Deception At Its Finest

We are taking a break from the look at biblical scholars and their views. Today we turn our attention to the topic of transgender. We doubt we will be saying anything earth-shattering here but we wanted to address the issue because of the latest and more recent news concerning a reality show personality.  Our main … Continue reading Deception At Its Finest


Benjamin Corey & Christianity

We kind of get upset when progressive Christians start talking about the Christian faith and who is or isn't practicing the faith correctly. 99.99% of the time, they do not use one scripture to support their points. Their ideas on how Christianity should be practiced comes from their own point of view and preferences. Never … Continue reading Benjamin Corey & Christianity

Peter Enns & Academics

Over the years we have heard many atheists, unbelievers and scholars caim that the evangelical does not know how to think. They also claim that those believers and academic institutions which hold to traditional views are not educated nor perform to certain academic standards. Of course, these complaints come from those who feel that being … Continue reading Peter Enns & Academics

Rachel Held Evans & God

When people read the Bible on their own, without the Spirit of Truth guiding them, they come to some sinful conclusions about God and his character. Ms. Evans is one of those people. She had left following the Spirit of Truth long ago and misses the mark when it comes to God. What we are … Continue reading Rachel Held Evans & God

No, God Is NOT On Your Side

We say this to Maxine Waters and every person who tells people to sin.  We needed to interrupt our examination of different scholars because the abuse of the Bible, the abuse of God is not limited to Jeff Sessions only. Everything we say here applies to both sides of the issue and beyond that issue. … Continue reading No, God Is NOT On Your Side

Robert Cargill & The Flood

We went to the Bible & Interpretation webpage to look for our next installment for the scholar's series and we decided to address Robert Cargill's view that the flood did not take place. Knowing we have addressed one of Dr. Cargill's biblical fallacies and that we have addressed the flood topic before on numerous occasions, … Continue reading Robert Cargill & The Flood

Bad Archaeology & Archaeology

The first two terms are the name of a couple of websites owned and used by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and one of those sites is found at the following link The problem, of course, comes in when that person and his writing partner set themselves up as the final authority on the research field of … Continue reading Bad Archaeology & Archaeology

A Rebuttal to

4 Reasons Archaeology Cannot Prove the Bible- March 14, 2017  by Rusty Osborne   We have probably talked about this issue before as well. To narrow down the argument, and to provide a little understanding to the topic, Believers who write these type of articles are probably trying to temper the excitement of new and … Continue reading A Rebuttal to

James McGrath & Inerrancy

James McGrath is another professor we have talked with through his website over the years, until we were banned. We do not see eye to eye on many things, including inerrancy. We are using his meme article as it is short and says the points we like to address. Unfortunately, we cannot copy memes, but … Continue reading James McGrath & Inerrancy