How should we respond?

That is a question that Dr. Michael Brown asked in his latest column titled 5 reasons to rejoice for overturning of Roe. He simp[ly blows on by this important topic for Christians without giving it a second thought. The reasons to rejoice are known to everyone already and we do not need someone telling believers … Continue reading How should we respond?


God Will Forget Your Sins…But People Won’t

No one is perfect and everyone will make errors in judgment, mistakes, and even sin.   No Christian feels good about doing these things, at least they shouldn't and when they make those errors, there is some good news. 2 Bible verses should give everyone joy and peace of mind: “I, I alone, am the one … Continue reading God Will Forget Your Sins…But People Won’t

When People Hate You

We were taught years ago, that a good preacher is preaching himself when he prepares and speaks his sermon. Everything we have said on this website plus this topic has already been preached to us. and we learn the lessons we need to learn. Everything said in this specific post is said with a lot … Continue reading When People Hate You

Private Interpretation

Something to ponder The Bible says in 2 Peter 1:20: But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture becomes a matter of someone’s own interpretation, When you say to someone, 'That's your interpretation' you are saying that the Bible is wrong and that its meaning and content are from private interpretation. You … Continue reading Private Interpretation

Stay Strong in the Faith

That is the answer to the question used as a title in a Christian Post article. That question is-What Christians should do to prevail in this perilous time- We are not interested in the content of that article, even though it is quite good. We are addressing the topic of that question. The first step … Continue reading Stay Strong in the Faith

Do Not Go to Unbelieving Organizations

When you have a problem in the church, going to unbelieving organizations only causes you problems. This seems to be the new trend in the church today. First, RZIM went to an unbelieving law firm. The results were terrible and not even close to the truth. Recently, the Southern Baptist Convention hired Guidepost Solutions to … Continue reading Do Not Go to Unbelieving Organizations