Quotes On Science 3

#1. The theist is persuaded that while nothing that contradicts science is likely to be true, still nothing that stops with science can be the whole truth. --Gordon W. Allport, The Individual and His Religion This is just not true. The theist, if they are true believers, believe that anything, including science, that disagrees with … Continue reading Quotes On Science 3


Quotes On Science 2

#1. To pursue science is not to disparage the things of the spirit. In fact, to pursue science rightly is to furnish a framework on which the spirit may rise. --Vannevar Bush, speech at Massachusetts Institute This can only be true if science was allowing itself to be guided by what was right, true and … Continue reading Quotes On Science 2

In The News 9

#1. It Is Nice To Hear-- http://www.christianpost.com/news/wales-archbishop-apologizes-gay-christians-church-prejudice-but-cant-support-gay-marriage-161117/ The Archbishop of Wales said in an open letter to the LGBT community that while the Church can't support same-sex marriage, he apologized for what he called the persecution and prejudice they have faced. "We, as bishops of the Anglican Communion, mindful of the results of our consultation … Continue reading In The News 9

A Study on Liberty 4

This should be the last part addressing Mr. Tinder’s book Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal. #1. The consequences are plain to see. Christians who ignore truth-seeking or truth-bearing unbelievers violate their own principles. (pg. 21) This is just not so as there is no such thing as a truth-bearing unbeliever. Jesus made that very clear … Continue reading A Study on Liberty 4

A Study on Liberty 3

We are moving on in the first chapter of Glenn Tinder’s book Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Idea. #1. It goes without saying that there are vital faiths other than Christianity (pg. 6) If you can recall in part one we talked about how Mr. Tinder’s confession of being a Socratic and Kantian Christian tells us … Continue reading A Study on Liberty 3

The Study on Liberty 2

We continue our look at the points made by Glenn Tinder in his book Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal. This time we start with Chapter 1 but we are not sure if we will be able to address all the information contained in that chapter in one post. #1. Ancient Athens stands out not only … Continue reading The Study on Liberty 2