A Reason Why

Those who read this weblog may wonder why I have given so much space to the controversies surrounding the firing of professors from Christian institutions.  This article will explain one very good reason and to do that I am going to turn to a biblical passage for context.

Hebrews 6:17-19 has this to say: “17 Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. 18 God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly encouraged. 19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,”

There are two very good reasons found in that passage which support the removal of those professors who teach or believe alternatives to the Bible. The first is found in verse 18 and states, “…it is impossible for God to lie…”.

Those professors who claim to be christian yet teach that the answers are to be found in secular science or secular ‘experts’ are saying that God lied when He wrote the Bible.  As we see from the passage, God can’t lie thus those professors are the ones in error. if they do not repent from that error then the christian institution or church has the right to remove them from employment or contributing to the congregation.

With their error, those professors have started down the path of being deceived and becoming a false teacher. If they do not change then they will end up like Bart Ehrman and Wm. Dever who can’t return to the faith even though they would like to.  They will remain in their heretical state forever. (Hebrews 6:4)

If the institution or church allows them to continue in their contributing positions then they error and disobey God by allowing false teachers and lies to enter and spread their deception. The christian institution or church needs to remove such people so the flock can hear the truth.

To the true believer, it doesn’t matter what secular science or experts say. If it is contrary to the Bible then it is wrong. The believer must remember that they are NOT called to follow science, archaeology, etc., nor are they called to follow unbelievers. They are called to follow Jesus and the Bible. (2 Tim. 3).

If we say God lied, then we have no God and there is no message of salvation to bring to the unbelieving. Doesn’t matter the passage of scripture, if God lied once He has sinned and no longer God and there is no heaven, no eternal life, no hope.

The second reason is found in verse 19a which reads: “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

The truth is our anchor to keep us safe, strong and able to withstand the storm that comes with living the Christian life. If we say God is wrong then we have removed that anchor and left us and everyone without hope. without peace, without direction and everyone can do what they want when they want and it doesn’t matter.

The laws governing society would not have any meaning nor authority leaving people vulnerable to those who are stronger. These are the ramifications that come when supposed christian professors and preachers teach alternatives to the Bible.  They ruin faith, they ruin hope, they ruin everything.

The believer then cannot be the light unto the world for the alternative accepting professors and preachers have said that light is no good. Thus it is important for the Christian institution and church to stand strong in these situations. They need to hold firm with the Bible and God and stay with what they believe.

Academic freedom, scholarship and other gems held dear by the secular world do not matter. What matters is that the church and the christian institution remove the doubting and disbelieving professionals from their positions until they repent and return to the truth.

We do not teach lies to the students or the congregations nor do we instruct parents to lie to their children. God does not lie nor should we and we do not say God is wrong. We stand with the Bible and use it correctly, learning from the Holy Spirit the truth so we can pass that on to those still in darkness.

God does not lie and the Bible is not in error, stand upon that vital foundation under your feet. Be humble and willing to learn the truth, changing as God wants you to change. The Bible is correct and God has promised to preserve His word thus our anchor is sound regardless of what the secular world says or what deceived christian professors and preachers claim.

Troubling Statements 2

When Christians stand up and side with God they are going to come under attack from the secular world. it is a given and Jesus gave the reason why believers are hated. He said, ‘…they hate you because they hate me…’ That is just the way it is going to go.

Unbelievers attack believers because they cannot attack God directly but they can attack and hurt their fellow humans. It is just easier for them. Plus, these attacks serve a secondary purpose–intimidation. If they can get the believer to be afraid and stop their siding with God then they have won a battle.

In the Michael Pahl issue, the troubling statements continue as secularists and those who claim to be Christians continue to bash a University for its stand and its doctrinal statement. Unbelievers just do not get it. When one claims to follow God then they must follow God and His word. If they don’t, then they are attacked for being hypocritical or ignored for not practicing what they claim to believe.

God and the believer really can’t win with the secular world thus it is better to be attacked for being righteous than for being hypocritical. Jesus said His followers would be persecuted, we can’t escape that side of the Christian life. He also said we should rejoice when it happens, though that is not always easy to do.

In Cedarville’s case they are being attacked for holding to a literal creation event and decided to not compromise by allowing professors to teach alternatives to Genesis 1.  They need support from the other believers who think and believe as they do.

What they are getting are a lot of troubling statements which can amount to persecution, here is a sample of those statements with the links to the websites that published them:

1. and is another casualty in the theological tribalism and conservative myopia that seems endemic in American Christian institutions…The conservative American penchant to demonstrate their doctrinal righteousness by crucifying their young continues to baffle me and should be a cause of grave concern.


2. Looking at the doctrinal statement of his “University” (it really is a different world, eh?) I found myself pondering how any institution with such a statement can actually call itself a university…This moves from a believing or philosophical commitment (however arguable) to a blanket refusal to admit the validity of another discipline, a rejection of the rigorous examination of empirical evidence, and a denial that a literary work can be subject to any form of literary criticism.


I have condensed  the statements into 2 points because each website has multiple comments which reflect what is being hurled at Cedarville at present. Much can be said in response to those statements but the point of this article is to encourage those being attacked for their stand with God. persecution and attacks will take place and one needs to find a way to get a thicker skin and stand under the protection of God.

Part of the ‘peace that passes understanding’ that Paul wrote about includes enduring persecution. We know that such things comes with the territory and that the hatred that comes with such attacks is done because the person can’t stand to see the light and know that they are wrong.

The comments quoted above come from people who have rejected God’s truth and they do not feel comfortable exposed to those who disagree with them and side with the truth. To get an idea of why Cedarville acted in the manner that they did, one should read Michael Pahl’s website and see for themselves the very reason why he was dismissed. you can find it here– http://rustlingsinthegrass.blogspot.kr/  

and if you read this article  http://rustlingsinthegrass.blogspot.kr/2012/10/some-basic-perspectives-on-origins.html you will see how his viewpoint differs from Cedarville’s. points 3 & 4 give a very clear view of Mr. Pahl’s viewpoint. Basically he is saying that the believer should not go to God’s word for the answers to origin questions but to secular science instead.

That is in direct contrast to what both God and Jesus said to do and it is encouraging people to disobey God and sin. That is not a smart move by any professor who claims to be Christian. He is basically saying that God’s word is wrong and that secular science is correct.

Thus with this insight we can understand why Cedarville acted as it did and we can support their action because they are removing someone who is disagreeing with God and sending people/students to deceived sources for their answers. More Bible colleges and seminaries need to make such moves as the church and the world need strong believers in God and the Bible to keep the former strong in the faith and shed a strong light to the latter.

Bible colleges and seminaries were and are raised up to teach the Bible as true NOT secular ideas. The student can get secular ideas anywhere but the same cannot be said for true teaching. Jesus said in John 5:45ff that if we do not believe Moses how will we believe him? We need to believe that Genesis 1 is literally true or there is nothing left to teach.

Troubling Statements

In the recent supposed controversies involving supposed scholars at Christian institutions many statements are made that cause one to pause and question the validity of the supposed scholar making those statements.

One has to wonder about their Christian stance as well as they attack Christian institutions for wanting to teach their students the truth. When supposed Christian scholars attack Bible colleges and seminaries then you know there is a serious problem in the Christian world.

As the Bible says, ‘a house divided cannot stand’ but this was a problem in the making once Christian institutions started hiring professors with compromised religious beliefs.  So the fault lies not only with the supposed scholar for teaching error but also with the institution for allowing them into the hen-house and giving them the keys so they can freely do as they wish.

Christian institutions , if they want to please God, need to teach God’s way. Part of God’s way is found in Ephesians 6:14 which in part says: ‘Stand firm then , with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…”

Notice it doesn’t say, with the belt of scholarship or academic freedom around your waist. Scholars, like all Christians, are to teach the truth. If they don’t then they sin and are wrong. The Christian institution is not wrong in eliminating their teaching position because they want the truth taught.

This brings me to a very troubling comment made over at the following website, http://historicaljesusresearch.blogspot.kr/2012/10/concerning-controversy-related-to.html#comment-form, and it reads:

” If I were a parent considering Cedarville University for my children, I would be very concerned that the worship of media and money has been placed in idolatrous prominence over the worship of God. I would be concerned, further, that an administration, board of trustees, and constituency that demotes the belief in God to second place might not be the best arbiters of Christian doctrine.”

This is a very disturbing and erroneous statement because it is pure eisegetical rhetoric meant to manipulate the reader’s opinion. This statement reflects the defensive posture that the author of the quote and many scholars have taken. They feel threatened because an institution is holding other scholars, like Rollston and Pahl, to doctrinal positions they had agreed to when they accepted employment.

Given the attitude of the ‘scholars’ like Cargill, West and others who support the idea of scholarship over truth, we can then rewrite that statement and turn it around on the scholar. it would read like this:

“If I were a parent considering Cedarville (or some other Christian institution) University, I would be very concerned that the worship of scholars and scholarship (bold mine) has been placed in idolatrous prominence over the worship of God. I would be very concerned, further, that an administration, board of trustees, and constituency that demotes the belief in God to second place might not be the best arbiters of Christian doctrine.”

Scholars, and I read a lot of them, tend to have this high view of themselves and have promoted themselves as sole arbiter of what the Bible says. Their problem, of course, is that God never gave humans dominion over HIS word. He did give them a choice to accept or reject it.

Sadly, too many of these scholars do not learn an important lesson. To believe in an inerrant God there must be an inerrant Bible. No inerrant God- no inerrant scripture and no inerrant scripture means that there is NO GOD. If the Bible is in error then God did not write it and if God did not write it then there is no salvation, no morality, no right or wrong and on it goes.

If the Bible is in error then the believer has nothing to offer the unbeliever, a better way simply does not exist. The light of Jesus is extinguished and all hope is lost.  Scholars miss these ramifications in their haste to worship at the feet of scholarship and academic freedom. Their charges against Cedarville and ECS are merely confessions of their own wrong doing.

Scholars. especially Christian ones,  need to be held to God’s standard. There is no other way to determine if they are true or false teachers. The cry for academic freedom or free scholarship is an invitation to be deceived and led astray and believers should run from such demands.

Colossians 3: 9 tells us: “Do NOT lie to each other…” and if a scholar, especially one claiming to be Christian, says God and the Bible are wrong then they are lying to you and that is wrong. Scholarship does not have authority over God, His word, or His actions. Scholars need to humble themselves and return to God’s ways, to teach and publish the truth.

You cannot say that God does not lie or does not sin, then turn around and say He lied and sinned in writing His word. It just doesn’t work that way. If God and Jesus are without error, then the Bible is without error (Not talking about the variety of translations out there. That is another completely different subject).  Man, especially scholars, cannot stand in judgement of God’s word and declare that it is in error.

Scholastic Responsibility

Or you could title this ‘Academic responsibility’ either way it refers to the work of scholars, professors and universities.  Lately there has been a rash of ‘scholars’ being held responsible for their publications. Many in the  academic world protest this latest action from christian institutions but I do not.

Why is it a crime or wrong for a Christian college or seminary to demand that its professors write and believe the truth? Why are they being made into the bad guy for standing up for what Jesus wants?

Jim West his highlighted another instance of academic responsibility on his website and his wording says it all:  http://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/cedarvilles-absurd-and-un-christian-action-against-michael-pahl/

“Cedarville’s Absurd and Unchristian Against Michael Pahl”

Since when is requiring a supposed christian professor to believe the Bible and write the truth considered ‘unchristian’ or ‘absurd’. Or since when is requiring an employee to hold to the statements they signed when they were hired to be ‘unchristian’ or ‘absurd’?

Do not employers have the right to discipline their own employees? According to Jim West and others, they do not because it infringes upon this supposed ‘academic freedom’ they cherish.

But it gets better at West’s website as he published another article on the topic with the following:


“Michael Pahl’s Statement Concerning His Dismissal From Talibanville…ooops…I Mean Cedarville”

No he didn’t. He actually meant that restricting the professor and wanting him to teach the Biblical truths , in a Christian school, to Christian students and keeping them from false teaching is wrong, medieval and promoting ignorance.

If the christian schools do their discipline and requirements according to what God has said in the Bible then they are not doing anything wrong. They have the right as the employer to demand certain things from their employees. Academic freedom does not trump those demands or requirements.

If a scholar or professor wants academic freedom then they need not apply to Christian schools. Academic freedom does not work in God’s kingdom nor is it an accepted form of teaching. God’s rules of right and wrong apply which brings us to the title of this piece.

Adhering to the concept of right and wrong is being a responsible scholar and believer. If one works in a Christian institution and claims to be a believer then they need to compare their work against the rules God and Jesus gave in both the OT & NT.

If their work is contrary to what the Bible teaches then they know to toss it away, rework it so it is teaching the believers the difference between true and false teaching, or change their own beliefs. Secular rules of academics do not apply to God’s people.

I do not have the verse handy, I put it in a previous article on this topic, but the Bible tells Christian scholars, professors and other academics to put away falsehoods and write the truth. In other words, in God’s kingdom there is no academic freedom because God wants the truth told to His people.

You aren’t telling the truth if you claim God is wrong and the Bible is in error. Whether it be women’s issues or the literal Adam and Eve and so on, the christian institution and its employees are under the command of God to write the truth.

If Mr. Pahl erred and violated his agreements, if he erred biblically with the contents of his book then Cedarville as a Christian institution has the right to remove him from the faculty. Christian institutions, christians in general, are to obey God over man thus they cannot allow false teaching to enter their congregations or classrooms.

Being responsible means telling your students that this is the truth, and the other is false and being honest about those declarations.  Christian institutions need to remove all faculty from their midst if they teach and believe ideas contrary to God’s word. They need to protect their students, educating them correctly in right and wrong, not make them vulnerable to those who do not believe.

I find it ironic that Jim West rails against a Christian Institution for honoring a false teacher in one post, (http://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/idolatry-at-southwestern-baptist-theological-seminary/ ) but encourages people to become false teachers in others (the above two links).  He can’t seem to make up his mind what he wants as the institution is wrong for honoring false teachers and they are wrong in getting rid of them.

The Authority of the Bible

Over at the Exploring our Matrix website the owner has published an article stating his views of the authority of the Bible. It is very erroneous and heretical to say the kindest things about it. This article will examine a few of those statements and point out their heresy.

The link to the article in question will be first, then as usual, the quoted words will be in bold.


1. “The Bible is not inherently authoritative, any more than the Qur’an is, or the Code of Hammurabi, or any other text you might think of.”

This is patently not true as the Qur’an and the code of Hammurabi hold no divine authority and are mere human in origin.  Both hold or had held legal authority but the latter expired when that King was replaced by others who altered his laws.

The Bible is authoritative because it is divinely authored and holds the ultimate standard for all men to follow. Whether legally, morally, religiously it remains above all human works and laws. I like what the late Dr. Metzger had to say about the Bible. His words are found in The Case For Christ page 69:

“When the pronouncement was made about the canon, it merely ratified what the general sensitivity of the church had already determined. You see, the canon is a list of authoritative books more than it is an authoritative list of books. These documents didn’t derive their authority from being selected; each one was authoritative before anyone gathered them together.”

The early church knew that the biblical books were authoritative long before any conference made any decisions about what should be included in the canon. So YES the Bible is inherently authoritative because God wrote them and gave each book authority.

People do not give the books authority, they do not have such power and when others claim the opposite they are merely trying to remove God from authorship in order for them to insert their personal views in place of Biblical teachings and commands.

2. “If you do not make the effort to understand the nuances of the languages in which the Bible was written, and the cultural background assumed by the Bible’s authors and readers, then inevitably you will end up not reading the Bible, but instead reading your own concerns and culture into the Bible”

Though eisegesis* is a problem it is not always done. When people make the above quoted statement they are usually looking for excuses for putting their own ideas into a passage. In other words, they accuse others of doing what they are actually doing.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say we have to use the cultural background when reading the Bible. To do so is saying that culture supersedes God’s word and His word is subject to the current culture in which the Bible is read. If that were the case then the Biblical teachings and rules do not matter and God wasted His time in writing the Bible.

It is also saying that secular ideas trump God’s word and that is very wrong.

3. “A text in human language cannot contain all the wisdom and insights of its human authors, to say nothing of divine wisdom and insight. And so the Bible should never be considered more authoritative than a human mind”

This is more Gnostic than anything else. He is saying there is a secret wisdom and knowledge that only a few can access and that is not so.  God put it all in the Bible so all people can access it and understand it. What the author of the quote wants to do is remove the authority of the Bible so he can input his own fallible, subjective ideas into the text.

He is causing confusion because he is opening the door for all people to do that and He removes God and His ways from the picture. Confusion, as the Bible says, is not of God. God wrote in Is. that His thoughts are not our thoughts and that His thinking is above ours thus the Bible is more authoritative than the human mind. The human mind is sinful and fallible while the Bible is not.

4. “Counterbalancing that last point, inasmuch as a collection of human minds is typically wiser than any one individual, any reading of the Bible that flattens its diversity of viewpoints reduces the wisdom embedded in it.”

This is saying that discussion is better than personal study. Not always as the majority doesn’t rule in God’s kingdom.  This quote takes away from the authority of scriptures and removes the truth it teaches while  making the bible subject to human decisions.

The Jesus Seminar** group does this as they use black and white marbles in deciding if Jesus said something or not. In other words, the author of that quote and the Jesus seminar think that the Bible is subject to them or other humans. That is not the case. if it were then we have no salvation and no hope plus no ultimate moral guide to judge men’s actions against rendering good and evil moot.

In other words, no one could condemn Hitler or His actions because his ways are just as right as anyone else’s.

5.“If you do not read the Bible, and understand the meaning of its words in their original context within the texts, and of the texts within their historical context, then you cannot say that the Bible is authoritative to you in any meaningful sense at all.”

If God wrote in this manner then only the ‘elite’ would be able to have the time and knowledge to understand God’s word. God didn’t write that way because His word is for all people not filtered through a self-appointed elite but written so all can understand what God wants them to do.

The above quote is basically saying that the Bible is for the academic only and that is just not so. This mentality fuels a superiority complex that is sin and not of God and tells everyone that the author of that quote is in error.

The author of that quote is just trying to establish his rules over God’s and that is spiritual treason.

6. “The Bible only has as much authority as you grant it, and inevitably, there will be things in it to which you will not be willing to delegate authority.”

Simply untrue. The author of that quote is looking for justification for ignoring God’s words.  God lamented about this mentality when He said, “Why do you call me Lord when you do not do the things I say?”

The Bible is authority regardless of what people do. Those who do not grant the Bible its rightful place are called unbelievers while those who do follow the Bible are called believers. The author of that quote is just playing a game of semantics, he wants to consider himself a believer/christian while disobeying and not believing God and His word.

Space here is limited to deal more thoroughly with the sins and injustice committed by the author of the quoted article. He holds positions as a professor and sunday school teacher but such positions do not mean that he is of God, teaching the truth, or correct.

He is deceived and those believers who read His words need to be cautious as he mixes in a lot of good things with a lot of error then follows the error to the wrong conclusions.  God did not grant humans authority over the Bible.  They do not have the power to say this is God’s word and that isn’t.

If God had, then all humans would be subject to the ideas and thoughts of fallible, sinful biased, etc., men. No one would have the truth and no one would have authority and confusion would reign.

This is the objective of the author as he tries to remove the Bible’s authority over life in order to pursue his own selfish and heretical ways. He doesn’t like certain passages in the Bible thus he wants to feel good when he ignores them.

His article examples the wrong kind of pride, it is the same one that brought satan down, and it shows his desire to remove God from authority and place himself on God’s throne.  Man is to humble themselves to God and obey His word not place themselves above both and try to rule God.

There are many false teachers in the world today and the believer must be careful as they read their words or listen to their sermons. They may hold the right credentials but God never said to accept their credentials or use them to determine if they are of God or not.

We use God’s word to help determine who is speaking the truth and who i snot. Paul said, if any man or angel (this lets Mormonism out as Christian) brings a different gospel than the one brought by Jesus and the disciples… Thus we have a starting point in knowing who is telling the truth or not.

Jesus used scriptures when He discussed with those opposed to Him showing us that scripture is the authority for the world. To say that the Bible is not authority is rendering a person defenseless, which is what satan wants.  The Bible is authority no matter what anyone else claims. They do not want it to be because they want their own sinful ways not God’s.

* the interpretation of a text (as of the Bible) by reading into it one’s own ideas (Mirriam Webster dict.)

**The Jesus Seminar is a group of academic theologians who study Christian writings from the 1st to 3rd century CE, from a religiously liberal perspective. They are composed of members with “Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and independent” backgrounds. 1 Their initial goal was to determine what Jesus really said. Their second goal was to describe what Jesus really did. (http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_jsem.htm)

The Church Needs to Get Righteous Again

Over the years, as same-sex marriage has been gaining support, there has been talk of ‘redefining marriage.’  People just are not happy with the present definition of ‘one man-one woman’ institution, they want to change it.

One can ask why they seek to alter that definition and they wouldn’t have to look far for an answer.  It is because they have abnormal desires.  Romans 1:24 states–“Therefore God gave them over in their sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies  with one another.”

That verse is part of a passage used by many to argue against the legitimacy of same-sex unions but this verse seems to have a broader application and seems to include all abnormal sexual pursuits.  In the world of sexuality there seems to be a lot of options to normal sexual practice and we hear about it from time to time when they make news.

The church needs to stand with God on this issue and draw the line in the sand and declare what is right or wrong sexual behavior. I do not mean the prudish or the narrow-minded, et al, but those men of wisdom and understanding who can honestly say where the line has been crossed from normal relations to abnormal ones.

Of course, these men must not by hypocritical about it either and the church needs to make sure its congregants are on the right side of this issue in word and deed. But the sexual issue is not the only place the church needs to stand with God and draw lines in the sand.

Over the past few decades permissiveness has gotten out of control fueled by the demand for ‘freedom’ and have taken nations down a dark path. One that is destructive and damaging to society as a whole. Sadly, many in the church have walked that path and have not untangled themselves from its grip and they have darkened their light, hindered the cause of Christ and made the local church impotent.

They win souls in spite of their actions. The church needs to get its own house in order once again and draw the lines in the sand for its own people first, and declare what is right and what is wrong, then proclaim that message to the unchurched world. We can’t have a ‘do as I say not as I do’ mentality in the church. it doesn’t work.

It is unfortunate that people have flocked to the idea of ‘freedom’ as their watchword and guiding light for real ‘freedom’ doesn’t exist. Real freedom is an illusion meant to get people to rebel and do as they please.

There are always rules to follow to ensure the people are on the right track and to tell them what is or isn’t acceptable. Without rules there would be no constructive or safe civilization as everyone one would ‘do what was right in their own eyes’. Basically that is anarchy as no system would exist or be enforced if it did. people would determine their idea of right and wrong and be n constant battle with those who disagree with them.

When people repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Savior they enter into God’s kingdom and in God’s Kingdom God’s rules apply. Not man’s not academics, not archaeologists and so on. God wrote those rules down and they are found in both the OT & the NT.

God has already declared what is or isn’t sin and as God’s representatives on earth, the Church must not only abide by them but proclaim them. These are the lines in the sand the church must draw. I am not talking about a legalistic system where everyone is forced to toe the line because enough ‘Christian’ people became legislatures and revised all the laws.

The line is such where people know what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do and they get to make a choice. The only way for the unbeliever to know if they have crossed the line or not is if the church itself is practicing what it preaches.

We can’t have the church say one thing but then do another, that is hypocrisy and sin. The church needs to get righteous again and they need to put off all secular practices that harm the cause of Christ and their own existence. They can’t expect the unbelieving world to do it because they do not belong to God’s kingdom and follow different rules.

It is up to the church to make a stand and live by that stand correctly. There has been too much compromise, too much discussion, and too much ignoring of what God wants the church to do.  It is not an easy thing to do but the church has to make a choice compromise and unbelief or righteousness and belief. it doesn’t live for this world but God’s.

It Is A Choice

For Americans and Koreans it is election time once again. There is a vast difference between the two countries concerning the campaign process. America has at least 2-4 years for a campaign season while the Korean politicians get 30 days.

The latter of course is far more preferable and doesn’t waste the vast amount of money that the American system does. In the end, the people of parties get a chance to exercise their freedom of choice and cast their ballot.

The act of voting is not so simple for the believer because their options are not as ideal as they would like.  They only have a choice between secular political parties and not a true spiritual political entity. How can the believer exercise their right to choose if the choice is already manipulated?

According to one person I knew, a believer can choose to vote for the party that is closest to their own beliefs but that is not satisfactory as one still has to compromise to cast their vote.

If someone forms a ‘Christian’ political party one wonders how those ‘Christians’ would wield power. In my experience over the years I have found that those ‘Christians’ who become candidates come with their own agenda and want to force their ways upon everyone else.

One also has to wonder if elected would those ‘Christians’  act like this one lady at a garage sale who was selling a set of Time-Life books. The set contained 2 or 3 volumes written on subjects she did not approve of, so she removed them from the set and threw them in the garbage. She felt she had the right to tell others what they could or could not read.

Would a modern-day ‘Christian’ political party  enact the same form of censorship and feel that they had the right to limit the information a person could access? Given how freely most ‘Christians ‘ act and how far they stray from Biblical teaching one would need to question the purpose of a ‘Christian’ political party. Is it in existence to do as Christ wants or is it just another group of people attempting another power grab?

Being granted power and leadership is not permission to force one’s ways upon others. With power and leadership comes responsibility to lead and govern wisely as governments are not free or immune from God’s rules. Biblical teaching applies to governments and their operations just like they do businesses and daily life.

Those elected should be men of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, honesty plus they need to be just, fair and merciful. They also need to realize that, whether they are secular or Christian, they are elected to govern and represent all people not a select few. Favoritism has no part in governing (that includes corporations who pay extra for extra favors).

So one wonders if such a political party could exist in today’s climate and also if it would be effective given the nature of some political parties to work against duly elected presidents? In today’s political climate it is surprising to see anything get accomplished so how would an honest politician make it? Or even an honest political party?

As election day draws near for 2 countries believers really need to seriously think through the issue. What would Jesus want? There are people who rail against those who do not vote but not voting is a vote. The failure to cast a ballot is saying that the people up for election are not good enough for public office. One should not vote for a candidate simply because they claim to be a Christian, that is not what voting is all about.

Since the elected official represents you and they are going to make or change laws then the voter needs to look very seriously at whom they are putting into power. Their character, their behavior, their ,their goals and so on, all need to be looked at seriously and prayerfully.

It would be nice if there was a spiritual political party that was following God’s way truthfully and honestly, it would make voting a lot easier for many people and provide true choice. But one does not exist in any country that I am aware of and that is a shame. Governments need true Christian influence just like anyone else does.

Christians need to make up their own minds and not be influenced by church leaders (yes I am disappointed by Billy Graham’s recent actions and decisions regarding Romney and Mormonism), by friends or even political bullies and advertising. They should be influenced by Christ.

To end this I am going to place 4 links to 2 good articles and a general page to many others giving all sides to this issue. To make good choices one needs to be informed and analyze all sides of the debate. The fourth link is to the website who originally posted these articles and their links.

General link: http://nearemmaus.com/2012/10/25/why-christians-should-vote-for-__________/

2 Articles: http://theamericanjesus.net/?p=8172


Original website: http://nearemmaus.com/

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