“We Will Follow the Science”

Those are the words written by World Athletics in an article over at the Christian Post. The title of the article is "World Athletics considering stricter rules for biological men competing as women" That phrase is written in the following paragraph: "As we have always said all regulations are subject to review at any time," … Continue reading “We Will Follow the Science”


You Do Not Need to be a Scientist

There is the idea that for anyone to discuss evolution one must have scientific degrees after their name. That concept comes from the unbelievers who think they get to set the rules for any debate on origins and life. The comments we are going to discuss come from this post- Evolution Played No Part in … Continue reading You Do Not Need to be a Scientist

We Want To Thank…

The BG website. They are providing our Who Created Evolution post with a wider audience. That audience may ridicule and mock us but that is okay, seeds are being planted. What we got in return was this one remark: This has to be the dumbest question ever asked by a young earth creationist This must … Continue reading We Want To Thank…

It Is Not Crazy…

To believe that God created the universe and its contents as he said in Genesis 1, The alternatives are more far-fetched than the reality. According to Vince Vitale who co-authored the book Jesus Among Secular Gods with Ravi Zacharias, there are only 3 options available for the origin of this universe, etc. #1. God created … Continue reading It Is Not Crazy…

Who Created Evolution?

This is a fair question as many people ask, including children, 'Who created God?' When you type that question into a browser's search box, you get a myriad of websites providing the right answer. No one created God as he always existed. That may blow some people's minds but that is how it is. It … Continue reading Who Created Evolution?

The Problem With Science

For the Christian science can never be an authority on the past or past events. In their book 'Dismantling the Big Bang', authors Alex Williams & John Hartnett have made a very good statement: Science works in the present, by observation and experiment; it has no direct access to the past. (pg. 14) This is … Continue reading The Problem With Science

What We Do Not Hear

We posted this article first at theoarch.wordpress.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- We are reading a biblical archaeology book called Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology by Randall Price and H. Wayne House, both authors are reported Christians and we have read 2 of Dr. Price‚Äôs books years ago. This book is just one example of why we addressed the … Continue reading What We Do Not Hear

A Pause in our Break

We want to finish off with quoting from Darwin: Before and After #1. pg. 121- either we may condemn Darwin, together with all others who have profited by the misery they have caused to others, or else we may judge people by their private lives alone and think charitably of all men. It will not … Continue reading A Pause in our Break

Quotes From Darwin: Before & After

It is hard to quote from a book as context is often lost. When that happens then people misunderstand what was said by the author. But we will try to place the best quotes we can here with commentary from time to time. The thing about this book is that sometimes it is hard to … Continue reading Quotes From Darwin: Before & After