How Old is the Earth

This has been a topic of great interest to almost everyone who is curious about our origins. The unbeliever does not accept the biblical account of creation nor do many people who claim to believe in Jesus. These two groups say they know the Bible is wrong and they offer up what they consider proof … Continue reading How Old is the Earth

The Bible Records Actual History- 2

In this part, we will look at another Bible scholar's article  published at HuffPost called The Bible Isn’t The History You Think It Is by Dr. Joel M. Hoffman Some stories in the Bible were meant to be history, others fiction. But modernity has obscured the original distinction between the two kinds of biblical writing, … Continue reading The Bible Records Actual History- 2

The Bible Records Actual History

This statement is made in spite of what some Bible scholars and historians claim. Believe it or not, there are 'Bible scholars' who are not Christian or masquerade as Christians. It is foolish to blindly take their word for anything concerning the Bible. This is one of the sources for why so many churches and … Continue reading The Bible Records Actual History

Christians, Evolution is a Lie

We read a headline at Christian Post the other day which caused us some great sadness. It is 'With higher levels of education and declining religiosity, most Americans now accept evolution: study' The first paragraph goes like this: With increased exposure to college-level education and declining levels of religious belief, a majority of Americans now … Continue reading Christians, Evolution is a Lie

Creation & Evolution

We do not write much about this topic anymore as over the years we have dealt with almost every aspect of this debate. In those articles, we have shown that evolution is a false idea and cannot be true. We also felt that we had nothing new to say. During our reading of Bill Cooper's … Continue reading Creation & Evolution