This Year’s Christmas Message

If their was a subject that primarily needs thought, it is this whole question of the birth of the Son of God. That is why I preach this evening and do not have a Carol Service. You must think before you sing, otherwise your singing will be of no value. This is an occasion demanding sober, serious, vital thinking (Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in Magnify the Lord pg. 15 — speaking on the real meaning of Christmas)

The Christmas festival was not instituted by God but we are allowed to have fun as long as that fun remains within God’s rules for holy and sinless living. God instituted communion so that we would do as Dr. Lloyd-Jones suggest and think about the meaning and sacrifice of Christ and his coming to earth.and so that our worship would mean something and be of value.

This Christmas do what he suggests and get to the real meaning of Christmas, Help those who need it, encourage others and strengthen your faith.

The NT Church

Far too many people are under the impression that the 1st century church met exclusively in personal homes.  A recent study we did on the book of Acts shows that this is not so. The 1st century believers met in schools, synagogues, temple, Solomon\s porch, personal homes and even the riverside.  They met where they could. Then people must remember that on two different occasions 3,000 & 5,000 people were added to the faith in one day. Crowds much too large for homes to accommodate.

If people want to be like the NT church then they must focus less on where the first believers met and focus on the desire for God those believers possessed. The location is not important but the attitude is.

{When our situation changes we will speak more on this}

The Homosexual Agenda Is Not New

Having defended the Christian, he (Theophilus) turns to reproach the pagans for the very same things.Why then do Epicurus and the Stoics teach incest and sodomy. With these teachings they have filled libraries so that from boyhood this lawless intercourse is learned. (pg. 252 Evangelism In The Early Church by Michael Green)

Thins are not much different today as the homosexual community and its supporters today fill libraries today teaching that LGTBQ ideas and practices are normal and correct.

Absolutely Not True 3

Their (1st century AD) world was very different from ours  (pg. 13 Evangelism in the Early Church by Michael Green)

While there are some differences there are at least two things that remain the same no matter what culture or era one is looking at. 1. people do not change. God made one set of humans and they all possess the same desires, face the same temptations, have the same goals and so on as everyone else who have lived n this planet.

2. Sin and evil do not change. No matter the culture or era evil tempts, deceives, misleads and continues to ruin God’s creation. The sins faced by the ancient world are the same sins we face today. Science, technology , athletics etc., do not change this fact,

This is why we have the Bible and its timeless words for we are facing the same enemy as our ancient ancestors did and the same problems. The bible is for all cultures and all eras, we do not get a revised set of God’s instructions whenever the culture or era changes. God’s words to us, as written in the Bible, apply to all people of all nations, cultures and eras.