How Many People…

Pray Solomon's prayer?  A couple of years ago or so, approx., a fad came into the church world. It was called Jabez's prayer. Many people prayed that prayer, books were written on it and so forth. People want to be rich, they want to have lots of things, large spreads of land and many other … Continue reading How Many People…


Analyzing A Preliminary Report

Here is the link to the latest preliminary report on excavations completed at Qumran I have already analyzed it at another website so all I am going to do is transfer those comments to here. I didn't do the whole report as it is 80 pages long but I did enough to show that … Continue reading Analyzing A Preliminary Report

Some Things To Consider

I am going back to Joseph P. Farrell's book Genes, Giants, and men because there are two topics worth looking at. With God's help I have spoken on the contents of this book before: But there are still these two issues left to discuss and they are important to the believer. #1. … Continue reading Some Things To Consider

The Bible’s Buried Secrets- Episode 2

The only person I have come across who has talked about this episode so far is J. West: But this article isn't about his comments, the are linked up to provide a reference point.  When one looks at this episode, the bias against the Bible comes through loud and clear, even though there may … Continue reading The Bible’s Buried Secrets- Episode 2

Analyzing The First Humans-3

If people are wondering why I am not being as hard on Ms. Gibbons as I was on Miss Moss it is because Miss Moss wrote her book exploring her research and presenting her conclusions on a controversial issue that lacked hard evidence. Ms. Gibbons simply wrote a history on the progression of evolutionists and … Continue reading Analyzing The First Humans-3

Inerrancy, One More Time

I do not think there is much more that can be said about those who fight against inerrancy of the Bible.  But I am willing to try as we look at Joel watts piece found at the following link: #1. Inerrancy is a great motivator to sell bibles So instead of placing God's word … Continue reading Inerrancy, One More Time

Analyzing The First Human-2

Here is a second round of looking at different comments made in Ms. Gibbons' book The First Human. It should be repeated that I am not targeting s. Gibbons at all but solely looking at the subject matter in the quotes taken from the pages of her work. #1. But once on the ground, only … Continue reading Analyzing The First Human-2

Bible Inerrancy & Bible Secrets

There is a lot of talk amongst scholars and bloggers about Bible inerrancy and the History Channel's Bible Secrets show.    First, let's look at what some people are saying about inerrancy. Mohler’s dogmatic insistence on this particular form of “biblical inerrancy” was not a 20th-century American development. It was an 18th- and 19th-century American … Continue reading Bible Inerrancy & Bible Secrets

Analyzing The First Human

Ann Gibbon wrote a great book on the discoveries of ancient fossils and the people making the discoveries. Of course, she is reporting it from an evolutionary point of view and I would challenge all the dates given to her by the people she wrote about. Her subjects range from Louis and Mary Leakey (grandparents) … Continue reading Analyzing The First Human

Much To Talk About-18

#1. Freedom of Expression-- In response, the nonprofit Student Press Law Center and other groups bought a rival ad detailing the ''Freedom of Expression'' students enjoy under state and federal law There is one major flaw in this ideology. Those who use this term rarely allow the side their arguing against the same freedom. … Continue reading Much To Talk About-18