We Are Surprised

The Christian Post is carrying this news that  Eilat Mazar, granddaughter of famed archaeologist Benjamin Mazar has died. We knew her work well, quoted her often, and read her book on Solomon's walls. The Times of Israel is also carrying the story as well as Christianity Today and many other outlets

Addressing Some Comments

We are under a 1-day lockdown, so in between doing work, we are taking the extra time to address issues over at Mr. Gerencser's website. We can relate to his experiences with the IBF as we were expelled from one of their seminaries for asking questions. When we asked for answers to those questions we … Continue reading Addressing Some Comments

The State of Denial

We got responses from Mr. Gerencser and again we apologize for mis-spelling his name. We thought we had it right and his responses only provided the evidence to prove our points in the last two articles. You can read his words at this link and do not forget to read the comment section as there … Continue reading The State of Denial

We Call Them Quitters

In our last article, we wrote about one man who turned away from Christ and left his faith. He actually represents all the people who have done the exact same thing since Christ was here. We are not singling him out as he just parrots the same words all the rest of the former Christians … Continue reading We Call Them Quitters

They Think They Have The Truth

Over the years as we have followed God's call to work with Christian pastors in our limited fashion, we have come across a lot of different people. Many of those people are like Mr. Bruce Gerencser a deconverted Christian or former pastor who used to believe the Bible (Or however he describes himself). We are … Continue reading They Think They Have The Truth