The High Moral Ground?

We have read the following article a couple of times We are not sure if Ms. Jerushah Armfield is capitalizing on her heritage or Mr. Graham's death. This article is the second on the same basic topic. We quote; Jerushah Armfield, a granddaughter of Billy Graham's, who died last week, has accused evangelicals of … Continue reading The High Moral Ground?


Biblical Discovery

In reading about the upcoming biblical discovery, we already know the arguments against its identification Why do we know this? Because of the person who is making the identification. Mrs. Eliat Mazar is known to work with a religious group whose agenda is to prove everything biblical. Not that such an agenda is wrong, … Continue reading Biblical Discovery

Egyptian Discovery

It looks like the Egyptians have uncovered a cemetery dating to just before Alexander's  conquest. here is the title of the article:  Ancient Egypt: Newly Discovered 2,000-Year-Old Tomb Contains Mummy of High Priest and 40 Sarcophagi The previously unknown complex—located in the Minya region, south of the capital Cairo—consists of a vast network of … Continue reading Egyptian Discovery

Is Genesis History?

And yes we are going to talk about that film and some of the surrounding views. We are not objective because we believe the Genesis account is literal, God used 6 24 hour earth days to complete his creation act. The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God, thus, the activities found in … Continue reading Is Genesis History?

Removing the Beam

We all know the scripture in Leviticus where God is telling his people that those who practice homosexuality are to be put to death. Many believers have used that verse over the centuries to attack and harm those homosexuals outside of the church. But maybe another look at the context will help shed some light … Continue reading Removing the Beam

God Did Do Something

In the wake of yet another school shooting, people are questioning God and the government. They ask, why didn't God do something. These people question the Christian faith and in their minds, they see both God and Christianity as weak. What they do not see is that God did do something. Let's make a little … Continue reading God Did Do Something

A Part of God’s Creation

We want to share an article with you today. The story is too long to quote here so please click on the link to read it. Yokohama Mary’: Looking back at the life of one of the city’s most mysterious figures Are there spiritual implications to this non-religious story-- of course there are. But … Continue reading A Part of God’s Creation

Jesus Set The Example

In the wake of yet another sexual scandal, we are reminded that Jesus set the example of how we are to live as ministers and believers. The Bible tells us that he was tempted in all areas of human life. That includes adultery and premarital sex. Jesus, of course, came through with flying colors. … Continue reading Jesus Set The Example