This Year’s Christmas Message

If their was a subject that primarily needs thought, it is this whole question of the birth of the Son of God. That is why I preach this evening and do not have a Carol Service. You must think before you sing, otherwise your singing will be of no value. This is an occasion demanding … Continue reading This Year’s Christmas Message


The NT Church

Far too many people are under the impression that the 1st century church met exclusively in personal homes.  A recent study we did on the book of Acts shows that this is not so. The 1st century believers met in schools, synagogues, temple, Solomon\s porch, personal homes and even the riverside.  They met where they … Continue reading The NT Church

The Homosexual Agenda Is Not New

Having defended the Christian, he (Theophilus) turns to reproach the pagans for the very same things.Why then do Epicurus and the Stoics teach incest and sodomy. With these teachings they have filled libraries so that from boyhood this lawless intercourse is learned. (pg. 252 Evangelism In The Early Church by Michael Green) Thins are not … Continue reading The Homosexual Agenda Is Not New

Absolutely Not True 3

Their (1st century AD) world was very different from ours  (pg. 13 Evangelism in the Early Church by Michael Green) While there are some differences there are at least two things that remain the same no matter what culture or era one is looking at. 1. people do not change. God made one set of … Continue reading Absolutely Not True 3

Absolutely Correct

But we must remember that religion is not the only ideal or ideology that can be abused and turned toward evil purposes. Other alternatives exist, such as liberty, equality, community, tolerance and even atheism. We noted earlier that when a society becomes more secularized it will tend to elevate any number of alternative nonreligious ideals … Continue reading Absolutely Correct

Absolutely Not True 2

The first thing to remember is that all texts must be interpreted within their historical, social and literary context. This is especially true of texts that seem puzzling to us due to the great historical and cultural distances that separate us from them. To do otherwise is to impose on a text present-day standards that … Continue reading Absolutely Not True 2

An Archaeological Moment

We are under the weather this week so we may not post too much. Here is a thought on the Shroud of Turin Furthermore, bloodstains still in place over various sites of bleeding show that at the time the image was formed the body had not yet been cleaned or anointed ( Doorways Through Time … Continue reading An Archaeological Moment

Absolutely Wrong

There will be no archaeology news this week, we apologize for that. Even atheist Stephen Jay Gould... makes it clear in his book Rock of Ages that the natural sciences are entirely consistent with religious belief and thus one does not have to give up religious belief in order to be an honest scientist. (Why … Continue reading Absolutely Wrong

New Does Not Trump Old

In both the Muslim and Mormon faith  there is the thinking that new revelations trump old ones. This is done to make sure those false religions can get out of difficult spots. What this means is the gods of those faulty faiths can change their minds and if they can change their minds on simple … Continue reading New Does Not Trump Old