our point though would have been that we did not need another statement. We felt and feel that the believers must put the truth in their live and then let their light … Continue reading The Nashville Statement


Torture is Not Christian

Torture as you know is not of God. But some people may only have ahead knowledge about the act. Here are some pictures to give you a deeper understanding of what torture is and the pain it inflicts on people. Thee following examples come from Korea when they were under Japanese occupation. These are only … Continue reading Torture is Not Christian

If You Think Slavery is Dead…

...think again. We are in the midst of reading Eric Schlosser's book, Fast Food Nation, and in chapters 7 & 8 he describes the working conditions of those employed in the meatpacking industry. This industry provides almost all the beef to your favorite fast food restaurant. The book is an interesting read. A little long … Continue reading If You Think Slavery is Dead…

Human Rights is Not the Goal 2

Our last article on this topic was linked to by the Baraza Foundation. You can read their work at the following link: We appreciate these pingbacks and any other form of linking to our work no matter the reason they are linked. Because of this pingback we reviewed our article to make sure we said … Continue reading Human Rights is Not the Goal 2

Sexual Allegations This trend continues to snowball out of control and proportion. We have not talked about it much because people, especially women, are not wanting to listen to anything that contradicts their point of view or their desired action. In the case of the above story, where does the Bible say you ruin a good … Continue reading Sexual Allegations

Some Short Comments

Different topics that require a few words #1. You really need to click on the link to see the image. West's 'çute' diagram actually demonstrates how little people forgive past behavior and indiscretions. Unlike God, people seem to hold on to those sins committed by other people and use those to stop people from progressing … Continue reading Some Short Comments

The Christian and the Holocaust

In this post we are going to look at two quote. One is by Elie Wiesel and the other is made by Harry James Cargas. The latter wrote the book Shadows of Auschwitz: A Christian response to the Holocaust and the former wrote the foreword to that book. We are attacking neither person and only … Continue reading The Christian and the Holocaust