Just So You Know

I am a lousy self-promoter but I spent the day today editing and adding a few pages to http://dakotascba.com/Home.php .  Gone is the Guest Author page and most of its contents were either given new pages or added to ones already there. In looking back on that page, it was a mess but there was … Continue reading Just So You Know

Where Can You Serve God?

It is a question that so many people ask themselves and their friends.  Most people equate serving God with being a Pastor or a missionary and rarely look to other areas of life where they are needed. 1 Cor. 12:14ff tells us about the body of Christ and that most people are not called to … Continue reading Where Can You Serve God?

Atheist Delusions- 2

Just continuing in providing key quotes from the book of the same title by David Bentley Hart, with a little commentary. {By accident I switched the order of the quotes} #1. No cause in history-- no religion or imperial ambition or military adventure-- has destroyed more lives with more confident enthusiasm than the cause of … Continue reading Atheist Delusions- 2

You Can Say I Am Disappointed+ 2

#1. What The Supreme Court Decision Teaches Us-- https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/quote-of-the-day-663/ Love wins”, as a slogan, expresses not support for gay marriage, but contempt for its opponents. It’s designed to outrage. – Mr Scientism First, if you want me to state the obvious, it tells us that right and wrong, morality no longer matter to most of … Continue reading You Can Say I Am Disappointed+ 2