Just So You Know

I am a lousy self-promoter but I spent the day today editing and adding a few pages to http://dakotascba.com/Home.php .  Gone is the Guest Author page and most of its contents were either given new pages or added to ones already there. In looking back on that page, it was a mess but there was … Continue reading Just So You Know


Where Can You Serve God?

It is a question that so many people ask themselves and their friends.  Most people equate serving God with being a Pastor or a missionary and rarely look to other areas of life where they are needed. 1 Cor. 12:14ff tells us about the body of Christ and that most people are not called to … Continue reading Where Can You Serve God?

Atheist Delusions- 2

Just continuing in providing key quotes from the book of the same title by David Bentley Hart, with a little commentary. {By accident I switched the order of the quotes} #1. No cause in history-- no religion or imperial ambition or military adventure-- has destroyed more lives with more confident enthusiasm than the cause of … Continue reading Atheist Delusions- 2

You Can Say I Am Disappointed+ 2

#1. What The Supreme Court Decision Teaches Us-- https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/quote-of-the-day-663/ Love wins”, as a slogan, expresses not support for gay marriage, but contempt for its opponents. It’s designed to outrage. – Mr Scientism First, if you want me to state the obvious, it tells us that right and wrong, morality no longer matter to most of … Continue reading You Can Say I Am Disappointed+ 2

You Can Say I Am Disappointed +

The plus sign simply means that other topics will be discussed here besides the recent Supreme Court Decision #1. It Is Truly Disappointing-- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/gay-marriage-is-the-law-of-the-land-and-god-isnt-going-to-freak-out-about-it/ Moments ago the US Supreme Court announced that marriage equality is now the law of the land. As our LGBTQ brothers and sisters celebrate civil equality under the law, undoubtedly there … Continue reading You Can Say I Am Disappointed +

I Really Do Not Like Discussing With Atheists

That title says almost it all.  You know going in that the atheist is not going to be honest in their presentation and that they will not have an open mind to your point of view. Sometimes it is hard to spot where their omissions are and if you do not have the time to … Continue reading I Really Do Not Like Discussing With Atheists

Much To Talk About- 141

#1. Do You Stand With God Or Not?-- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-nicholas-phillips/an-evangelical-pastor-at-his-first-pride-parade_b_7654666.html I have long affirmed an inclusive theology, believing that our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer friends, their families and allies should be fully welcomed in our churches. I affirmed their role in leadership, whether it was volunteering at events, teaching Bible study, staffing our children's … Continue reading Much To Talk About- 141

The Political Season

Many believers feel called to enter the field of politics and in so doing they come up with some 'cause' or 'mission' to drive their campaign. For example some look to install judeo-christian family values or ethics; others look to the abortion issue or the same-sex marriage debate to get their 'hook' and spur people … Continue reading The Political Season