Old Comments, Old Arguments

We were reminded of a website that made us the focal point of two of their posts. Both posts were written four years ago but the arguments mentioned in the comments are still valid today when one seeks the truth over scientific discovery and theory. First, we will look at the comments underneath the post … Continue reading Old Comments, Old Arguments

It Is Not a Mystery

We wrote the title this way as any unbeliever will say the origin of the universe is a big mystery that hasn't been solved. Whenever you hear anyone, both Christian or not, you know they do not believe God and his word. In this post, we are going to look at a few quotes from … Continue reading It Is Not a Mystery

Christians Are Not Perfect

Over the years we have participated in many discussions with unbelievers in different formats. One of the most glaring issues that were a common theme throughout those discussions was the misconception unbelievers have about Christians. This misconception whether purposeful or not hindered the discussion and made it harder to talk to unbelievers. While the word … Continue reading Christians Are Not Perfect