Analyzing A Preliminary Report

Here is the link to the latest preliminary report on excavations completed at Qumran I have already analyzed it at another website so all I am going to do is transfer those comments to here. I didn't do the whole report as it is 80 pages long but I did enough to show that … Continue reading Analyzing A Preliminary Report

Some Things To Consider

I am going back to Joseph P. Farrell's book Genes, Giants, and men because there are two topics worth looking at. With God's help I have spoken on the contents of this book before: But there are still these two issues left to discuss and they are important to the believer. #1. … Continue reading Some Things To Consider

The Bible’s Buried Secrets- Episode 2

The only person I have come across who has talked about this episode so far is J. West: But this article isn't about his comments, the are linked up to provide a reference point.  When one looks at this episode, the bias against the Bible comes through loud and clear, even though there may … Continue reading The Bible’s Buried Secrets- Episode 2

Analyzing The First Humans-3

If people are wondering why I am not being as hard on Ms. Gibbons as I was on Miss Moss it is because Miss Moss wrote her book exploring her research and presenting her conclusions on a controversial issue that lacked hard evidence. Ms. Gibbons simply wrote a history on the progression of evolutionists and … Continue reading Analyzing The First Humans-3