A New ‘Biblical’ Documentary

I put the word 'biblical' in sarcastic quotes as I highly doubt the content will be biblical or even true. The title is not new or original as I checked youtube and found several programs with the exact words, though not all are in the same order as the History channel's effort. The new show … Continue reading A New ‘Biblical’ Documentary

Statements Like This…

...tend to make me angry: Ancient peoples had much shorter lives than people in western Europe and America today. The evidence from skeletons shows that few people in prehistoric times would have lived beyond the age of 40. (Prehistoric and Egyptian Medicine, by Ian Dawson, pg. 58) If one studies anything about bones and skeletons … Continue reading Statements Like This…


A good way to learn how to discuss with non-believers is to watch others who have mastered the art of debate. Though discussion is far different from debating, you still can pick up pointers as not every encounter with an unbeliever is a discussion. Here are a few debates Christian scholars have had with unbelievers. … Continue reading Debates

Much To Talk About-16

There is a lot to talk about this week, much more than usual, McGrath has a post linking different sites that have issues needing addressing, McClellan has 2 different recent articles that need attention and a host of others.#1. Daniel McClellan: https://danielomcclellan.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/jacobovici-on-the-ipuwer-papyrus/#comment-3668The Ipuwer Papyrus has been talked about, discussed ad nauseam for a long time … Continue reading Much To Talk About-16