Troubling Statements 2

31 Oct

When Christians stand up and side with God they are going to come under attack from the secular world. it is a given and Jesus gave the reason why believers are hated. He said, ‘…they hate you because they hate me…’ That is just the way it is going to go.

Unbelievers attack believers because they cannot attack God directly but they can attack and hurt their fellow humans. It is just easier for them. Plus, these attacks serve a secondary purpose–intimidation. If they can get the believer to be afraid and stop their siding with God then they have won a battle.

In the Michael Pahl issue, the troubling statements continue as secularists and those who claim to be Christians continue to bash a University for its stand and its doctrinal statement. Unbelievers just do not get it. When one claims to follow God then they must follow God and His word. If they don’t, then they are attacked for being hypocritical or ignored for not practicing what they claim to believe.

God and the believer really can’t win with the secular world thus it is better to be attacked for being righteous than for being hypocritical. Jesus said His followers would be persecuted, we can’t escape that side of the Christian life. He also said we should rejoice when it happens, though that is not always easy to do.

In Cedarville’s case they are being attacked for holding to a literal creation event and decided to not compromise by allowing professors to teach alternatives to Genesis 1.  They need support from the other believers who think and believe as they do.

What they are getting are a lot of troubling statements which can amount to persecution, here is a sample of those statements with the links to the websites that published them:

1. and is another casualty in the theological tribalism and conservative myopia that seems endemic in American Christian institutions…The conservative American penchant to demonstrate their doctrinal righteousness by crucifying their young continues to baffle me and should be a cause of grave concern.

2. Looking at the doctrinal statement of his “University” (it really is a different world, eh?) I found myself pondering how any institution with such a statement can actually call itself a university…This moves from a believing or philosophical commitment (however arguable) to a blanket refusal to admit the validity of another discipline, a rejection of the rigorous examination of empirical evidence, and a denial that a literary work can be subject to any form of literary criticism.

I have condensed  the statements into 2 points because each website has multiple comments which reflect what is being hurled at Cedarville at present. Much can be said in response to those statements but the point of this article is to encourage those being attacked for their stand with God. persecution and attacks will take place and one needs to find a way to get a thicker skin and stand under the protection of God.

Part of the ‘peace that passes understanding’ that Paul wrote about includes enduring persecution. We know that such things comes with the territory and that the hatred that comes with such attacks is done because the person can’t stand to see the light and know that they are wrong.

The comments quoted above come from people who have rejected God’s truth and they do not feel comfortable exposed to those who disagree with them and side with the truth. To get an idea of why Cedarville acted in the manner that they did, one should read Michael Pahl’s website and see for themselves the very reason why he was dismissed. you can find it here–  

and if you read this article you will see how his viewpoint differs from Cedarville’s. points 3 & 4 give a very clear view of Mr. Pahl’s viewpoint. Basically he is saying that the believer should not go to God’s word for the answers to origin questions but to secular science instead.

That is in direct contrast to what both God and Jesus said to do and it is encouraging people to disobey God and sin. That is not a smart move by any professor who claims to be Christian. He is basically saying that God’s word is wrong and that secular science is correct.

Thus with this insight we can understand why Cedarville acted as it did and we can support their action because they are removing someone who is disagreeing with God and sending people/students to deceived sources for their answers. More Bible colleges and seminaries need to make such moves as the church and the world need strong believers in God and the Bible to keep the former strong in the faith and shed a strong light to the latter.

Bible colleges and seminaries were and are raised up to teach the Bible as true NOT secular ideas. The student can get secular ideas anywhere but the same cannot be said for true teaching. Jesus said in John 5:45ff that if we do not believe Moses how will we believe him? We need to believe that Genesis 1 is literally true or there is nothing left to teach.

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