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Is Evolution A Religion?

Ham told The Christian Post last week that “God’s Word” is at battle with evolution, which he described as a religion to explain the origin of the universe.

We do not believe that evolution is a religion and that Mr. Ham is wrong in describing it as such. Evolution takes a lot of faith but then so does driving a car or flying in an airplane, does the faith used in those areas of life make driving or flying a religion? Of course not. We find evolution to be part of the strong delusion that God promised to send in 2nd Thess. It is a scientific theory that has no hope of being verified in any way shape or form. This means that it is a false idea, a lie meant to deceive people and draw them away from the truth found in Genesis 1 & 2 as written in the Bible. God spoke and it was. There was no process or more than 7 24 hour days involved.

Ham has accused evolution-supporting secular personalities, like Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy,’ of trying to indoctrinate children by teaching them about evolution — something which Nye has also accused Ham of doing with Creationism.

This is true. Evolutionists do try to indoctrinate children. If evolution were true they would not need a monopoly on the science classroom. Demanding a monopoly means they are indoctrinating not educating.


Quotes From Billy Graham

The following quotes have been taken from his World Aflame book.

pg. 47-8 — And as Carl Henry says: In his desire to control the universe, man repeatedly puts himself in God’s place but the idea of God’s Son as a substitute in man’s place he dismisses as incredible nonsense

pg. 48 — From many universities come these ideas: First, man is only an animal; Second, existence is a chemical accident; Third, the struggle for survival has made man what he is; Fourth, morality and standards of conduct are derived only from a sociological context; Fifth, man lives in and for this world only and any further thought is unscientific.

pg. 51 — In a bull session at Harvard, a student observed: Does it not seem strange that millions should be spent trying to create life or to discover its origin? Is not our number one problem to care for the life we already have?

pg. 51 — Either man began nowhere and is looking for someplace to go or he began somewhere and has lost his way.

pg. 83 — There is a strong movement… to recast the Christian message in order to make it acceptable to modern man.

pg. 83 — Karl Barth…in a scathing denunciation of these demythologizers says… In trying to make Christianity plausible for skeptics they have succeeded only in making it meaningless.

pg. 88 — The inescapable implication of a counterfeit is that the real thing exists. No one ever counterfeited a seventy-five dollar bill. Every counterfeit bears witness to the reality of the currency it captures

pg. 127 — Ask the scientist and he cannot give an answer. I have asked a number of scientists questions concerning life after death an most of them say ‘we just do not know’.Science deals in formilas and test tubes. There is a spiritual world that science knows nothing about.

pg. 141 — At birth our sex is settled, the very frame of our body is already determined.

As to the second to last quote, all we can say is that scientists need to be evangelized not have their theories accepted. Science, especially secular science, does not know more than God. For the quotes from page 83, even today we have people trying to change the christian message to make it more attractive to unbelievers. IF you change God’s message then you are not bringing God’s message to the lost. Finally, the last quote reminds us that transgender issues are not a 21st century problem ut has existed for a long, long time. The gender one was born as is the gender they are, anything else is a product of deception.


Genetic Comparison

We like the following article from the Christian Post

so we encourage you to click on the link to read the whole thing. We will only quote selective parts here:

Journalists and science writers endlessly repeat the biological bromide that “humans and chimpanzees are 99% genetically identical,” a factoid that has taken on a life of its own and, pun intended, has evolved into a worldview assumption. If our genes are virtually indistinguishable from those of chimpanzees, the reasoning goes, we must be virtually indistinguishable from chimpanzees!

Now, people certainly are capable of acting like animals, and the scientific-sounding assertion that we really are animals at heart seems to explain it. But there’s just one problem: It’s not true. Our DNA is not 99% identical to that of chimpanzees. Even if it were, that wouldn’t make us apes-except-for-one-percent. That’s bad genetic science and reductionist philosophy, to boot.

Second, it turns out that the “99%” figure resulted from using a complete human genome as the template to sequence that of chimpanzees. That would be like assembling a jigsaw puzzle based on how another puzzle fit together!

Based on what we now know, biologist and Senior Fellow at the Center for Science and Culture, Ann Gauger, estimates that humans and chimps share around 92% of our DNA. To put that in perspective, scientists tell us that we’re 90% identical to cats.


Evolution Unverifiable

Scientists claimed to have discovered the earliest known human ancestor, in the face of a 540-million-year-old microscopic sea animal, which they said was part of the long evolutionary path that led to fish to mammals and humans.

Not one word is verifiable even in that supposed discovery.  They cannot even verify the age let alone its place in the supposed evolutionary chain. It is all conjecture nothing else.


A Creative Theory

Combing through the Six Peaks dinosaur track site in British Columbia, Canada, paleontologists discovered a footprint which hasn’t been observed anywhere else in the world.

The print belongs to a four-toed meat-eating early Cretaceous-era dinosaur known as Therizinosaur, according to Richard McCrea of the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre. Based on the near 55 centimeter-long tracks, the dinosaur is estimated to have been around the height of a small Tyrannosaurus Rex or the average telephone pole


Really!?  You can tell all of that from a footprint, amazing. Evolutionists get weirder every day with their discoveries and how they lived. No evidence to support their thinking yet they talk like it is gospel fact.


There are many more discoveries yet to be made at this site which is one of the most diverse of its kind in the world. Currently, the 700 square meters of the site which have been uncovered have already yielded 1,200 tracks belonging to at least a dozen different creatures. McCrea and his team plan to triple the exposed area over the coming years in the hopes of finding more revelatory discoveries like this one.


Evolutionists and most scientists do not follow or have the spirit of truth guiding them, do not listen to them for they do not know the truth about our past.


A.W. Tozer On Science

Taken from Mysteries of the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer pg. 132-33

Next there is science. Science is called upon to prove Christianity. We just came through one of those long tunnels, when the evangelical church was running to science to get some sort of help, not knowing that everything that is divine in Christianity is exactly what science has no technique for investigating. The thing science can investigate is not divine and the thing that is divine science cannot investigate. Science can make sputniks and science can make tape recorders. Science can do those things, but all of that is nothing. Christianity is a miracle, a wonderous thing out of heaven. It is something from the throne of God…And science knows nothing about that. Science stands back, looks it over and does not know what to say.



Absolutely Wrong

There will be no archaeology news this week, we apologize for that.

Even atheist Stephen Jay Gould… makes it clear in his book Rock of Ages that the natural sciences are entirely consistent with religious belief and thus one does not have to give up religious belief in order to be an honest scientist. (Why People Do Not Believe by Paul Chamberlain page 97)

What makes this wrong is that the late Mr. Gould and other humans are not God and they do not have a say in what is or isn’t compatible with biblical belief or teaching. God alone has that authority which is why he taught us about true and false teachers and teachings. You cannot hold to an evolutionary belief and a biblical view of origins, you must choose one or the other.

Evolution is wrong, a lie and not of God and this goes for any alternative to Genesis 1. “Christians’ who agree with Gould are misled, deceived and in error.

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