A Reason Why

Those who read this weblog may wonder why I have given so much space to the controversies surrounding the firing of professors from Christian institutions.  This article will explain one very good reason and to do that I am going to turn to a biblical passage for context. Hebrews 6:17-19 has this to say: "17 Because … Continue reading A Reason Why

Troubling Statements 2

When Christians stand up and side with God they are going to come under attack from the secular world. it is a given and Jesus gave the reason why believers are hated. He said, '...they hate you because they hate me...' That is just the way it is going to go. Unbelievers attack believers because … Continue reading Troubling Statements 2

Troubling Statements

In the recent supposed controversies involving supposed scholars at Christian institutions many statements are made that cause one to pause and question the validity of the supposed scholar making those statements. One has to wonder about their Christian stance as well as they attack Christian institutions for wanting to teach their students the truth. When … Continue reading Troubling Statements

Scholastic Responsibility

Or you could title this 'Academic responsibility' either way it refers to the work of scholars, professors and universities.  Lately there has been a rash of 'scholars' being held responsible for their publications. Many in the  academic world protest this latest action from christian institutions but I do not. Why is it a crime or … Continue reading Scholastic Responsibility

The Authority of the Bible

Over at the Exploring our Matrix website the owner has published an article stating his views of the authority of the Bible. It is very erroneous and heretical to say the kindest things about it. This article will examine a few of those statements and point out their heresy. The link to the article in … Continue reading The Authority of the Bible