An Answer to an Op-Ed Article

Some time ago we wrote the following section under the main subject heading Misc. Topics 2: #5. Nominees: The Worst Christian of 2022 (Pulpit and Pen) Who out there, among the professing, has had the most deleterious effect on the health of the body of Christ in the year 2022? Using a number of criteria¬†Pulpit … Continue reading An Answer to an Op-Ed Article


More on Infallibility & Inerrancy 2

There are still subsections in this topic to talk about. In the book The Battle for the Bible, we read the following words: The problem is compounded by the students in these institutions too. They come for instruction without sufficient background or training, having been raised often in evangelical churches that have not provided the … Continue reading More on Infallibility & Inerrancy 2

More on Infallibility & Inerrancy

There are some key elements that need to be discussed that are related to this issue. The sources come from the book we have mentioned in this series and from the BG website. But we are not responding to the comments at the latter. We just want to deal with a few key aspects that … Continue reading More on Infallibility & Inerrancy

Bart Ehrman’s Blog

Since we linked to it in yesterday's post, we thought we would mention a little bit more about it today. Dr. Ehrman does claim that he donates all the proceeds to different charities and we have no reason to doubt him on that. He may be making a one-man crusade against suffering because he may … Continue reading Bart Ehrman’s Blog

The Bible Is Inerrant & Infallible 2

As we look at this topic, there are many people who write on the internet, their thoughts about inerrancy and infallibility. One statement in those 'articles' caught our eye. It is repeated in different forms on different web sites so we will provide two links for the words we are about to quote: It should … Continue reading The Bible Is Inerrant & Infallible 2

Teacher Quality is Lacking

¬†As you know we were an educator for almost 15 years and we took our job very seriously. It was more than a job to us, and we heard many NETs say that it was only a job to them. Historically, teaching is a profession, not a mere job like paving streets or painting a … Continue reading Teacher Quality is Lacking

The Bible Is Inerrant & Infallible

We have been re-reading the book 'The Battle For The Bible' by Harold Lindsell and it was first published in 1976. We did read it back in the 70s at some point but exactly when is lost to time. As we have been reading the different chapters, the thoughts came to us that the battle … Continue reading The Bible Is Inerrant & Infallible

Rights vs. Right & Wrong

Over the past few decades, there have been groups of people demanding their rights. They came to the knowledge that they have rights because many countries, not just America, provide rights in their constitutions. Some are called the Bill of Rights, while others call their bills of rights, Human Rights Acts. They are not all … Continue reading Rights vs. Right & Wrong

Many in the Secular World Have Lost Their Minds

There have been a couple of news stories lately that have made just about every sane person scratch their heads. It defies belief that grown people can think in these ways. Minnesota Democrat argues for menstrual products in boys' bathrooms: 'Not all who menstruate are female' The bill's sponsor, Rep. Sandra Feist, Democratic-Farmer-Labor, argued in … Continue reading Many in the Secular World Have Lost Their Minds

The Same Old Story…

Just a different day. When you read different websites owned and whose content is written by unbelievers, you will notice many things. One is that no matter how many times you tell them and explain the truth to them, the same unbelievers write the same arguments, in the same way, and ignore keywords or sentences … Continue reading The Same Old Story…